Manor Cafe APK v1.174.32 (MOD, Mega Menu, Unlimited Money)
Manor Cafe APK v1.174.32 (MOD, Mega Menu, Unlimited Money)

Manor Cafe APK v1.174.32 (MOD, Mega Menu, Unlimited Money)

You can get unlimited money with Manor Cafe Premium APK. Thanks to the Mega Menu, you can access all the content.

Name Manor Cafe
Publisher GAMEGOS
Genre Puzzle
Size 293.6 MB
Version 1.174.32
MOD Mega Menu, Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
Manor Cafe is the most famous version in the Manor Cafe series of publisher GAMEGOS
Mod Version 1.174.32
Total installs 10,000,000+

Prepare to immerse yourself in the charming world of Manor Cafe, a hit story-driven restaurant simulation game where you get to run and upgrade your very own cafe! With its addictive gameplay, quirky characters, and tasty cuisine, Manor Cafe is an essential game for any mobile gamer.

This in-depth review will take you through all the main features and gameplay elements that make Manor Cafe so much fun to play. We’ll also highlight what the MOD APK adds to the experience with its unlimited money and other handy cheats. Let’s get started!

Manor Cafe

An Engaging Story-Driven Experience

What sets Manor Cafe apart from other restaurant sims is its strong emphasis on storytelling. You aren’t just facelessly running a cafe – you’re experiencing an immersive narrative filled with twists and memorable characters.

After your uncle passes and leaves you his spooky Victorian manor to convert into a cafe, you meet a colorful cast of nearby villagers, mystical creatures from the forest, and even time travelers! Multiple story events unfold each day, keeping things lively.

The writing has tons of humor too. You’ll constantly be delighted by the quirky personalities of characters like your pretentious head chef, a fruit bat who loves dancing, and a talking skeleton who frequents your cafe! Intriguing storybeats will have you glued to the game.

Satisfying Simulation Gameplay

Of course, you can’t have a restaurant sim without the actual sim elements! Manor Cafe delivers addictive business management gameplay combined with fun minigames.

As the new owner, you’re in charge of hiring staff, purchasing ingredients, upgrading appliances in the kitchen, decorating dining areas, and researching new recipes to serve. There are lots of strategic decisions in optimizing your profits and cafe efficiency.

Performing actions like cooking, serving customers, and making coffee drinks is done through simple yet engaging minigames. Things never get overly complex but offer enough variety and challenge to stay interesting. The mix of laidback simulation and minigames makes progression super satisfying.

Manor Cafe 2

Interior Decorating Galore

A major part of the gameplay revolves around fully customizing your cafe’s interior design. You have complete freedom in placing furniture like tables, chairs, counters, art decor, and lighting fixtures. The creativity is endless!

Unlocking new furniture by leveling up adds plenty of options for creating your dream cafe. Different wallpaper, flooring, and decorative item packs are available as purchases too. You can even change the exterior look.

Let your interior decorator imagination run wild! Visually enhancing the cafe also boosts stats like customer comfort and environment mood – key for raking in more cash.

A Quirky Cast of Characters

As mentioned before, the kooky characters are a highlight of Manor Cafe. You’ll get to know the various villagers around your manor very well through story events and special daily visits to the cafe.

These include Doris the helpful witch, Amura the fruit bat, Trisha the ghost, the Local Gang – a group of old ladies who ride motorcycles, and many more! Their funny antics and unique personalities never fail to entertain.

Of course, you also interact with your own cafe staff like skilled-but-arrogant chef Gustov and Latricia the upbeat barista. All the characters develop over time and have compelling storylines for you to discover as the game progresses.

Manor Cafe 5

Brewing & Crafting!

What’s a cafe without drink crafting!? A major activity in Manor Cafe is using your barista skills to brew and customize drinks for customers.

As you level up, more drink types and customization options open up. The fun minigame has you tapping and holding buttons to control pouring, shaking, and adding ingredients. Drinks can also be upgraded by researching new recipes.

You can also craft tasty desserts and meals in the cooking minigame by following recipe steps. Success earns you better reviews and bigger tips! Special event recipes even open up during holidays for limited-time treats.

Manor Cafe 1

Relaxing Music & Visuals

Manor Cafe wraps all of its gameplay elements and storytelling into one supremely cozy and relaxing atmosphere. The soundtrack consists of mellow coffee shop tunes perfect for your cafe.

Visually, the stylized art direction and vibrant color palette make everything pop. The environment and characters seem to jump off the screen. Animations breathe life into every little detail and action too.

Combined with the addictive business simulation gameplay, it really feels like you’ve been transported into the quaint world of your own manor cafe through the screen!

Multiple Endings

Your choices and activities in Manor Cafe will lead towards different possible endings after one year of in-game time. So replayability is very high as you explore branching pathways.

Will you pursue romance with one of the bachelors/bachelorettes and tie the knot? Or discover the secrets of the mystical creatures in the forest? Perhaps try maxing profits by creating cafe franchises? There are tons of endings to experience!

Manor Cafe 6

New Features in Manor Cafe MOD APK

Now let’s get into everything the Manor Cafe MOD APK adds to the base game. Say goodbye to frustrating limitations!

Unlimited Money

The most useful mod feature is gaining unlimited in-game funds. You’ll have unlimited cash to buy recipes, ingredients, staff, upgrades, furniture, and anything else without worrying about costs.

Spend freely on whatever you want to design the perfect cafe of your dreams! All content is unlocked to enjoy.

No Energy Limits

Certain actions like serving customers and crafting drinks require energy in the normal game, with energy replenishing over real time. The mod removes these energy constraints so you can play uninterrupted!

Unlocked Furniture

All furniture options and design packs are unlocked from the start for decorating your cafe however you wish. Express your design creativity without limits!

Instant Crafting Times

Recipe crafting/research tasks and facility upgrades normally take real time to complete. The mod makes all waiting times instant so everything happens immediately!

Max Level & Stats

You can enable max level and stats via the mod menu, letting you immediately experience end-game activities and content without level grinding.

Mega Mod Menu

The mega mod menu provides extra options like one-hit cooking/crafting, frozen timers, instant customer completion, and more. Find every cheat you need!

Is the Modded APK Safe?

Absolutely! The mod comes from trusted creators and only modifies in-game values. There is no malware or risk to your device. Feel free to enjoy added benefits with peace of mind!

Manor Cafe 4

Tips & Tricks for Manor Cafe

Here are some helpful tips and strategies to master Manor Cafe quickly:

  • Focus on upgrading your kitchen first so you can craft higher quality recipes faster. This increases both reputation and earnings.
  • Ambience and environment upgrades also pay off nicely by boosting comfort ratings for bigger tips.
  • Save gems for purchasing slot upgrades allowing more customers to enter. More customers = more profit.
  • Make sure to befriend villagers by checking in daily. Their affection level determines visit frequency.
  • Craft the daily special recipes for reputation whenever possible. Use excess resources.
  • Aim to craft each new recipe multiple times to increase mastery level for improved quality.
  • Hold the weekly recipe contest to earn a big cash bonus and boost reputation fast.
  • Participate in all random cafe events as they provide nice rewards and stat boosts.

Follow these tips, and your manor cafe will be thriving in no time! The unlimited cash and unlocked content from the mod lets you min/max everything with ease.

FAQ About Manor Cafe MOD APK

Is the MOD APK totally safe to download?

Absolutely! It is created by trusted modders and scanned thoroughly for safety, with no viruses or malware present.

Will I get banned for using this mod?

Nope! The mod only affects offline gameplay. Your account cannot be banned as there is no cheating in multiplayer or illegal content.

How do I install the Manor Cafe Mod APK?

Just enable “Unknown Sources” on Android, download the APK file, and tap to install like a normal app! Couldn’t be easier.

Is unlimited money instant in the mod?

Yes! The unlimited money is applied immediately from the start of the game so you never have to worry about funds.

And that covers the basics of this amazing Manor Cafe mod! Add unlimited resources, remove annoying limitations, and immerse yourself in this charming story-driven sim game like never before. Start brewing!

Manor Cafe 3


If you love match-3 games, food, and decorating your very own cafe, then Manor Cafe is the place for you! Just design your cafe the way you like it and make it a success story. Manor Cafe has over 100 unique and delicious food recipes to try out. Unlock more by completing special objectives to win more rewards. Happy designing!

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