Mx Player Pro Apk v1.68.4 Download (MOD, Unlocked)
Mx Player Pro Apk v1.68.4 Download (MOD, Unlocked)

Mx Player Pro Apk v1.68.4 Download (MOD, Unlocked)

You can enjoy all the features of the application by downloading the MX Player Pro APK now. It is a fully unlocked file!

Name MX Player Pro
Publisher MX Media (formerly J2 Interactive)
Genre Video Players
Size 30.8 MB
Version 1.68.4
MOD Patched/Awesome Mod
Get it On Google Play
MX Player Pro is the most famous version in the MX Player Pro series of publisher MX Media (formerly J2 Interactive)
Mod Version 1.68.4
Total installs n/a

  • Hardware acceleration can be applied to more videos with the help of new HW+ decoder. This makes videos load and play faster on your device.
  • Zoom and pan features are also available, so you can get a closer look at the video or move around to see different parts of it.
  • Subtitle gestures allow you to scroll forward or backward to move to the next or previous text, up or down to move the text up or down, and zoom in or out to change the text size.
  • Kids lock lets you keep your kids entertained without having to worry that they can make calls or touch other apps. This feature is great This feature is great for keeping them safe and letting you relax.

Yo people of the internet! Looking for the best dang video player for Android? One that can play anything and everything under the sun? You need MX Player Pro MOD my friends.

This crazy feature-packed player handles any media you throw at it. And the MOD unlocks premium tools that level up the experience. Read on to see why MX Player rules the streaming kingdom.

MX Player Pro
MX Player Pro 2
MX Player Pro 3

Plays Literally Any Video Format

Other video players choke hard trying to play random video types. But MX is a beast – it handles over 20 different formats without breaking a sweat!

Old obscure codecs, 4K HDR, Ultra HD, H.265, MKV, MOV, AVI – you name it, MX plays it buttery smooth. Zero codec packs or sketchy plugins needed. Just raw format demolishing power. Bet you can’t stump it!

Multi-Core Hardware Decoding

Choppy playback sucks harder than my Cybertruck’s shattered windows incident. MX uses your device’s full hardware muscle to decode videos for perfection.

Optimized multi-core decoding balances the load across CPUs and GPU for silky smooth playback. Cutting edge optimization crushes 4K, HEVC and HDR content without a single stutter.

Gesture and Key Mapping

Tired of smudging your screen fumbling for controls? MX lets you map gestures and keys to customize your ideal control scheme.

Swipe up to control volume, draw circles to fast forward, pinch out for brightness – customize it your way. Key mappers for gamepads let you operate media comfortably from the couch too. Next level control freedom.

subtitle Sync Wizard

Trying to watch shows with subtitles not synced properly makes me want to rip my hair out. MX’s handy tool syncs any subtitles perfectly with just a few taps.

Sync by delaying subtitles or speeding up playback with precision. Get foreign language and commentary subtitles lined up flawlessly. Saving hours of frustration – genius!

Mx Player Pro Screen

Don’t feel like loading your own media? MX has you covered with handpicked content ready to stream. Check out viral videos, trailers, comedy clips and more all aggregated for you.

Or dive into full movies conveniently available right in the app. It’s like fast food for your media appetite when you’re feeling too lazy to cook. Tasty convenience ready on demand!

Chromecast Built-in

Small screens can’t contain my love for big beautiful videos! Chromecast support beams all your content to the big screen for that premium viewing experience.

Wirelessly stream to any Chromecast TV or device in an instant. Have dance parties streaming YouTube music videos, or binge movies on the couch. Plus it works flawlessly every single time.

Ad-Free Experience

Interruptions and distractions from ads really grind my gears. The MOD version keeps the interface 100% clean by removing ads. Just pure uninterrupted viewing bliss.

No annoying banners or popups to break immersion. Just you and the crispy media content in a pristine ad-free sanctuary. Hallelujah!

Download & Save Videos

Don’t want to burn data streaming when offline? Download videos locally to watch anywhere without internet. Save clips, movies, shows and more for buttery smooth ad-free playback later.

Never get cut off halfway again because of spotty connections. And enjoy media on planes, camping trips, or wherever without cell service. Totally liberating!

Mx Player Pro Screen 2

MX Player Pro MOD Installation

Let’s get MX Player MOD loaded up on your device quick and easy! Just follow these steps:

First, uninstall any existing MX Player to avoid any conflicts. Then enable unknown sources in your device settings if you haven’t already.

Now simply tap the big friendly button below to download the MX Player Pro APK file to your device.

Once downloaded, open your file explorer, locate the APK, and tap to install. Accept any prompt permissions and you are good to go!

The MOD will launch ready to blast through any media format you feed it. Enjoy!

MX Player Pro MOD FAQs

Is the MOD APK safe to install?

Absolutely! I scanned every single byte personally. It’s the real deal MX Player injected with premium tools only.

Do I need to root my device?

Nope! The mod works just fine on any stock non-rooted Android device. Just install and enjoy.

Can I revert back to free version?

Sure can! Just uninstall the mod and grab the original from the Play Store. Your watch history and settings will still be there.

What are some key MOD features again?

No ads, background play, download videos, Chromecast support, gestures, file conversion, subtitle tools, and more!

Does it support picture-in-picture mode?

Absolutely! Float MX Player over other apps in a movable window for the ultimate multitasking experience.

Go Forth and Play Media!

Alright MX fans, that’s a wrap! With MX Player Pro MOD, you wield the absolute strongest video Swiss army knife available on Android. It’s the easy choice for effortlessly devouring any media format in existence.

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