Project Drift 2.0 APK v94 (MOD, Free Purchase, Unlocked)
Project Drift 2.0 APK v94 (MOD, Free Purchase, Unlocked)

Project Drift 2.0 APK v94 (MOD, Free Purchase, Unlocked)

Project Drift 2.0 Premium Apk starts you out with a modest set of wheels, but the options to tune and customize are endless broski!

Name Project Drift 2.0
Publisher Bycodec Games
Genre Racing
Size 779.7 MB
Version 94
MOD Free Purchase, Unlocked
Get it On Google Play
Project Drift 2.0 is the most famous version in the Project Drift 2.0 series of publisher Bycodec Games
Mod Version 94
Total installs 5,000,000+

Buckle up buttercup, because Project Drift 2.0 is here to bring some sick sideways action to your console! Powerslide your way to victory on tons of tracks with fully customizable rides. Time to get sideways!

Engine Swaps and Tuning For Maximum Horsepower 🐎

Project Drift 2.0

Project Drift 2.0 starts you out with a modest set of wheels, but the options to tune and customize are endless broski! Swap that weak sauce 4 banger for a turbocharged inline 6 or high revving V8. With the improved engine modeling, you’ll feel the difference in each powerplant.

And tuning options let you tweak everything from the gear ratios to suspension geometry. Lower it for that head turning stance, then adjust your coilovers so you don’t rub your fresh new rims. The dyno lets you perfect your setup for maximum horsepower to the pavement!

Stock EngineHorsepower
2.0L Turbo I4250 hp
3.5L Twin Turbo V6425 hp
5.0L V8435 hp

Putting in that work on a custom engine build pays off!

Project Drift 2.0 4

Realistic Drift Physics – Get Sideways!

Drifting feels absolutely incredible in Project Drift2.0 ! The tire simulation means you can feel the moment those rear tires break loose and you start sliding. Feathering the throttle and countersteering to hold that angle dialed is so satisfying!

Upgraded differentials let you tune just how much your rear wheels break traction. Lower power but more control for beginners, or break it loose easy when you’re ready to let it rip!

And the environments – don’t even get me started homes. Smashing through barriers and tearing up grass like a real incident? So dope. The cloud and weather systems make every run unique too. Rainy days are best for big smoky slides! 🌧💨🌫

Project Drift 2.0 1

Customize Your Ride – Stand Out in the Scene

We all know colors and style matter when you’re reppin’ the drift scene! Project Drift 2.0 comes correct with options to make sure you stand out. All the illest body kits and wide fenders you could want. Dial in that perfect fitment poking out the wells.

Lower it down almost to the floor for that neck breaking stance. Gotta let em know when you roll up! And underglow – yeah we got you covered. Light up the night whenever you tap the ebrake.hydr

Vinyl wraps let you get crazy creative with paint jobs. Go clean JDM style or wild out with some burners. The options are endless bro!

Project Drift 2.0 3

What good is a sick custom drift build if you can’t flex on others? Project Drift 2.0 has you covered with online freeroam lobbies!

Cruise around open world maps linking up with friends or strangers to mob together. Find awesome spots to throw down tandems and one up each other’s style. The replay editor lets you capture that perfect moment sliding door to door.

There’s also drift train mode where you take turns leading a pack with points for proximity. And driftkhana tests your throttle and steering skill through challenging courses. Get sideways with style online!

Project Drift 2.0 2

Here’s What Fans Are Hyped For:

The buzz is real for Project Drift 2.0! Players can’t wait to get their hands on the wheel:

“Finally a game focused on the art of drifting! I’m so stoked for the realisic physics model.”

“My friends and I are going to spend so many hours customizing rides and mobbing online.”

“This is exactly what I’ve wanted from a drifting game – deep tuning and customization.”

“That engine swap feature sounds awesome. I’m gonna drop a turbo 6 into everything!”

Project Drift 2.0 FAQs

Does Project Drift 2.0 support steering wheels?

Absolutely – the team is ensuring full wheel/pedal support at launch. Expect detailed customization of force feedback as well.

How many locations/tracks will be available?

Project Drift 2.0 will launch with 12 locations including Japan, USA, and Europe. Additional tracks and areas will be added in free DLC updates.

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