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Nitro Nation APK v7.9.4 + OBB (MOD, Auto Perfect/Time Delay)

v7.9.4 by Creative Mobile Games
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Name Nitro Nation Nitro Nation is the most famous version in the Nitro Nation series of publisher Creative Mobile Games
Publisher Creative Mobile Games
Genre Racing
Size 1.84 GB
Version 7.9.4
Update November 28, 2023
MOD Auto Perfect/Time Delay
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Feel the rush of high-speed drag racing in Nitro Nation – an intensely addictive mobile racing game. With its sick graphics, thrilling gameplay and extensive car customization, Nitro Nation delivers an unparalleled drag racing experience. The modded version takes it to the next level with auto perfect shifts and no time delays for non-stop racing action.

Nitro Nation Car Racing Game

Overview of Nitro Nation

Nitro Nation allows you to live out your drag racer dreams right on your phone. Here’s a look at what you can expect from this fast-paced racing game:

  • Photo-realistic 3D graphics with real car models for an immersive experience
  • Career mode to progress from amateur racer to pro through racing leagues
  • Weekly and daily events with prizes to keep the competition going
  • Multiplayer mode to race friends or random opponents in real-time
  • Extensive car customization with tons of body kits, paintjobs, rims etc.
  • Epic drag races on straight quarter-mile tracks to test your reflexes
  • Upgrades to maximize your car’s performance and dominate the competition
  • Detailed tuning options for gear ratios, tire pressure, nitrous and more
  • Crate opening system to win rare cars, parts and currency

With so many exciting features, Nitro Nation offers a complete drag racing sandbox for speed demons. The controls are optimized for mobile with simple taps for gear changes and nitrous boosts. Let’s take a closer look at the competitive online racing and extensive customization that make this game so highly addictive.

Nitro Nation Car Racing Game 1

Online Multiplayer Fuels Competitive Racing Spirit

The online multiplayer mode is where Nitro Nation truly shines. You can:

  • Race head-to-head against friends or random opponents in real-time
  • Climb through the rankings in weekly multiplayer seasons
  • Win trophies and rare rewards by reaching new leagues
  • Show off your skills in everyday challenges and special events
  • Ride a winning streak against rival crews in Crew vs Crew battles

The seamless matchmaking ensures you’ll never run out of competitors. The leaderboards and tiered leagues give you clear goals to strive for. Being able to knock your Facebook friends down a peg adds to the competitive spirit!

Even racing against random opponents is thrilling thanks to the real-time synchronous racing. The multiplayer gameplay captures the addictive back-and-forth competition of the racing scene. It’ll keep you coming back to prove you’re the fastest driver around.

Nitro Nation Car Racing Game 5

Endless Customization for Unique Cars

Nitro Nation features deep cosmetic and performance customization that lets you create unique rides to win with style. You can:

  • Choose from licensed cars like Mustang GT, Camaro SS and BMW M4
  • Apply eye-catching paintjobs, decals and livery patterns
  • Equip body kits for that tuner aesthetic – wings, splitters and more
  • Install aftermarket rims from top brands like Weld, BBS and HRE
  • Tint windows, add nitrous tanks and customize license plates
  • Tune gear ratios, tire pressure, suspension and more
  • Strip cars for parts or fuse unwanted parts into better ones

With seemingly endless combinations, you can put your personal touch on every aspect of your cars. The game constantly adds new customization items through upcoming updates too. Driving a ride you built yourself to victory is incredibly rewarding.

The abundance of parts and upgrades means you can continuously improve your fleet. Experimenting with different configurations to shave fractions off your time becomes highly addictive. The gameplay is as much about customizing as racing!

Nitro Nation Car Racing Game 2

Overpowered Mod Features – Auto Shifting and No Delays

Now let’s look at the mod features that remove limitations for endless high-octane action:

Auto Perfect Shifts

  • Shifts are executed with flawless timing automatically
  • No need to tap and risk missing gears
  • Significantly increases acceleration off the line
  • Removes risk of losing time due to mistimed shifts
  • Allows you to focus just on nitrous timing

By taking perfect shifts out of your hands, you’re guaranteed the optimal acceleration possible. Leave concerns about missing gears behind and just blast your way down the strip!

Removed Time Delays

  • No wait times between gear changes or nitrous usage
  • Rapid-fire chain multiple powerups together
  • Non-stop racing with no breaks in acceleration
  • Push your car to its limits without interruption
  • Speed run through races and events swiftly

The mod eliminates all artificial delay and cooldown times enforced by the game. Your car becomes a non-stop powerhouse that’s always firing on all cylinders!

Together, auto-shifts and no delays make racing insanely fast-paced. You’ll burn rubber without limits for truly wild and addictive racing. It’s the ultimate drag racer power fantasy brought to life!

Nitro Nation Car Racing Game 3

Gameplay Guide for New Drivers

If you’re just getting started with Nitro Nation, keep these tips in mind:

  • Complete the car mastery challenges to learn the basics
  • Stay consistent with small timing adjustments rather than wild taps
  • Use nitrous strategically – don’t waste it all at once
  • Upgrade nitrous, tires and gearbox first for quicker times
  • Stripping unused cars gives parts, fusion tokens and cash
  • Watch video ads to earn free gas for races
  • Participate in daily events and challenges for rewards
  • Save gold for refills or Premium Crates instead of direct buys
  • Join an active crew to get help and do team events
  • Add friends to exchange gas and race asynchronously

Learning when to change gears and hit nitrous at the right moments is key. It takes practice, but you’ll be smoking supercars in no time!

Ridiculously Realistic Graphics

One of Nitro Nation’s biggest strengths is the obsessively detailed graphics that bring the drag racing scene to life:

  • Realistically modelled licensed cars from major manufacturers
  • Beautiful reflections, lighting and shadows
  • Crisp slow motion effects on extreme close-ups
  • Intense smoke, flames and burnouts when you launch
  • Dynamic visual damage as you scrape walls or get into accidents
  • Customization changes visible as you modify your car in real-time
  • Realistic track environments like night cityscapes and desert horizons
  • Dynamic weather from bright sunny days to dark stormy nights

The level of graphical detail is incredible. Chrome shines under stadium lights as you rev your engine at the starting line. Flames blast from your exhaust on launch. Nitrous tanks hiss as you hit the button. The cockpit view immerses you directly in the driver’s seat. You truly feel like you’re blazing down the strip thanks to the mind-blowing visuals.

This game will appeal even to non-racing fans simply for the satisfaction of owning and customizing beautifully recreated cars. The developers clearly put in maximum effort to make a visually stunning racing experience. For mobile, Nitro Nation’s graphics are miles ahead of the competition.

Nitro Nation Car Racing Game 4


With its competitive online multiplayer, almost endless customization, and spectacular graphics, Nitro Nation offers the ultimate drag racing sandbox in your pocket. The modded APK takes it into overdrive with flawless auto-shifts and zero time delays for intense non-stop racing action.

Strap yourself in and feel the G-forces as you tear up the strip at blinding speeds! Prove your skills against racers worldwide, constantly evolve your fleet, and become the racing legend you were meant to be in Nitro Nation. The world of hyper-competitive drag racing awaits – it’s time to grab it by the nitrous tank and never let go!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nitro Nation work offline?

Yes, you can play Career mode and single player events offline. Only the multiplayer requires an internet connection.

Is the game pay-to-win?

No, the game is skill-based. Paying gives access to cars and upgrades faster but isn’t necessary.

Can you play Nitro Nation on PC?

Officially the game is only on Android and iOS. But you can try installing it on PC via emulators like BlueStacks.

Is there a way to get free gold?

Watching video ads, leveling up and completing events give some free gold. The mod APK gives unlimited gold.

Will my progress carry over if I reinstall the game?

Yes, your saves are connected to your Facebook account. Just log in again after reinstalling.

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