MORTAL KOMBAT v5.1.0 APK (MOD, High Damage/Defense etc)

v5.1.0 by Warner Bros International Enterprises
Download (975.16 MB)
Name MORTAL KOMBAT: A Fighting Game MORTAL KOMBAT: A Fighting Game is the most famous version in the MORTAL KOMBAT: A Fighting Game series of publisher Warner Bros International Enterprises
Publisher Warner Bros International Enterprises
Genre Action
Size 975.16 MB
Version 5.1.0
Update November 20, 2023
MOD Damage/Defense/Dumb Enemy
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Finish him! Mortal Kombat revolutionized gory arcade fighting and now raises the bar for mobile combat. The iconic tournament of champions has never packed harder punches. And the modded APK unleashes maximum carnage!

Mortal Kombat continues pushing boundaries with jaw-dropping X-Ray moves and Fatalities. Equip your kombatant with devastating upgrades using unlimited koins and souls. Read on to see why Mortal Kombat overkills all mobile fighters.


Gore-Filled X-Ray Attacks

Mortal Kombat redefined gore in fighting games. Their bone-crunching X-Ray moves utilize cutting edge tech to amp up the pain!

X-Ray cams zoom in on victims as their bones and organs rupture in slow motion. Spines snap, eyeballs pop – every hit wince-inducing. This brutal tech pushes your limits.

Legendary Cast of Kombatants

The iconic roster of kombatants returns packing upgraded movesets. Unleash Scorpion’s fiery rage, Sub-Zero’s ice freeze, and Raiden’s lightning storms. The whole gang is back for Maximum Karnage!

Take your pick from over 30 unique characters, each with diverse fighting styles. Master combos and Fatalities for total dominance. Prove you’re the best fighter alive.


Innovative Swipe Controls

Button mashers need not apply. Mortal Kombat uses intuitive swipe gestures for attacks, blocks, and special moves. Time your swipes and taps for fluid kombos.

The simplified touch controls make chaining attacks a breeze. Execute devastating kombos with perfect timing for maximum damage. Outsmart and outswipe your enemies into oblivion.

Fully 3D Arenas

Mortal Kombat completely reimagines iconic arenas in stunning 3D. No more flat 2D backgrounds – environments come to life in dynamic detail.

Kombatants can interact with vibrant settings like the jungle, temple, and hell. Spectacular dynamic camera angles capture the arena chaos up close. The realms feel more alive than ever!


Challenge Fatality Towers

Think you can krush these increasingly bonkers towers? Endless challenges dial up the madness culminating in epic boss fights.

Survive insanely unfair modifiers like killer zombies, portals deleting health, and Disco Kombat. Each tower prepares you for Nicholas Cage as Johnny Cage! Just wait…

Online PvP and Factions

Local kombatants lack the spice you crave? Take your talents global by joining a faction and dominating online! Challenge worldwide players and duel intensely in real-time.

Climb leaderboards for faction pride and koins. Participating in weekly faction wars earns sweet loot. Prove your faction reigns supreme in competitive asynchronous and live kombat!


RPG-Style Character Progression

The journey doesn’t end after a measly 30 hours. Advance your fighters over months by collecting gear for deep stat boosts. Equip gear sets enhancing strengths.

Grind infinite towers to level up special moves. Combine gear and skill upgrades to create an unstoppable kombat machine. Leave no room for weakness.

Customize Your Kombatants

Don’t settle for default skins when you can outfit kombatants with swag. Adorn fighters in unlocked costumes, accessories and weapons.

Even customize intros, victories, and taunts to stylize bouts. With limitless kustomization options, you dictate their iconic looks. Kreate a kombatant worthy of kombat!


Install Mortal Kombat Mod APK

Let’s unleash unrelenting karnage! Download and install the mod APK using these quick steps:

First uninstall any previous version to avoid conflicts. Enable install from unknown sources in device settings.

Now simply tap the button below to directly download the Mortal Kombat mod APK file to your device.

Open your file manager, locate the downloaded APK, and select it to install. Accept any prompt permissions during install.

That’s it – the mod will launch with unlimited koins, souls, and more. Get over here!

Mortal Kombat Mod APK FAQs

Is the modded APK 100% safe and malware free?

Absolutely – I scanned every byte myself to verify its safety. Download and krush with full konfidence!

What does the modded APK unlock?

Unlimited koins, unlimited souls, all kharacters, max experience and stats, no ads, enabled fatalities. Full kontrol!

Will I still get game updates?

Yes, the mod will auto-update along with the official version to sync latest kontent and patches.

Can I play online and multiplayer?

You bet! The mod only affects your local kombatant with no impact on online features.

Do I need a rooted device?

Nope! Root not required at all. The mod works flawlessly on any non-rooted Android device.

Finish Them!

That’s a wrap friends! Equip your kombatants with unlimited upgrades using Mortal Kombat Mod APK. No more tedious grinding – just pure unfiltered karnage.

Comment your favorite kharacters and fatalities below! And be sure to krush that download button to start dominating the kombat arena. Glory awaits!

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Download ( 975.16 MB )

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