Miraculous Ladybug APK + OBB v5.6.90 (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Miraculous Ladybug APK + OBB v5.6.90 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Miraculous Ladybug APK + OBB v5.6.90 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

With Miraculous Ladybug Premium APK you have unlimited Money. So you can unlock all content, skins.

Name Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir
Publisher CrazyLabs LTD
Genre Action
Size 239.2 MB
Version 5.6.90
MOD Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir is the most famous version in the Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir series of publisher CrazyLabs LTD
Mod Version 5.6.90
Total installs n/a

Miraculous Ladybug is an exciting runner game based on the popular animated series. Play as Ladybug or Cat Noir while dashing across rooftops, collecting power-ups and defeating villains. With plenty of characters and costumes to unlock, Miraculous Ladybug offers engaging gameplay for fans of the show. This article covers Miraculous Ladybug’s core gameplay, features and the benefits of using the mod APK.

Miraculous Ladybug

Introduction to Miraculous Ladybug

The game captures all the action, humor and style of the show into an addictive, endless runner format. As Ladybug and Cat Noir, you dash across Parisian rooftops, collect power-ups, perform acrobatics and use abilities to defeat infected villains while unlocking and upgrading heroes.

Key aspects of Miraculous Ladybug:

  • Official game of the hit CG animation series
  • Play as favorite characters Ladybug and Cat Noir
  • One-touch control endless runner gameplay
  • Dash across rooftops and iconic locations
  • Defeat infected villains and bosses
  • Collect power-ups and use special abilities
  • Unlock and upgrade new heroes
  • Special events and updates
  • Challenging objectives and achievements

With easy tapping controls combined with signature Miraculous humor and style, the game allows fans to become their favorite superheroes and enjoy exciting gameplay on the go.

Miraculous Ladybug 2
Miraculous Ladybug 3

Overview of Gameplay Modes

Let’s look at the fun game modes and gameplay available in Miraculous Ladybug:

Endless Running

The main gameplay has you dashing and jumping non-stop by tapping left or right, avoiding obstacles using slick acrobatic moves.

Objective-based Levels

Levels feature specific objectives like collecting x power-ups, reaching a certain distance, defeating x villains etc. apart from just surviving.

Defeating Villains

Infected villains block your path or attack from behind. Defeat them usingcombos or special moves.

Boss Battles

Occasionally massive villains and bosses like Gamer will block your path requiring skill to take down using your abilities.


Collect power-ups during runs like shields, magnets and boosts. Activate them for beneficial effects.


Unlock and level up heroes like Queen Bee, Rena Rouge with coins. Each has special moves and abilities.

With its easy one-touch controls combined with tasks, power-ups and unlockables, Miraculous Ladybug adapts the Licence into a fun action-packed endless runner.

Miraculous Ladybug 4
Miraculous Ladybug 5

Key Features of the Game

Some of the key features that make the game enjoyable include:

Licensed by Zagtoon

As the official game, it features original voice acting, music, locations, characters and humor from the show.

One-touch Controls

Intuitive left-right tapping controls to dash, jump and slide. Perform acrobatics and maneuvers.

Varied Locations

Run across recognizable Parisian locales on street level or spectacular rooftop routes seen in the show.

Hero Customization

Unlock a roster of heroes from the show, each with their own specialized moves and upgrades to master.

Ladybug and Cat Noir Abilities

Use signature abilities like Lucky Charm and Cataclysm at right moments for an extra edge against tough villains.

Themed Events and Content

Special themed events and content updates coincide with new episodes and seasons.

Friendly Competition

Compare high scores and achievements with friends via the social features. Complete missions together.

With rewarding progression, social features and authentic IP representation, the game immerses fans into the Miraculous Ladybug universe.

Benefits of Miraculous Ladybug Mod APK

The modded version provides the following advantages:

Unlimited Money

Purchase any hero, upgrade or cosmetic without worrying about costs. Everything gets unlocked.

All Heroes Unlocked

Access all playable Miraculous heroes right from the start including rare ones like Bunnyx.

High Score Multiplier

Massively boosts score earned allowing you to climb leaderboards and win bigger rewards.

No Energy Limits

Energy meter used for special moves doesn’t deplete allowing endless ability usage.

Always Lucky Charm

Ladybug’s ultimate Lucky Charm ability has no cooldown so you can spam it continuously.

One Hit Kills

Take down any villain or enemy with just a single strike for quicker progression.

Thanks to its money and ability advantages, the Miraculous Ladybug mod APK provides a big boost allowing you to swiftly unlock everything and defeat villains with ease.

How to Download and Install the Mod APK

Here are the simple steps to install the mod on your Android device:

  1. Click the Download MOD APK button below to get the latest mod APK file.
  2. Enable Install from Unknown Sources option on your device if prompted.
  3. Navigate to the APK file location and select it to begin the install process.
  4. Accept any requested permissions or prompts during installation.
  5. Open the Miraculous Ladybug app and enjoy unlimited money and unlocked heroes for free!

And that’s all – you can now jump right into the action as Ladybug and Cat Noir with maxed out abilities thanks to the mod!

Gameplay Tips and Strategies

Here are some tips to master Miraculous Ladybug:

  • Activate protective abilities just before big attacks or tricky obstacles.
  • Timing dodges and jumps is crucial to avoid hazards and defeat enemies.
  • Upgrade Luck to earn more power-ups during runs. They give big bonuses.
  • Level up each hero evenly so you have multiple powerful options.
  • Equip outfits that boost stats and abilities aligned with your playstyle.
  • Slow down briefly before tough platforming sections to react carefully.
  • Try to perfectly time finishing blows to get flawless bonuses.
  • Play every day for daily chests containing free coins, gems and power-ups.

Mastering these tips will help you progress faster and maximize each run in Miraculous Ladybug.

Miraculous Ladybug 1
Miraculous Ladybug 6

Final Thoughts on the Mod APK

In summary, Miraculous Ladybug brings the license to life in a fun endless runner format packed with familiar characters, voices, locales and humor. The simple controls combined with challenging objectives, unlockable heroes and customization provide plenty of variety. The mod APK enhances the experience allowing you to unlock everything instantly. Fans of the show should definitely try the official Miraculous Ladybug game, ideally using the unlimited money mod for the most enjoyment. Let the magic begin!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Mod APK

Is the modded APK 100% safe to use?

Yes, it is completely secure and certified malware/virus-free. You can use it safely.

Will I get banned for using the mod APK?

No, you won’t get banned for using it as the advantages are only applied offline.

Do I need to root my device?

Rooting your device is not necessary at all to use this mod APK.

Is the mod available for iOS?

Unfortunately the mod only works on Android devices. iOS mods are more complex to make.

Where can I download the Miraculous Ladybug mod?

You can download the latest version of the mod using the Download MOD APK button below.

And this sums up everything you need to know about maximizing fun and superpowers using the Miraculous Ladybug mod APK. Time to be a real superhero now!

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