Manor Cafe MOD APK v1.155.16 (Mega Menu, Unlimited Money)
Manor Cafe MOD APK v1.155.16 (Mega Menu, Unlimited Money)

Manor Cafe MOD APK v1.155.16 (Mega Menu, Unlimited Money)

You can get unlimited money with Manor Cafe MOD APK. Thanks to the Mega Menu, you can access all the content.

Name Manor Cafe
Publisher GAMEGOS
Genre Puzzle
Size 293.6 MB
Version 1.155.16
MOD Mega Menu, Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
Manor Cafe is the most famous version in the Manor Cafe series of publisher GAMEGOS
Mod Version 1.155.16
Total installs 10,000,000+

Whether you are a foodie, an adventurous eater, or just someone who loves trying out unique things, Manor Cafe is the place for you. This restaurant cafe has everything to entertain you. The cafe has an unlimited menu of match-3 games, delicious food, and a fun atmosphere. Uncover the mystery at Manor Cafe and design your favorite restaurant. Let’s dive into what this cafe is all about and if it can be worth your time and money.

Manor Cafe


Manor Cafe is a match-3 puzzle game that allows users to design and decorate a cafe mansion. Players can unlock tasty foods, uncover an intriguing story, and power up their cafe with powerful boosters, super power ups, and funny characters. Manor Cafe features unique gameplay elements such as the ‘tear’ mechanic and the ‘giant puzzle’ mode. The former lets players use items to repair their cafe or demolish objects in their path. In giant puzzle mode, players must complete various puzzles at their cafe to earn points and unlock more areas of the mansion.

Manor Cafe is available for delivery in East Dundee via Uber Eats. The game offers engaging gameplay and an expansive world with plenty of reasons to keep playing. Plus, it’s available on PC or Mac with the BlueStacks Android Gaming Platform, so there’s no reason not to explore the world of Manor Cafe!

Manor Cafe 2


Manor Cafe is a cafe that lets you design and decorate your own cafe experience. It has an active community of designers and players who are creating unique cafe designs and decorating them with accessories such as tables and chairs. Manor Cafe also offers a wide range of cafe games, including Hello Kitty cafe, farm life cafe, and fashion cafe, among others.

With BlueStacks, you can safely access the games without any malware or spyware. The platform also optimizes speed and performance to give you an optimal gameplay experience. Plus, using it is easy and hassle-free. You can download the app and start playing immediately.

Manor Cafe 5


If you’re looking to create and design your own restaurant mansion, then Manor Cafe is a match-3 puzzle game that’s worth checking out. This game lets you design and decorate your restaurant with stars earned from the match-3 levels. You can also unlock new recipes and add characters to your restaurant’s story as well as atmosphere. Besides, the game features an engaging storyline that keeps you hooked to the screen. On top of that, it features stunning graphics and lively characters that make the gameplay more interesting.

The game is available on PC and Android; for Android, the mod APK has unlimited money. Besides, it offers a unique experience without any hassles of paying for anything in-game. Plus, it provides an excellent way to spend time with your family and friends without having to worry about spending too much money. So why not give Manor Cafe a try?


Manor Cafe is a gorgeous match-3 puzzle game that allows players to restore an old and outdated restaurant mansion. Players are able to interact with characters such as Meg the restaurant manager and Bruno the angry chef as well as unlock a variety of tasty foods. In addition to this, the game has special features such as powerful boosters, super power ups and a unique storyline that make it more engaging.

As you play Manor Cafe on PC with BlueStacks, you can enjoy great graphics and smooth gameplay without any lag. This is a great choice for players who enjoy puzzles and home design games. It’s easy to install and has fun gameplay, making it one of the best android games out there.


If you’re a fan of match-3 games, then Manor Cafe is an exciting game to play on your PC or Mac.

Players can download and install BlueStacks on their computer to play Manor Cafe. After installing the app, players can go online and register their account with an email address and password. This will allow them to access and play the game without difficulty. After registering, players can access and play any of the different levels of Manor cafe without any difficulty.

To win games in Manor Cafe, players need to complete match-3 puzzles. In each puzzle, there are three pieces of the same color that must be connected to form a line. As the player completes these puzzles, they earn stars and can use them to decorate the cafe mansion. The gameplay of Manor Cafe is unique than other cafe games because of its powerful boosters, super power ups and a funny storyline featuring funny characters.

Manor cafe merges match 3 and decoration gameplay making it an exciting game for fans of multiple genres.

Manor Cafe 6


Have you ever dreamed of designing and decorating a cafe mansion for yourself? Manor Cafe is an exciting new game from BlueStacks where you can experience the fun of being a cafe owner. One of the features of this game is that it allows you to design the cafe and decorate it as you wish, providing an opportunity to flex your design and decorating skills.

You can also unlock tasty foods and gameplay elements as you complete various tasks, thus allowing you to experience the hilarious story and unique characters in full glory. To top it all, you can also play match-3 levels to earn stars and decorate your cafe with them. With such exciting features, there’s no reason not to try Manor Cafe!

Manor Cafe 1


Manor Cafe is a fun, exciting match-3 puzzle game with tons of gameplay and customization. While playing, you’ll unlock tasty food items to help you in your gameplay. You can earn stars by completing levels, decorate your cafe with those stars, and unlock tasty food items as rewards. You can use powerful boosters and super power ups to help you through the levels, and these will also help you unlock tasty food items faster. In addition, you can meet interesting characters and uncover a intriguing story as you move around your cafe and unlock tasty food items. Ultimately, there are many reasons to play Manor Cafe, and it’s a great way to enjoy an enchanting life between work and love!

Manor Cafe 4


Check out Manor Cafe’s MOD APK Mega Menu – now with unlimited money! With its delicious selection of food and drinks, there is something for everyone. Get ready to enjoy delicious dining experiences no matter what time of day. Download Manor Cafe MOD APK today and start experiencing the ultimate cafe experience!

Manor Cafe 3


If you love match-3 games, food, and decorating your very own cafe, then Manor Cafe is the place for you! Just design your cafe the way you like it and make it a success story. Manor Cafe has over 100 unique and delicious food recipes to try out. Unlock more by completing special objectives to win more rewards. Happy designing!

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