Punchy Race v8.5.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)
Punchy Race v8.5.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

Punchy Race v8.5.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

You will be able to have Unlimited Coins with Punchy Race MOD APK. You can use this coins to unlock upgrades and new items.

Name Punchy Race: Run & Fight Game
Genre Casual
Size 86.4 MB
Version 8.5.0
MOD Unlimited Coins
Get it On Google Play
Punchy Race: Run & Fight Game is the most famous version in the Punchy Race: Run & Fight Game series of publisher CASUAL AZUR GAMES
Mod Version 8.5.0
Total installs 10,000,000+

When only a frantic arcade racer will do, Punchy Race hits the gas, guns blazing. This over-the-top kart racer by Noodlecake Studios features souped-up vehicles battling through chaotic tracks while unleashing ridiculous weapons. With the MOD APK, enjoy unlimited coins for frenetic arcade racing at its finest.

With controls tighter than your cousin’s skinny jeans and more carnage than a Michael Bay marathon, Punchy Race is nitro-fueled madness that you won’t want to miss. Let’s dive in!

Punchy Race Run Fight

Overview of Gameplay

In Punchy Race, you tear through looping rollercoaster-like tracks while attempting to take out rival racers with outlandish weapons like pie launchers, boxing gloves, and oil slicks. Tracks feature jumps, shortcuts and environmental hazards at every turn in pure arcade fashion.

Win races to unlock new vehicles, characters, weapons, and accessories for customizing your car. There are tons of wacky vehicle types ranging from hipster vans to tanks. The action is fast, frantic, and dripping with silliness.

Core Gameplay Elements:

  • Speed through twisty tracks packed with jumps and hazards
  • Shoot, punch and smack opponents with ridiculous weapons
  • Unlock new cars, drivers, weapons and cosmetics
  • Customize your ride’s looks and performance
  • Master drifting around tight corners for boost starts
  • Time power-ups for maximum offensive impact
  • Local multiplayer for competing with friends
  • Leaderboards to top worldwide or your friends’ scores

With its over-the-top weapon combat blended with drift-happy racing action, Punchy Race straps a rocket booster onto familiar kart racing foundations for a truly one-of-a-kind mobile arcade experience. Now let’s see how the MOD APK sends it into orbit.

Punchy Race Run Fight 1

Benefits of the MOD APK

The Punchy Race MOD APK provides:

  • Unlimited coins – Obtain any car, weapon, character or cosmetic without grinding
  • All items unlocked – Immediate access to full roster of content from the start
  • Max upgrades – Max out every vehicle’s stats and performance from the get-go
  • No ads – Seamless racing action without interruptions

With unlimited resources, the MOD APK transforms Punchy Race into a true all-you-can-race demolition derby. You’re free to deck out and upgrade every vehicle to the max for unfair fun. It’s cheesy nachos for your speed demon soul.

Driving Mechanics

While Punchy Race has kart racer DNA at its core, the driving physics and handling add a challenging layer of depth and nuance. Here are some key elements:

Advanced Physics

Cars have real sense of weight and grip that takes practice to master. You can feel suspension compress, tires lose traction, and inertia shift during maneuvers.


Mastering drifts around corners is crucial for maintaining speed. Use brief drift boost starts for extra acceleration out of turns.


Smashing into opponents, walls or objects at high speed can really send your car barrel rolling. Drive tactically.


Upgrades like turbochargers, spoilers, tires and gear ratios impact speed, acceleration, grip and handling in noticeable ways.

This gameplay nuance separates Punchy Race from more ‘on-rails’ arcade racers and gives you plenty of room for mastery. Now let’s look at the mayhem-causing weapons.

Punchy Race Run Fight 2

Zany Weapons & Powerups

The real star of Punchy Race is the insane arsenal of weapons for disrupting rival racers. Here are some highlights:

Primary Weapons

Machine guns, cannons, missile launchers and more let you spray rivals with pain. Pummel them with sustained firepower.

Close Range Weapons

Thump racers with boxing gloves, turbo punches, and other melee attacks for physical comedy.


Leave banana peels, puddles of glue, and other traps in your wake and watch the chaos unfold.

Elemental Weapons

Freeze foes with ice beams or melt them with flamethrowers and lightning guns for sci-fi pain.

Unorthodox Weapons

Pie launchers, confetti blasters, loud horns and other offbeat weapons add silly flavor.

With such wildly creative ways to torment fellow racers, driving aggression and carnage reach new levels in Punchy Race. Now let’s look at modes.

Game Modes

Punchy Race features a variety of modes offering different styles of breakneck gameplay:


The main mode, with various cups and a gauntlet of diverse tracks to conquer while accumulating new vehicles and gear. This is where you’ll spend most of your time.


Local split-screen multiplayer for racing friends (or foes) head-to-head on one device.

Time Trial

No combat, just pure driving. Compete for best times and climb the leaderboards. Hone your driving technique.

Boss Chase

Pursue and destroy persistent boss vehicles during races for extra rewards.

Mirror Mode

Race on mirrored versions of tracks that provide a trippy new challenge!

With its combination of diverse modes, an endless array of tracks, and colossal amount of vehicle/weapon combinations, Punchy Race offers immense replay value.

Customization & Progression

As you race, you’ll unlock tons of new cars, weapons, characters, and cosmetics for extreme levels of customization:


The garage offers wicked rides ranging from vans and tanks to F1 cars and big rigs with unique stats.


Mix and match from a vast arsenal of on-board weapons to find your ideal offensive loadout.


Select wacky characters to be your driver, like Vikings, robots, and hipster divas.


Express yourself with custom paint jobs, decals, body kits and accessories for your cars.

With limitless combinations, you can really put your personal stamp on your big wheel ride. Kit it out exactly how you want it.

Punchy Race Run Fight 3

Advanced Tips and Strategy

Here are some pro tips for excelling at Punchy Race:

  • Master drifting – It’s essential for building boost out of turns.
  • Use weapons preemptively – Disrupt racers before they can collect powerups.
  • Pick smart powerup timing – Hold off until you can inflict maximum damage.
  • Learn track layouts – Memorize shortcuts, choke points and hazard locations.
  • Turn off unwanted assists – The more manual control, the higher your skill cap.
  • Tune gear ratios – Optimize acceleration or top speed for each track.
  • Disable music – Hear engine tones for shift timing visual cues.
  • Play defensively – Better to finish 2nd than to not finish at all!

With masterful driving skills and strategic weapon use, you’ll be cruising smoothly into first place in no time. Now put the pedal to the metal!

Final Verdict

With its addictive blend of chaotic weapons and technical driving mechanics, Punchy Race delivers a world-class arcade combat racer bursting with personality.

  • Zany weapons and powerups that reinvent combat racing
  • Surprisingly deep driving physics and handling
  • Massive garage of imaginative vehicle types
  • Tons of customization for a unique wheeled warrior
  • Local multiplayer and competitive leaderboards
  • Easy to pick up, challenging to master

The MOD APK removes all needless grinding, allowing you to instantly access the full content buffet and deck out your ride however you want. If you look up “action-packed” in the dictionary, you’ll find Punchy Race grinning back at you. Start your engines and let the carnage begin!


Do I need an internet connection to play?

Internet is only needed initially for downloading game data. After that, you can race offline!

Will my progress sync across devices?

Unfortunately no. Each device will have separate save data and progression.

Is Punchy Race free-to-play friendly?

Absolutely. The MOD APK makes it fully playable without annoying monetization or grinding.

Do races have time limits?

No, currently there are no time limits in any mode. Just focus on finishing 1st!

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