My Little Universe APK v2.7.0 (MOD, Unlimited Resources)
My Little Universe APK v2.7.0 (MOD, Unlimited Resources)

My Little Universe APK v2.7.0 (MOD, Unlimited Resources)

Start the game one step ahead with My Little Universe premium apk! Manage the game thanks to unlimited resources.

Name My Little Universe
Publisher SayGames Ltd
Genre Casual
Size 439 MB
Version 2.6.3
MOD Unlimited Resources
Get it On Google Play
My Little Universe is the most famous version in the My Little Universe series of publisher SayGames Ltd
Mod Version 2.6.3
Total installs 10,000,000+

My Little Universe enchants mobile gamers with adorable characters on lively adventures that spark smiles. Tend gardens, customize dreamy scenes, and delight cute critters in this serene storybook realm brimming with playful possibilities!

My Little Universe

A Peaceful World Awaits

Unwind in My Little Universe’s sprawling domain filled with discovery across cheerful biomes all your own.

Dazzling Domains

Explore the sandy stretches of Sunrise Desert or snowy thickets of the Winter Forest. Verdant glades overflow with flowers while misty marshes mist with an air of mystery.

Darling Denizens

Meet eccentric characters like Ziggy the inventive robot, Cleo the friendly yeti librarian, Bunmo the opera-singing rabbit, and other endearing oddballs. Their whimsical antics and storylines intertwine as you cross paths.

Daily Delights

With each new day in My Little Universe comes fresh opportunities for adventure like new creatures to befriend, gems to unearth from glittering caverns, and mysterious doors appearing that lead…somewhere? There’s always something new under the sun here!

My Little Universe 2

Nurture Your Neighborhood

Make yourself at home in My Little Universe by building and customizing your own corner of paradise.

Dreamy Decor

Personalize environments with charming decorations like bench swings, bush sculptures, picnic blankets and more. Design areas that match any mood you want to unwind in.

Plentiful Plants

Stop and smell the roses, tulips, orchids and dozens more floral varieties. Green up garden spaces by planting flower patches, heirloom produce plots, and even otherworldly fantasy flora exclusive to My Little Universe.

Fellow Friends

Who doesn’t love coming home to happy faces? Adopt pets, entice colorful birds to stay awhile, put out treats for hedgehog visitors or welcome any whimsical guests drawn to your thoughtfully nurtured nooks.

Charming Activities Beckon

When you need a change of pace, divert your attention to leisurely distractions peppered across your personal paradise.

Puzzling Diversions

My Little Universe bubbles over with brain-teasing puzzles like lighting up constellations, piecing together mosaic artworks, spotting differences between scenes and other cranium-tickling challenges sure to delight.

Soothing Mini-games

Try your hand at low-stakes games like serving up tea, organizing bookshelves, harvesting crops on schedule, and guiding critters through mazes. It’s amazing how time flies while immersed in these mellow mini-game sessions!

Collect-a-thons Galore

Gather gemstones, seashells and other trinkets scattered across landscapes. Or seek out stickers, trading cards, and region-exclusive collectibles through regular gameplay. So many mementos, so much to discover!

My Little Universe 1

A World That Grows

The magic of My Little Universe lies in how new realms unfold organically, always revealing something unexpected around the next corner.

Mystical Moonlight Zone

When night falls and critters tuck into bed, an enchanted region opens under the moon’s glow. Night owls can explore after dark, unearth lunar-attuned treasures, and cross paths with mystical creatures stirring after sunset. But tread carefully…

Interdimensional Portals

Keep watch for portals materializing that offer passage into parallel dimensions where alter egos roam freely. Forge connections across space and time itself inside these trippy realms – you never know what (or who!) you might unearth.

A Season for Everything

Summer showers sparkle while winter snowfall muffles and magical cherry blossom trees come alive announcing spring. My Little Universe transforms with seasonal shifts, presenting new activities and sights to savor during nature’s endless renewal.

So curl up, get cozy, and escape for awhile into My Little Universe’s wide-eyed wonderland. Here, playtime possibilities stretch as far as the imagination allows across ever-evolving peaceful planes waiting to be explored!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does My Little Universe cost to play?

The core game is 100% free-to-play.

Does the game require internet access?

Yes, you must be connected to the internet to access game content and services. Offline play is not currently supported.

Is there multiplayer or PvP gameplay?

Not at this time. My Little Universe is currently a solely single-player experience.

What age range is the game appropriate for?

My Little Universe is rated E for Everyone and safe for gamers of all ages. Share the whimsy with the whole family!

Can I play on multiple devices?

Definitely! Sync your progress via cloud save files to pick up seamlessly where you left off when switching devices.

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