Monoposto APK v3.86 (MOD, Premium, All Content Unlocked)
Monoposto APK v3.86 (MOD, Premium, All Content Unlocked)

Monoposto APK v3.86 (MOD, Premium, All Content Unlocked)

Monoposto Premium APK is a modified version of the original game that allows you to get Premium privileges or other content.

Name Monoposto
Publisher Marco Pesce
Genre Racing
Size 328 MB
Version 3.86
MOD Premium, All Content Unlocked
Get it On Google Play
Monoposto is the most famous version in the Monoposto series of publisher Marco Pesce
Mod Version 3.86
Total installs 1,000,000+

If you love thrilling racing games, you’ll be floored by Monoposto. This adrenaline-pumping racer by developer AppQuantum delivers high-octane Formula 1 action on mobile. Take control of ferocious speed machines and compete in intense GP circuits. With the MOD APK, you can unlock the full premium experience for free!

Let’s dive into the fast-paced world of Monoposto to see what makes it a must-have for racing fans.


Overview of Gameplay

In Monoposto, you get behind the wheel of nimble Formula 1 cars and put your driving skills to the test. The game features realistic physics, responsive controls and highly detailed graphics that bring the racing action to life.

There are two key game modes – Career and Multiplayer. In Career, you participate in seasons of Formula 1 championships. Multiplayer allows you to go head-to-head against rivals from around the world in thrilling online races.

As you progress, you’ll unlock new circuits to race on, upgrade your garage of supercars and rise up the worldwide leaderboards. Monoposto offers an authentic simulator-style racing experience right on your phone!

Key Gameplay Features:

  • Realistic driving physics for immersive F1 racing
  • Detailed cockpit views and advanced graphics
  • Career mode with seasons of Formula 1 championships
  • Compete in thrilling multiplayer races against real opponents
  • Customize and upgrade your stable of speedy supercars
  • Master famous GP circuits like Monza, Silverstone and more
  • Climb the global leaderboards across multiple leagues
  • Car setup options for tuning performance before races

With its slick controls, stellar presentation and wealth of content, Monoposto is a mobile racer you can dig into for hours on end. Now let’s examine the perks of the MOD APK.

Monoposto 1

Benefits of the MOD APK

The Monoposto MOD APK unlocks the full premium game for free. You get access to exclusive features like:

  • All cars unlocked – Drive every beast in the garage right from the start
  • No ads – Seamless racing without irritating ad interruptions
  • Unlimited money – Buy upgrades and customization without grinding
  • VIP status unlocked – Enjoy perks like increased XP and free refueling

The premium unlocks allow you to experience Monoposto to its fullest right off the bat. You can immediately access top-tier cars, max out upgrades and enjoy unrestricted gameplay. It’s racing heaven!

Driving Mechanics and Controls

Monoposto delivers an authentic, simulator-style driving experience that takes skill to master. Here’s an overview of the game’s mechanics and controls:

Realistic Physics

The driving physics capture the weight, grip and handling of actual F1 cars. Factors like traction, downforce and tire wear all come into play. You really feel like you’re controlling a temperamental speed machine.

Cockpit View

The immersive cockpit view shows the track ahead through your car’s windshield. You can glimpse working gauges, wheel movements and gear shifts inside the car. It’s super realistic.

Control Schemes

There are several control schemes to choose from:

  • Tilt – Tilt your device left/right to steer. Tap the screen for brakes/acceleration.
  • Buttons – Virtual buttons for steering, brakes and acceleration.
  • Wheel – Turn your device like a steering wheel. On-screen pedals for throttle/brakes.

Use the scheme that feels most natural to you. The game also supports physical controllers for a console-like feel.

Gameplay Nuances

Additional driving techniques include:

  • Braking assist – Tap the brake icon for you if you’re about to overshoot corners.
  • Traction control – Helps maintain grip and prevent wheel spin on acceleration. Can be turned off.
  • Fuel usage – Manage fuel consumption and pit stops during long races.
  • Precision driving – Mastering turns, racing lines and gear shifts is key for winning races.

With practice, you’ll get a feel for these nuances and handle the cars like a pro!

Monoposto 3

Career Mode Progression

Career mode is where you’ll spend most of your time, taking part in full seasons of Formula 1. Here’s an overview of how progression works:


There are multiple leagues to work through, from beginner Rookie league up to prestigious Expert league. Win seasons and meet promotion criteria to advance.


At the start of each season, you sign with a major F1 team like Ferrari or Mercedes. Better teams offer faster cars but expect better results.


Each league season consists of a calendar of 12-16 races held at real-world F1 circuits across the globe. The tracks get longer and more complex as you progress.

Race Weekends

Races take place over weekends comprised of three parts:

  1. Practice – Trial laps to learn the circuit and experiment with car setups.
  2. Qualifying – Time trial to set your position on the starting grid.
  3. Main Race – Compete for the ultimate prize! Race distance ranges from ~30-70 km.

Car Development

Use race earnings to upgrade your car’s various components like its engine, gearbox and aerodynamics. Balanced builds suit different tracks.

With its extensive career mode, Monoposto provides hours upon hours of intriguing progression as you rise through the F1 ranks.

Monoposto 4

Multiplayer Competition

Multiplayer allows you to showcase your skills against real opponents from around the world. Here’s an overview:

Global Leaderboards

Climb the overall leaderboards as well as individual circuit leaderboards. Watch your worldwide and local ranking rise!

Head-to-Head Racing

Go bumper to bumper against a rival racer in synchronous 1v1 races. Jostle for position in exciting multiplayer duels.

Online Events

Special limited-time online events are held, often with unique rules and exotic cars. Blaze past competition in a field of Koenigseggs or Porsches!


Join a team to take part in team competitions. Work together to unlock special team rewards and achievements.

Online multiplayer really completes the package, testing your mettle against fellow competitors. It’s thrilling to beat rivals by executing perfect turns.

Additional Game Modes

Beyond the main Career and Multiplayer modes, Monoposto has extra modes to check out:

Cup Events

One-off Cup events with multiple AI racers take place over 5-10 laps. Win trophies in Bronze, Silver and Gold Cups.

Time Trial

Test your skills and set lap records on every track. Master an ideal racing line to set blistering times. Climb circuit leaderboards.

Overtake Challenge

Start each lap far behind an AI racer and try to pass them within the lap using pure driving skill. A test of precision.

These extras provide nice changes of pace from Career progression. You can win somesweet rewards too.

Garage & Customization

Between races, you can customize your stable of beasts using the garage:


Acquire new cars like the Ferrari F1-75 or Mercedes W13 by earning them through Career. Cars have differing stats and traits.


Apply upgrades to drivetrain, tires, body and other components. Experiment to find an optimal setup for each track’s conditions.

Paint Jobs

Give your cars colorful custom paint jobs combining decals, layers, paint types and more. Show off your style on the circuit.

Setup Adjustments

Fine-tune gear ratios, ride height, brake balance and other details. Adapt setups to master each circuit.

The garage lets you configure your mean machines exactly how you want them. Finely tuned cars can gain that extra edge.

Assists & Difficulty

Monoposto offers driving assists and difficulty options to accommodate different experience levels:


  • Racing line assist – Overlay shows the ideal driving line for hitting apexes.
  • Braking assist – Automatically applies maximum braking power when needed.
  • Traction control – Helps maintain grip from acceleration by limiting wheel spin.


  • Easy – Heavily reduced AI driver aggression and ability. More forgiveness for errors.
  • Medium – Balanced AI capabilities. AI makes some mistakes.
  • Hard – Aggressive AI who rarely make mistakes. Only for experienced players.

Tweak these settings to find the right challenge and assistance for your skill level. You can enable assists and lower the difficulty at first, then increase realism once you improve. The game is very scalable.

Some Helpful Tips

Here are some tips to get better lap times and have success in Monoposto:

  • Master braking points and the racing line on every track. Smoothness is key.
  • Be extremely gentle with throttle and steering inputs. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.
  • Tweak gear ratios in the garage to hit max speed on long straights.
  • In turns, try to keep minimum revs in the optimal torque band.
  • Enable traction control and find the right assist levels for your ability.
  • Use practice sessions to fine-tune setups and car balance before races.
  • In wet conditions, drive slowly and give extra space to avoid losing grip.

With precision and practice, you’ll be crossing the finish line first in no time!

Monoposto 2

Final Verdict

In summary, Monoposto offers an incredible Formula 1 experience on mobile with:

  • Simulator-quality driving physics and handling
  • Loads of content like Career seasons and multiplayer
  • Detailed tuning and customization in the garage
  • Adaptive assists and difficulty for all skill levels
  • Thrilling wheel-to-wheel racing action

With the MOD APK providing all cars and upgrades free, you’re able to jump into the deep end right away. Start your path to F1 glory today by downloading Monoposto! The chequered flag awaits.


Does the game require internet access?

You need an internet connection to download the game initially. For Career mode, an internet connection is optional but recommended to enable cloud save and leaderboards. Multiplayer requires an active internet connection at all times.

Do I need a controller to play?

No, the touch screen controls work well, with options like tilt, wheel and buttons modes. But controllers like Xbox and PlayStation gamepads can enhance the experience if you have one.

Does it work on emulators?

Monoposto is not officially supported for play on emulators like BlueStacks or Nox App at the moment. You can try it, but controls and performance may not be ideal.

Is there voice chat in multiplayer races?

Currently the game does not offer built-in voice chat with other racers. You’ll have to use third-party apps like Discord for voice communication during multiplayer.

Are there microtransactions?

In the regular version, in-app purchases exist for premium currency. But with the MOD APK, all cars and upgrades are unlocked, so you can enjoy everything for free and never need to pay.

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