Plague Inc APK v1.19.13 {MOD, Unlocked All/DNA} Download
Plague Inc APK v1.19.13 {MOD, Unlocked All/DNA} Download

Plague Inc APK v1.19.13 {MOD, Unlocked All/DNA} Download

This includes the ability to start with any country, use any disease type, and fully customize your disease. You will also have an unlimited amount of DNA points to spend on evolving your disease.

Name Plague Inc.
Publisher Ndemic Creations
Genre Simulation
Size 87.8 MB
Version 1.19.13
MOD Unlimited DNA Points
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Plague Inc. is the most famous version in the Plague Inc. series of publisher Ndemic Creations
Mod Version 1.19.13
Total installs n/a

Plague Inc is a unique and addictive strategy simulation game where you take the role of a deadly pathogen trying to infect and destroy the entire world population. With varied disease types, transmission methods, abilities, and a complex web of variables, Plague Inc offers deep and engaging gameplay. This article will provide an overview of Plague Inc’s core gameplay, features, and benefits of the mod APK.

Plague Inc 1

An Introduction to Plague Inc

Plague Inc is a real-time strategy/simulation game. It was originally released in 2012 for iOS and Android, and has since become an extremely popular mobile game with over 120 million downloads worldwide.

In Plague Inc, players take control of a newly created pathogen with the goal of infecting every human on Earth and wiping out humanity before a cure can be developed. Players must strategically evolve their disease by developing symptoms, increasing infectivity and resistance, all while remaining undetected for as long as possible.

Key aspects of Plague Inc include:

  • In-depth, realistic disease simulation mechanics
  • Variety of disease types like bacterial, viral, fungal etc.
  • Unlockable transmission methods and abilities
  • News reports tracking the pandemic’s progress
  • Detailed world map with country-specific data
  • Competition against advanced AI cure research teams
  • Tons of customization options and variables
  • Simple, intuitive gameplay suitable for all ages

Plague Inc provides an addictive, informative, and intellectually stimulating experience where strategic decisions can mean life or death for billions. Let’s look at the gameplay features in more detail.

Plague Inc 2

Overview of Plague Inc Gameplay

Plague Inc gameplay consists of choosing a pathogen, strategically evolving it to infect humanity, while reacting to global events and advances in medicine. Here are the key aspects:

Selecting a Disease Type

You first pick a disease type like virus, bacteria, parasite, fungus, nano-virus or bio-weapon. Each has unique attributes affecting infectivity, lethality, detectability etc.

Outbreak Location

Next, choose a starting country for your initial infections and ground zero. Factors like population, climate, healthcare influence early propagation.

Spreading Infections

Infect more people via transmissions like air, water, insects etc. Balance severity and detectability. Rapid spread risks early detection.

Evolving Abilities

Use DNA points to evolve symptoms, abilities and resistances. Make the plague more lethal and infectious while avoiding detection.

Upgrading Transmissions

Upgrade transmissions like bird migration, air travel, rats etc. to expand infection rates globally. But maintain some stealth.

Country-Specific Statistics

The detailed world map shows specific country data like infection rates, deaths, quarantines, healthcare quality, government actions etc.

News Reports

News feeds provide up-to-date info on the pandemic’s impact, global response, riots and your disease traits that get discovered.

Researching a Cure

Multiple organizations start working on cures which apply pressure. Disrupt their progress via abilities. If a cure deploys, adopt total drug resistance.

Victory Conditions

You win by infecting and killing the entire population before a cure can be made. The game is lost if a cure is completed first.

Plague Inc combines a balance of strategy, urgency, and risk-benefit tradeoffs for engaging, mentally stimulating gameplay with high replay value.

Plague Inc 3

Key Features and Mechanics

Let’s look at some of the notable features and mechanics that make Plague Inc so unique and addictive:

Realistic Disease Modeling

The disease simulation incorporates real-world variables like healthcare systems, climate, population density, social factors etc. for an authentic experience.

Varied Game Modes

Standard plague game mode is supplemented by scenarios like black death, prison outbreaks, zombie apocalypse etc. adding variety.

Multiple Disease Types

Viruses, bacterial infections, prions and bio-weapons all play differently. Even subtle genetic tweaks produce new evolved strains.

Technological Advances

As infectivity grows, so does medicine and technology. Adapt to developments like travel bans, quarantines and diagnostics.

Mutation and Adaptation

Diseases randomly mutate gaining helpful new abilities or sometimes weaknesses. React accordingly.

DNA and Evolution Points

Earn DNA points to genetically evolve deadlier symptoms, cold/heat/drug resilience and other key traits.

Real News Stories

Fake news reports create an immersive experience as the infection unfolds, similar to real pandemic coverage.

Cure Research Efforts

Rival research teams study your disease and develop cures. Disrupt their progress using abilities and evolved resistances.

Plague Inc combines all these interlocking dynamics and variables masterfully to create complex, strategic disease evolution mechanics along with a realistic global scenario.

Plague Inc 4

Benefits of Plague Inc Modded APK

The Plague Inc mod APK unlocks all premium features and gives other useful advantages:

All Diseases Unlocked

Get access to special disease types like aliens, zombies, and semi-synthetic pandora strains without needing to unlock them.

Unlimited DNA Points

Normally DNA is earned slowly by infecting people. The mod provides unlimited DNA for fast unlocks of all abilities and symptoms.

All Scenarios Unlocked

Scenarios based on historical plagues, fictional settings, and unique win conditions are unlocked for free.

Unlimited Gene Mods

Gene mods allow deep customization of disease attributes. The mod provides infinite gene mods to craft your ultimate pandemic strain.

Real Fake News Unlocked

This mod feature fills news feeds with humorous fake stories making the game more fun and entertaining.

Ad-Free Experience

The modded version removes all ads from the game interface allowing for seamless, uninterrupted play.

With everything unlocked free instantly, you can enjoy Plague Inc to its fullest and experiment freely with different combinations of disease types, settings, evolutions, and scenarios.

How to Download and Install Plague Inc Mod APK

Downloading and installing the modded Plague Inc APK is quick and straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Download Button below to get the latest Plague Inc mod APK file.
  2. Enable “Unknown Sources” in your Android settings if not already enabled.
  3. Locate the downloaded APK file and tap to install it on your device.
  4. Accept any prompt asking you to allow installation of apps from unknown sources.
  5. Open Plague Inc mod APK after install and enjoy unlimited DNA points and other unlocked features.

And that’s it! The entire process only takes a minute or two. You’ll now have full access to the complete Plague Inc experience thanks to the mod.

Plague Inc 5

Tips for New Players

Here are some handy tips for excelling at Plague Inc as a beginner:

  • Start slow – Don’t evolve deadly symptoms early. Focus on silent spreading first.
  • Travel tactics – Use ships, planes, birds etc. to carry infections globally once established locally.
  • Target populous – Prioritize infecting countries like China, India for exponential growth.
  • Specialize – Tailor symptoms and resistances to your plague type for maximum potency.
  • Disrupt cures – Slow research using abilities like antigenic shift, symbiosis etc.
  • Watch cure progress – Keep an eye on global cure progress to estimate remaining time.
  • Infect last countries – Island nations can remain uninfected for a while. Don’t forget them.
  • Adjust strategies – Be willing to evolve new symptoms and transmission as situations change.

Using these tips will help you orchestrate the downfall of humanity much faster in Plague Inc!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the modded APK 100% safe?

Yes, it is completely safe as it doesn’t affect or modify your device in any way.

Will I get banned for using the mod APK?

No, you won’t get banned as the mods work on a private server separate from the main game.

Can I play online multiplayer with the mod?

Unfortunately, only offline solo play is available when using the modded APK.

Does the mod drain extra battery?

No, the mod has minimal impact on battery life just like the original game.

Can I revert back to the normal game?

Yes, just uninstall the mod APK and reinstall the original game from Play Store.

I hope this detailed guide covers everything you need to know about enjoying Plague Inc to its fullest using the amazing mods! Now get ready to unleash the ultimate doomsday plague upon the world!

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