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Name Project Makeover Project Makeover is the most famous version in the Project Makeover series of publisher Magic Tavern, Inc.
Publisher Inc.Magic TavernMagic Tavern, Inc.
Genre Casual
Size 405.1 MB
Version 2.77.1
Update November 28, 2023
MOD Unlimited Money  
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Project Makeover is a stylish mobile game that lets you live out your dreams of becoming a fashionista! As you help characters go from drab to fab with head-to-toe makeovers, you’ll get to express your inner stylist. πŸ’„ Get ready for a fun, addictive gameplay experience as you boost your makeup, hair, and fashion skills!

Project Makeover

Unleashing Your Inner Fashion Designer πŸ‘ 

One of the best parts of Project Makeover is getting to customize cute characters from head to toe. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock tons of fashionable hair, makeup, and clothing options to mix and match. πŸ‘š It’s so satisfying to take a character from looking plain to completely slaying their new look!

You start by giving your character a fresh hairstyle – everything from short bobs to long, mermaid waves.πŸ’‡β€β™€οΈ Next, it’s time for a makeup transformation – play around with eyeshadow, lip colors, blush, and more to create gorgeous looks. πŸ’„ Then comes the really fun part – putting together cute outfits! Dress them in casual streetwear, elegant dresses, trendy swimsuits – the options are endless. πŸ‘— Watching the full before-and-after makeover is incredibly rewarding. Let your inner fashion designer run wild!

Project Makeover 1

Perfecting Your Skills πŸ’…

As you advance through the game, Project Makeover provides all kinds of challenges to build your skills. Some levels task you with achieving a certain fashion style, like boho chic or femme fatale. ✨ Others let you dress clients for specific events or destinations, like a tropical vacation or music festival. 🎢 Completing these styling challenges requires creativity and strategy to nail the look.

Certain levels impose limits like a timer or budget to work within. This pushes you to carefully choose items and quickly put together cohesive looks. πŸ•‘ Over time, you gain expertise in different fashion and beauty aesthetics. Your makeup application skills become flawless, your clothing combinations more creative. It feels great to see your styling talents improve!

Fabulous Rewards πŸ’°

The better you perform in Project Makeover, the more coins, gems, and other rewards you earn. These can be used to unlock more makeup products, hairstyles, clothing, and other stylish rewards. It creates incentive to keep honing your fashion skills – the better you do, the more options you have for future makeovers!

Special reward systems like the fountain and balloon popping mini-games provide fun bonus goodies. The daily and weekly events also give you chances to win big rewards. πŸŽ‰ It’s exciting to see what prizes you can collect by consistently playing well and taking advantage of all the special events. Getting to unlock more fashion items makes future styling opportunities even more fabulous!

Project Makeover 2

Going From Drab to Fab πŸ’₯

The “before” looks of characters in Project Makeover range from simply bland to downright shabby. 😬 That makes the incredible makeovers you get to give them so much more impactful and satisfying!

Seeing the complete transformation of a character from wearing a basic hoodie and jeans combo to donning a stylish dress and heels is super rewarding. πŸ‘  Other times, you take someone looking like a total fashion victim in an ill-fitting pantsuit to serving a killer professional look with just the right touches. πŸ’Ό

The dramatic contrast between the “before” and “after” is what makes the makeovers in Project Makeover so incredibly fun and gratifying! It really feels like you’re working styling magic. πŸͺ„ Get ready to unleash your inner fashion designer!

Project Makeover 3

Tips and Tricks for Makeup Mastery πŸ’„

  • Start with the eyes – define brows, apply shadow/liner first before complexion makeup
  • Use blush to sculpt – swipe it high on cheekbones to lift
  • Pick lip colors to match outfit tones
  • Play with eyeshadow blending and application techniques
  • Learn which face shapes work best with your makeup style
  • Don’t forget setting spray to make makeup last!
  • Watch video tutorials to learn new tips and tricks
  • Experiment and find what makeup products/techniques you love
  • Invest in quality brushes and applicators – they make a difference!
  • Confidence is the best makeup – rock your look with pride! πŸ’β€β™€οΈ
Project Makeover 4

Pro Hair Styling Secrets πŸ’‡β€β™€οΈ

  • Add volume with layers and teasing the roots
  • Use a heat protectant before hot tools to reduce damage
  • Style short hair sleek or piece-y with pomades, gels, or sprays
  • Master braids, buns, and ponytails for quick styling on long hair
  • Love your texture – work with natural hair patterns and volume
  • Find hair products that match your hair type and concerns
  • Treat yourself to salon deep conditioning treatments
  • Use bobby pins, clips, and hairspray to finish/set your style
  • Update your look by changing your part or getting new highlights
  • Protect hair from sun/pollution and get regular trims for healthy hair
  • Rock what you got – healthy, shiny hair always looks fab! πŸ’β€β™€οΈ
Project Makeover 5

Top Tips for Fashion Success πŸ‘ 

  • Determine your style – casual, edgy, boho, minimal, etc.
  • Build key wardrobe staples in solid colors and classic cuts
  • Mix and match – creative layering creates fresh outfit combos
  • Invest in signature pieces and trends that work for your style
  • Fit is crucial – tailor pieces for your unique proportions
  • Accessorize to tie looks together and showcase personality
  • Develop unique fashion touches that become your signature
  • Feel confident and comfortable – wear outfits that make you shine!
  • Step outside comfort zone – experiment with new styles sometimes
  • Keep clothes looking new – properly store, launder, and care for them
  • Be daring, have fun, break “rules” – you do you! πŸ’β€β™€οΈ

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I recover my game progress if I changed devices?

Your game progress is linked to your login credentials for the app store you downloaded Project Makeover from. As long as you use the same app store login on your new device, your progress and purchases should carry over automatically when you install and open the app.

Why can’t I access some hairstyles, makeup, or clothes?

Most fashion items need to be unlocked by earning coins or gems through playing the game. Keep completing levels and daily/weekly events to earn rewards to unlock more customization options. Premium items require real money purchases.

What should I spend gems on?

Save gems for premium customization items or special events that offer unique rewards. It’s best to only use gems for things you can’t buy with coins. Also spend gems on Fashion Booster items to progress faster.

How do I earn coins quickly?

Completing new levels and daily/weekly events earn you the most coins. You also get bonus coins from the fountain when you watch ads. Level up for big coin rewards. Connect your Facebook account for free coins too. Of course, you will have unlimited coins with the Project Makeover mod version.

Can I play Project Makeover offline?

Unfortunately, an internet connection is required to load content and save your progress. But any levels or game modes you’ve unlocked can be enjoyed offline – you just won’t be able to advance until reconnected.

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Download ( 405.1 MB )

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