Mech Arena v2.23.01 MOD APK (Mega Menu, Damage, Ammo)
Mech Arena v2.23.01 MOD APK (Mega Menu, Damage, Ammo)

Mech Arena v2.23.01 MOD APK (Mega Menu, Damage, Ammo)

Mech Arena MOD APK gives you the ultimate package of Mega Menu, High Damage and Unlimited Ammo.

Name Mech Arena
Publisher Plarium Global Ltd
Genre Action
Size 155.5 MB
Version 2.23.01
MOD Mega Menu, Damage, Ammo
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Mech Arena is the most famous version in the Mech Arena series of publisher Plarium Global Ltd
Mod Version 2.23.01
Total installs 10,000,000+

The mechs are coming, and they’re heavy. That is what you may be saying right now. You might be wondering what mechs are, or whether you need to have a mech battle game for Android to play one. Well, we’re telling you everything you need to know about mech arena before heading in. So if that’s the case, let’s get started?

Introducing Mech Arena: A game where mechs come into the arena and fight each other. What makes it unique is that they use weapons and abilities of their own design. Sounds interesting? Let’s dive deeper in this blog to find out how to get started and unlock key tips.

Mech Arena


  • Mech Arena features 20+ different types of mechs, such as Paragon, Lancer, Juggernaut, Panther, Killshot and more.
  • These mechs are equipped with unique weapons and abilities that make them an entertaining and challenging opponent.
  • Each mech has unique strengths and weaknesses that players must consider when selecting a mech to battle with.
  • Some of the mechs in the game are primarily used for attacking other mechs. Others are best suited for supporting teammates or defending key locations.
  • Some mechs have limited ammunition, so players must be strategic when selecting a mech to battle with.
  • Certain mechs require batteries to operate, but these can be recharged by capturing checkpoints or killing enemy mechs.
  • In Mech Arena, players can find varied and engaging gameplay experiences no matter what type of mech they choose to battle with.


  • First of all, mechs can be unlocked by completing the tutorial in Mech Arena. After this, players can unlock the Lancer mech as their first mech by successfully completing a match.
  • Players can also earn blueprints for new mechs by looting lootboxes from android boxes in the game. Each blueprint will unlock a specific mech variant, such as the sniper mech or battlemech.
  • There are other ways to earn mechs, including completing missions and objectives. Players must level up their profile through these activities to unlock more mechs and weapons.
  • Once they’ve been unlocked, players must spend credits to purchase them. This can be tedious if you don’t have enough credits to unlock everything you want, but it should take around 10 hours to unlock everything in Mech Arena.
  • Overall, it’s important to spend time leveling up your profile and unlocking new mechs and weapons.
Mech Arena 1


If you’ve been looking for a fun and engaging game of Mech Arena, there are plenty of tips to help you get started.

  1. Make use of abilities for a tactical advantage. Abilities such as Shield Strike, Rocket Jolt, and Super Jump can help you outmaneuver the enemy in combat, providing a valuable edge.
  2. Be aware of the enemy positions on the map. Pay attention to enemy movement on the map and watch out for opportunities to attack or escape. This will help you formulate a plan and make accurate decisions in battle.
  3. Use the MOD APH for unlimited ammo, fast reload, and unlimited skill timer. This handy item allows you to play longer without having to reload or use your skills repeatedly. It also lets you use your abilities more often as it provides unlimited ammunition for your weapon of choice. Collect Combat and Victory Points (both of which count towards your overall score) to unlock loot boxes with rare items inside them, providing another way to customize your mechs in the arena.
  4. Finally, set up a team with friends for a better chance of success. Playing together makes it easier to coordinate attacks and avoid being overwhelmed by enemies, giving everyone a better chance at winning the battle!


Mech Arena offers three game modes, including Control Point Clash, 5v5 Deathmatch, and 2-player deathmatch. Players can enjoy a variety of game modes depending on the mech chosen and the playstyle they prefer. While in control point clash, players must strategically plan their attacks while utilizing their team formations to give the enemy a hard time. In 5v5 deathmatch, players must perform well in every game to help their team win. In 2-player deathmatch, players must strategize and utilize their mechs’ abilities to defeat the enemy mechs and capture the point. Each mech’s stats, abilities, and playstyle vary, making each match unique.

Players must ensure that they are fully prepared for any battle scenario in Mech Arena. Different game modes require different tactics and skills, so it’s important to be vigilant and adapt to any situation.

Mech Arena 2


  • Collect Blueprints from lootboxes to upgrade your weapons and mechs.
  • Use credits and A-coins to upgrade your weapons and mechs.
  • Increase the damage dealt by weapons and the overall health of mechs.
  • Unlock special abilities such as double damage, energy shields, and more.
  • Get upgrade material by opening lootboxes.

These upgrades will help you defeat your opponents in Mech Arena. Besides, getting lootboxes is a great way to get new items and blueprints for your mech arena game. As you play, you’ll unlock different items and weapons that can help you win battles in mech arena.

Get lootboxes for free if you play games on Android or iOS devices and open them frequently. Not only that, but it’s easy to earn lootboxes by playing games on android or iOS devices. Also, don’t forget to get blue prints from loot boxes when you play the game on android or ios devices!


Mechs in the game have special abilities that can be used in battles to gain an advantage. The Paragon Mech is a mech designed for versatility, able to equip different weapon types to match the role it is to fill in a squad. The Brickhouse is a mech with powerful weapons, increasing damage by 50% and that of nearby allies by 100% when it fires. The Juggernaut’s ability generates a shield that absorbs incoming damage instead of the mech’s health, making it a valuable asset when dealing with large groups of opponents. Finally, the Killshot mech’s ability sends it charging forward, dealing damage to any mech it crashes into. These unique abilities make each mech an invaluable part of any team’s roster. It’s important to note that not all mechs are created equal, so players should always look at the abilities of their mech before deciding on which one is best for them.

Mech Arena 3


Mech arena is a game in which you can challenge friends and random players in robot showdown matches. These matches last five minutes, and can be joined with friends or random players using A-coins.

The game features explosive PvP team battles, sophisticated combat strategies, and almost limitless customization. Participants earn Combat Points for participating in matches, and winning matches earns them Victory Points. Collecting enough of either will award them lootboxes which can be restored using A-coins or by letting them regenerate on their own.

Mech arena mod apk features PvP matches with explosive combat and almost endless customization. Players can use A-coin to purchase items from the item shop or through looting boxes obtained from victories in arena battles. With all this freedom to play as they please, it’s easy to see why Mech arena is one of the most popular online battle games today.


Mech Arena MOD APK gives you the ultimate package of Mega Menu, High Damage and Unlimited Ammo. With these three features combined, you’ll be the king of the battlefield and no tank will be able to stand up to your might!

Mech Arena 4


What is Mech Arena?

Mech Arena is a FREE quick-fire competitive robot game that was developed by Plarium Global Ltd. It is an Action game with a content rating of 9+, which means that it is appropriate for all ages.

What are the rules of Mech Arena?

Mech Arena is a competitive robot game that features 5v5 and 2v2 multiplayer matches. The objective of the game is to complete objectives and win matches, rather than just getting kills. In addition to the main game mode, there are also several supplementary modes available including deathmatch, domination, and arena battle. Players have access to dozens of weapons, mechs, and special abilities for endless combinations.

What are the objectives of Mech Arena?

Mech Arena is a mech shooter game with competitive mayhem for everyone. Players jump into walking war machines to battle it out in intense team battles. Winning matches requires completing objectives in addition to getting kills. The game features 20+ different robots with their own stats, abilities, and playstyles. Mech Arena is designed to be an accessible and balanced shooter on mobile for all ages and skill levels.

What are the rewards for playing Mech Arena?

As a player in Mech Arena, you can earn rewards for playing the game. These rewards can include loot boxes that contain blueprints for upgrading your equipment, Combat and Victory Points that can be used to purchase loot boxes, Mechs and weapons with Credits or A-Coins, and even personalize your Mechs with weapons by increasing the Energy cap and gaining special bonuses such as increased projectile speed or magazine size.


The mech arena game is a highly addictive game that requires both strategy and tactics to win. Although it can be played for hours, the game is best enjoyed when you have a few minutes of your time. The tips mentioned above will help you win more matches and keep on unlocking new mechs and weapons. Just make sure to follow them to unlock some awesome weapons and mechs.

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