Matchington Mansion APK v1.147.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money/Stars)
Matchington Mansion APK v1.147.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money/Stars)

Matchington Mansion APK v1.147.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money/Stars)

In Matchington Mansion Premium APK, you will have unlimited money and stars which will help you to progress faster in the game.

Name Matchington Mansion
Publisher Magic Tavern Inc
Genre Puzzle
Size 62.18 MB
Version 1.147.0
MOD Add Unlimited Money/Stars
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Matchington Mansion is the most famous version in the Matchington Mansion series of publisher Magic Tavern Inc
Mod Version 1.147.0

Matchington Mansion is a super fun and addictive puzzle game that has taken the mobile world by storm. With its gorgeous mansion makeover theme, huge variety of decorator items, and near endless match-3 puzzling, it’s easy to lose hours piecing together the perfect estate!

In this deep dive guide, we’ll explore all the ins and outs of Matchington Mansion gameplay from room designing to power-ups. We’ll also look at how the MOD APK version with unlimited money and stars can let you fully unlock that interior decorator within! Let’s get started making over those rooms.

Matchington Mansion

Core Match-3 Puzzle Gameplay

At its heart, Matchington Mansion revolves around classic match-3 puzzle mechanics:

  • Match 3 or more pieces horizontally or vertically to clear them from the board
  • Chain together matches to earn extra moves and power-ups
  • Clear all pieces to finish the level and earn up to 3 stars
  • Stars unlock new rooms and areas of the mansion
  • Play tons of match-3 levels across unique mansion themed rooms

It’s simple to learn but highly addictive trying to sustain match chains and clear the board efficiently. Great for short play sessions or marathon puzzling!

Matchington Mansion 2

Decorating Rooms with Furniture Sets

Here’s where Matchington Mansion mixes up the formula – the puzzles aren’t just about matching. You also collect various furniture sets to decorate rooms how you want!

  • As you make matches, furniture pieces are dropped onto the board
  • Match pieces of the same set like tables, chairs, beds to collect that set
  • Earn enough of a set to unlock it for use in decorator mode
  • Use coins to buy fancy rare item sets from Bertie the butler
  • Decorate rooms with your unlocked furniture and items
  • Try matching different styles like modern, French country, urban loft
  • Redesign rooms anytime and switch up the furnishings

It’s incredibly fun browsing all the stylish furniture sets and deciding how to furnish each unique room in the mansion.

Types of Matchington Mansion Levels

While the core gameplay revolves around match-3 puzzling and room decoration, there are some twists and variety added to the levels to shake things up:

Standard Levels

These are the main match-3 levels where you switch and match pieces to clear the board while collecting furniture. Great for quick play sessions.

Timed Levels

Here you race against the clock to make as many matches as possible within the time limit. Great for practicing fast matching skills.

Obstacle Levels

Special obstacles are thrown onto the board such as icicles that need to be cleared by making matches around them. Adds some nice puzzle challenge.

Collection Levels

Focus purely on completing furniture sets as fast as possible by matching related pieces that appear. Very satisfying!

Renovation Levels

Combines match-3 with directly interacting with a room to repair or upgrade elements by tapping. Provides nice decoration change of pace.

Story Levels

Advancing the story shows how you are improving the mansion. Unlocks new areas and sometimes gameplay twists.

With regularly rotating level types, you get to experience plenty of variety and challenge beyond standard matching. Keeps the gameplay fresher.

Power-Ups and Combos

Stringing together matches grants you useful power-ups to deploy for extra puzzle strategy:

  • Rainbow ball – Clears all pieces of a selected color
  • Bomb – Eliminates surrounding pieces in a selected area
  • Horizontal strike – Removes entire row
  • Vertical strike – Removes entire column
  • Spinning board – Jumbles puzzle to help make matches

The more successive matches you make, the more powerful your activated power-up will be. Time them well to set off massive cascading chain reactions!

Some items like the disco ball also add fun board-wide effects like random wild cards. Use them wisely together with power-ups to hit those three star targets.

Matchington Mansion 3

Renovating and Expanding Your Mansion

Completing match-3 puzzles earns you various resources for upgrading your mansion:

  • Coins – Buy new plots of land and fancy furniture
  • Gems – Premium currency used to speed things up
  • Keys – Unlock new areas on the map to renovate
  • Hearts – Continue a level if you run out of moves
  • Hammers – Clear obstacles on the board instantly

Over time, you can expand and customize the mansion into your dream estate:

  • Add new wings, gardens, garages, pools
  • Expand the main lobby with grand staircases
  • Purchase entire new estates like seaside villas
  • Landscape areas with statues, bushes, fountains

Watching your mansion continuously evolve and increase in value is a major motivation. There’s always a new upgrade to save up for!

Fun Daily Events and Seasonal Themes

On top of the core gameplay, there are regularly rotating events and seasonal themes that mix things up:

  • Scavenger Hunts – Earn special limited prizes
  • Monthly Events – Complete bonus levels for unique furniture
  • Seasonal Themes – Holiday designs like Halloween or Christmas
  • Sales Discounts – Great deals on expensive rare sets
  • Buffet Bonuses – Free power-ups, currencies, etc
  • Lucky Spin – Earn surprise rewards from the wheel

Special events add lots of variety beyond just standard match-3 levels. And the seasonal visual touches make the mansion look amazing!

Multiplayer and Social Features

For some friendly competition, check out the asynchronous multiplayer modes:

  • Rival Rematch – Beat your friend’s high score on a level
  • Room Showdown – Style a room better than another player
  • Spot the Difference – Find differences between two mansion photos

You can also visit friends’ mansions to get design ideas and give decorating tips. Send each other gifts to help progress.

Seeing how others design and show off their completed mansions provides tons of motivation to keep upgrading your own!

Tips and Strategies

Here are some helpful tips to progress faster and hit those high scores:

  • Activate power-ups during other active power-ups to chain their effects
  • Plan moves ahead of time and go for pattern matching whenever possible
  • Focus on completing furniture sets first before individual pieces
  • Buy the Golden Ticket buffet bonus for free power-ups
  • Rotate pieces rapidly with the spinning board power-up to set up matches
  • Always retry failed levels to improve your mastery and earn more stars
  • Watch video ads to earn free gems, coins, keys and other rewards
  • Take advantage of daily events, lucky spins, and other freebies

With the right strategy, you can master those tricky puzzle boards and quickly accumulate upgrade resources. Good luck!

Matchington Mansion 5

Benefits of the MOD APK

Now let’s look at how using the Matchington Mansion MOD APK can make gameplay even more fun and addictive:

Unlimited Money and Coins

  • Purchase any plot of land, wing, garden, etc instantly
  • Buy every fancy furniture set in unlimited quantities
  • Never worry about saving up or running out of coins

Unlimited Stars

  • Unlock any room right away without replaying levels
  • Open all areas of the map immediately
  • Max out your entire mansion’s renovation with ease

Unlimited Hearts

  • Keep playing levels without having to wait or watch ads between tries
  • Retry tricky levels endlessly until you master them

Unlimited Keys

  • Unlock any room without waiting hours for keys
  • Quickly explore the entire mansion map from start to finish

Everything Unlocked

  • All special themed furniture already available
  • No need to grind events or daily check-ins
  • Enjoy the full breadth of content immediately

With everything available for unlimited designing, you can unleash your inner interior decorator without barriers!

How to Download and Install the MOD APK

Want to start making over your dream mansion with unlimited money and stars? Get the modded app using these easy steps:

  1. Click the “Download MOD APK” button below. Enable install from unknown sources if prompted.
  2. Install the downloaded APK file onto your device. Make sure third-party apps are allowed.
  3. Open Matchington Mansion MOD APK and enjoy unlimited coins/stars!
  4. For iOS devices, install the modded IPA file using Signulous, AppDB or similar signing services.

Now you can match away without limits and create the most picture-perfect mansion imaginable. Have fun and let those creative juices flow!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a maximum mansion size?

No, you can expand your mansion almost infinitely over time by buying new plots of land. With the mod, build a massive estate easily!

Can I visit other players mansions?

Yes, you can visit friends’ mansions to exchange design ideas and send each other gifts. The social features are very fun.

Do the developers still update the game?

Absolutely. New furniture sets, rooms and seasonal themes are added regularly through updates. Lots of new content to enjoy.

Is Matchington Mansion completely free to play?

Yes, the entire game can be enjoyed 100% free, especially with the unlimited money/stars mod. No need to pay anything.

Hopefully this guide has you excited to dive into Matchington Mansion’s addictive gameplay. Now it’s time to start piecing together your dream mansion makeover masterpiece! Have fun and happy matching.

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