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Name My Town World My Town World is the most famous version in the My Town World series of publisher My Town Games Ltd
Publisher My Town Games Ltd
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Version 1.0.48
Update November 28, 2023
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Ever dreamed of building your very own expansive doll city, filling it with fun locations, cute citizens, and endless stories? My Town World by MyTown Games lets you do exactly that, providing a massive dollhouse playground where you can construct and customize a personal metropolis filled with surprises. With tons of buildings, characters, vehicles and decorations to unlock, you’ll be hooked for hours on this addictive city builder.

In this gameplay guide, we’ll cover all the core features that make My Town World so magical. You’ll also learn how the My Town World MOD APK supercharges the experience by unlocking unlimited diamonds and all buildings immediately! Let’s jump in and start building the doll city of your dreams!

My Town World Mega Doll City

Overview of My Town World Gameplay

My Town World gameplay revolves around constructing buildings, interacting with lively characters, and exploring exciting areas around your city. Key elements include:

  • 🏘️Construct buildings – Homes, schools, malls, restaurants & 100+ more. Expand your city!
  • 👩‍👦‍👦Customize citizens – Adopt and dress up fun characters who live in your city.
  • 🚗Fun vehicles – Unlock cars, helicopters, boats and more to drive around in.
  • 🎉Exciting events – Special occasions like Halloween, Christmas, carnivals etc.
  • 🌾Customize landscapes – Design parks, gardens, mountain trails and other pretty scenery.
  • 🎁Rewards and chests – Earn keys to unlock reward chests containing new items.

With so much to explore and create, My Town World delivers endless hours of doll city customization fun. Now let’s look at gameplay in more detail.

My Town World Mega Doll City 1

Core Gameplay Mechanics and Features

My Town World has smooth and intuitive gameplay centered around tapping, dragging, and pinching to place buildings and characters. Core mechanics include:

Constructing Buildings

  • Tap empty land to open building selection menu.
  • Choose from categories like homes, entertainment, services etc.
  • Drag and rotate building into desired position.
  • Each building has size requirements for placement.

Customizing Characters

  • Adopt characters like Katie, Joseph, Maya and more.
  • Dress them up with tons of stylish outfits and accessories.
  • Assign them homes and vehicles to live in your city.

Exploring Your City

  • Pinch and pan to view all areas of your expansive city.
  • Visually stunning 3D graphics make exploration beautiful.
  • Discover lively character stories around the city.

Completing Goals

  • Tasks like placing certain buildings or making a friend.
  • Earn keys for reward chests containing new items.
  • Goals guide you in expanding your city.

With these core mechanics, you have the tools to construct the bustling doll metropolis of your dreams! But there’s one catch…

My Town World Mega Doll City 2

The Grind of Unlocking New Items

While building your city in My Town World is very engaging, progressing can feel slow and grindy for two reasons:

1. Buildings and items must be purchased with diamonds

  • Almost everything requires diamonds to unlock – buildings, characters, vehicles etc.
  • Diamonds are very slow to accumulate from chests and goals.
  • Prices are quite expensive, like 500+ diamonds for a single building.

2. Chest rewards are randomized

  • You can’t select specific unlocks from chests.
  • Rewards are randomly selected – frustrating trying to unlock something specific.
  • Duplicate and low value rewards are common even from expensive chests.

This means unlocking content is extremely grindy and slow without speeding things up…

My Town World Mega Doll City 3

My Town World MOD APK – Unlimited Diamonds and Items

The My Town World MOD APK solves the grind by providing:

💎 Unlimited diamonds – Unlock everything instantly!

🔓All items unlocked – All buildings, characters, outfits etc available free.

With unlimited diamonds and direct access to all content, you can bypass the grind and focus fully on building your doll city however you like!

No more saving up diamonds slowly just to get a single building. No more waiting days to randomly unlock something new. Unlimited diamonds and items is absolutely game-changing.

Let’s look at some of the best parts of unlocking everything.

My Town World Mega Doll City 4

Benefits of Unlocked Items and Unlimited Diamonds

Here are some major benefits of the My Town World MOD:

Unlock Every Building Immediately

  • Instantly construct exciting buildings like carnivals, stadiums, skyscrapers etc.
  • Design neighborhoods much faster with every home available upfront.
  • Save diamonds for speeding up building completion times.

Access All Characters and Outfits

  • Dress up your whole city in amazing outfits right away.
  • Quickly populate your city by adopting all characters immediately.
  • Mix and match unlimited outfit combinations for citizens.

No More Random Chest Rewards

  • Remove the frustration of random loot boxes controlling unlocks.
  • Get exactly the items you want instead of crossing your fingers.
  • Use duplicate chest rewards as bonus freebies instead.

Effortless Landscaping and Design

  • All scenery like trees, rocks, paths etc available for landscaping.
  • Fully customize visuals and themes without waiting forever.
  • Build exactly how you want without diamond or item limitations.

With unlimited diamonds and unlocked content, you’re empowered to construct your ultimate doll city full of exciting locations, fun characters, and beautiful scenery. It transforms the experience.

Installation Guide for the MOD APK

Setting up the My Town World MOD is quick and easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Delete any installed version of the normal app.
  2. Download the latest MOD APK file from here.
  3. Enable “Install from Unknown Sources” in your Android settings.
  4. Locate and install the downloaded MOD APK file.
  5. Enjoy unlimited diamonds and unlocked items after opening the game!

And that’s all there is to it! Now you can start building your dream doll city with no irksome limitations or diamond grinding.

My Town World MOD FAQs

Is the modded APK 100% safe to download?

Yes, the MOD is completely secure and virus-free when downloaded from here. You can scan it yourself for peace of mind.

Can I play online and make in-app purchases?

Unfortunately, you cannot access online features or make real money purchases with the mod.

Will my city progress be erased if I install the mod?

Not at all! The mod does not affect or reset any of your My Town World progress. It only adds diamonds/unlocks.

Do I need to root my Android device?

Rooting is not necessary. The mod works flawlessly even on non-rooted devices.

Build the sprawling doll city of your wildest imagination in My Town World with unlimited diamonds and everything unlocked from the start! The MOD APK transforms the experience from a grindy waiting game into a creative sandbox where you have total freedom to build your personalized metropolis. Download the mod today and let your inner doll city architect run wild!

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