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Raid the Dungeon APK v1.50.1 (MOD, Dumb Enemy, Multiply Hit Count)

v1.50.1 by Quest Games Co.
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Name Raid the Dungeon Raid the Dungeon is the most famous version in the Raid the Dungeon series of publisher Quest Games Co.
Publisher Quest Games Co.
Genre Simulation
Size 163.9 MB
Version 1.50.1
Update January 20, 2024
MOD Dumb Enemy, Multiply Hit Count
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Raid the Dungeon is an explosive idle RPG game that will have you coming back for more dungeon raiding action. With surprising depth and progression, this game takes the typical idle clicker formula and adds layers of strategy and customization to keep things fresh. Let’s dungeon dive into the addictive gameplay loop and see why Raid the Dungeon should be your next go-to mobile game!

Raid The Dungeon

Fighting Through Dungeons with Your Hero Party

The core of Raid the Dungeon’s gameplay centers around assembling a party of heroes like warriors, mages, healers, and more to take on incrementally challenging dungeons. As you tap to attack, your heroes will automatically use their skills to slay monsters and collect loot. It’s an exponential idle RPG – the more you play, the stronger your heroes become, allowing you to delve deeper into dungeons for greater rewards.

Upgrading your heroes with new equipment and abilities is key. Each hero has their own skill tree, so you can customize your party to synergize well. A tanky warrior to soak damage, a healer to keep everyone alive, a mage for bursting down groups – find the right balance for your playstyle!

Raid The Dungeon 5

Satisfying Progression That Keeps Scaling

Unlike many idle games that plateau, Raid the Dungeon always presents new goals and milestones to achieve. The dungeons come in sets of 10, each with increasing difficulty. Completing certain sets unlocks new dungeons with even more lucrative rewards.

But it’s not just about tapping mindlessly – you have to balance different currencies and resources to max out your heroes’ potential. It creates steady progression that continues to scale upwards, becoming almost endless.

Sample currencies:

  • Gold for upgrading gear
  • Gems for purchasing heroes/chests
  • Raid tokens for unlocking dungeons
  • Hero XP for levelling up heroes

There’s so many paths for progression that you can always work towards the next upgrade.

Raid The Dungeon 1

Enjoyable Hero Collection and Customization

Collecting and upgrading new heroes is one of the most enjoyable elements of Raid the Dungeon. There are over 60 unique heroes to recruit, each with gorgeously designed character portraits. From prestigious knights to eccentric shamans, building your dream team is exciting.

Outfitting Your Heroes for Success

Every hero can wield and upgrade equipment like weapons, armor, accessories to enhance their combat capabilities. With randomized loot from dungeon chests, it’s always a surprise seeing what drops next. Maybe you’ll get a rare powerful weapon or a common health boost – it keeps things exciting!

Additionally, using duplicate heroes to limit break your existing ones can majorly amplify their skills. So even duplicate rolls aren’t wasted!

Raid The Dungeon 2

Approachable Gameplay for All Players

While it has lots of depth, Raid the Dungeon also appeals to more casual idle RPG fans with its simple core gameplay.

Easy to Pick Up and Play

Let’s face it – we all have busy lives. Raid the Dungeon is perfect to fill spare moments throughout your day. Just open the app, tap to attack a few dungeons, upgrade some heroes, and easily track your progress. Whether you play for 5 minutes or several hours, you always have something to work towards.

Raid The Dungeon 4

Offline Progression So You Never Waste Time

If you need to close the app, your heroes will continue raiding dungeons, collecting loot, and gaining XP through an offline progression system. I love coming back to loads of upgrade materials and new equipment waiting for me! It means there’s never any wasted time as progress marches on.

Balancing Idle and Active Play

Raid the Dungeon strikes an ingenious balance between idle and active play. Your heroes fight automatically, but you choose when to activate skills. You set dungeons raiding, then power up heroes. This means gains whether you play actively or passively! Both styles of play are respected.

Raid The Dungeon 3

Final Dungeon Diving Tips

If your interest is piqued to try Raid the Dungeon, here are some final tips to get started:

  • Experiment with different heroes to find a party composition you enjoy. Whether you go full DPS or tanky sustain, make sure you’re having fun!
  • Initially focus on upgrading one carry hero to higher levels so they can tear through dungeons. Slowly build up other supports.
  • Be patient! As with any idle RPG, progression is exponential. The first few dungeons might seem slow, but soon you’ll be raiding mythic dungeons!
  • Check shops frequently for upgrade materials and new heroes/gear for sale. This can greatly boost your power.
  • Activate skills manually during boss fights and difficult dungeons to maximize DPS and stay alive!

So raid those dungeons, collect tons of loot, build your dream team, and tap your way to glory! Here’s to many hours of enjoyable idle RPG progression.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Raid the Dungeon free to play?

Yes! The core dungeon raiding gameplay is completely free.

Is there a clan/guild feature?

Not at launch, but the developers have expressed interest in adding collaborative clan features down the line. For now you can only play solo.

Does Raid the Dungeon require an internet connection?

You need an internet connection to download the game and make account profiles, but afterwards Raid the Dungeon can be played offline! Your progress will sync up when connected again.

Is there a stamina or energy system?

Nope! You have unlimited gameplay, so feel free to raid those dungeons to your heart’s content without worrying about any limiting stamina systems.

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