Remini APK v3.7.384.202277700 (MOD, PRO Unlocked) Pro MOD Version
Remini APK v3.7.384.202277700 (MOD, PRO Unlocked) Pro MOD Version

Remini APK v3.7.384.202277700 (MOD, PRO Unlocked) Pro MOD Version

Remini MOD APK can easily give you all the features of Remini Pro!

Name Remini - AI Photo Enhancer
Publisher Splice Video Editor
Genre Photography
Size 14.6 MB
Version 3.7.384.202277700
MOD Remini Premium APK can easily give you all the features of Remini Pro! Download Remini Pro MOD to unlock all features!
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Remini - AI Photo Enhancer is the most famous version in the Remini - AI Photo Enhancer series of publisher Splice Video Editor
Mod Version 3.7.384.202277700
Total installs n/a

Remini is a revolutionary AI photo enhancing app allowing anyone to transform old, blurry pictures into crisp, crystal clear images. While the free version offers basic functions, upgrading to premium unlocks the full suite of editing features. This guide will cover how to download and install the modded APK to unlock the complete Remini experience for free.

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Overview of Remini’s Photo Enhancing Powers

First, let’s examine what makes Remini such a game-changing mobile app. Remini leverages advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to perform magical enhancements on your photos.

Simply feed Remini an old, low quality image. In seconds, it analyzes the photo down to the pixel level. It then intelligently upscales, sharpens, and restores lost detail.

Faces benefit the most. The AI adds natural looking accuracy to facial features, almost like recreating the image from scratch. It smooths skin, enhances eyes and teeth, and restores lifelike vibrancy.

The end results feel like looking into a time machine. Old photo imperfections vanish. Faces appears true to life. You see long lost memories in a whole new light.

Limitations of the Free Version

While the free Remini app delivers amazing enhancements, certain desirable capabilities are locked behind a paywall.

The free version only allows basic editing on low resolution images. Want to enhance large photos up to 4k resolution? Pay up.

Other limitations include:

  • Only 10 exports per month
  • Basic color correction tools
  • Can’t remove watermarks
  • No batch editing
  • Limited support for videos

This forces you into buying the premium upgrade to get the full experience. So how can you unlock everything without expensive subscriptions?

Unlocking the Full Feature Set with the Mod APK

Fortunately, a modified Remini APK exists that bypasses all the paywalls and gives unlimited use of the premium features for free.

By installing the mod APK instead of the standard app from Google Play, you gain instant access to perks like:

  • Unlimited HD Photo Enhancing – Up to 4k resolution!
  • Unlimited Exports and Storage
  • Advanced Color Correction
  • Video Enhancing Tools
  • Watermark Removal
  • Batch Processing
  • And More!

This elevates Remini from limited trialware to full featured photo correcting powerhouse.

Downloading and Installing the Modded APK

Gaining these benefits is as simple as downloading and installing the modded APK file onto your Android device:

  1. On your device, enable installing apps from “Unknown Sources” in the security settings. This allows installing APKs from outside the app store.
  2. Click the button below to download the Remini MOD APK directly to your device storage.
  3. Open your file explorer and find the downloaded Remini MOD APK. Select it and tap install.
  4. Accept any installation prompts that appear. After a moment, the mod will be installed and ready to use.
  5. Launch Remini just as you would the normal app and enjoy premium mode unlocked from the start!

And that’s all there is to it! With just a quick install, you can now use Remini to its fullest potential for free.

Full Resolution Photo Enhancing

Let’s spotlight some of the premier features now available in the modded APK that really improve the editing experience:

Full Resolution Support

No more tiny, degraded pics! The premium Remini APK supports enhancing photos at their original resolution, all the way up to crystal clear 4K.

This allows restoring old photos without unsightly artifacts or compression damage. Zoomed areas will appear clean instead of pixelated.

Having access to full resolution editing really shows off Remini’s professional grade AI photo correction. You see restored detail and accuracy not possible otherwise.

No More Watermarks

Ever tried enhancing a nice image only to have an ugly watermark appear on the final export? With the mod APK, say goodbye to watermarks for good.

The watermark removal feature yields perfectly clean, blemish free results. No distracting text or logos marring your enhanced photos.

True Batch Processing

Tired of tedious one-by-one editing? The premium APK permits true batch processing of multiple photos at once.

Just select the images you want enhanced and let Remini quickly work its magic on the entire batch. I’m talking hundreds of photos in minutes!

This makes uncovering old memories in your entire media library a breeze. Bulk enhance to your heart’s content.

More Control with Advanced Settings

Basic mode is great for casual use, but the pro options add more fine-tuned control. The advanced settings allow custom tweaking of parameters for exactly how you want elements enhanced.

Become an image editing expert by playing with the enhanced settings. Learn what adapts facial features, lighting, colors, and textures to your personal preferences.

Remini 4
Remini 5

Photo Restoration Use Cases

To spark inspiration, here are some cool ways to utilize Remini’s photo enhancing powers:

Old Family Album Scans

Dusty old photo albums contain priceless family memories. But the picture quality has faded with age. With Remini, breathe new life into beloved old photos. Parents, grandparents, and ancestors will seem to leap from the past looking their best.

Improve Childhood Memories

Embarrassing old yearbook or childhood photos got you looking rough? Smoothing out blemishes, braces, and bad hair makes older pictures happier to look back on. Erase the past’s imperfections.

Restore Faded Documents

Important documents can fade and degrade over the years. Run them through Remini to digitally restore print to appearing freshly printed and readable again.

Upscale Pixelated Images

If you only have access to heavily compressed, low resolution versions of images, Remini can scale them up looking sharp and natural. Zoom in on enhanced photos without blocky pixelation.

Clean Up Video Frame Grabs

Pausing and grabbing screens from old video content can look awful. Feed those frames into Remini to transform them into clear, crisp still images.

Rescue Weathered Gravestones

Sadly etchings on gravestones wears down over time. But Remini may be able to digitally recover lost information and restore original text.

Repair Ripped or Damaged Photos

For photos with damage like rips, stains, creases or missing sections, Remini does an unbelievable job at digitally filling and repairing the affected areas. Erase the damage of time.

The possibilities are unlimited. With a bit of creativity, Remini can salvage and improve almost any aged, damaged or low quality image. Bring the past back to life!

Frequently Asked Questions

It does violate their Terms of Service by circumventing in-app purchases. But it is designed for personal, non-commercial use only. In general these mods exist in a gray area typically not pursued by developers.

Will Remini detect I’m using the mod and ban me?

No, you can safely use the mod without risk of bans. It only affects the local app itself. Remini’s creators have no way to know you are using the modded APK.

Do I need to root my Android device to use the modded APK?

Rooting is entirely unnecessary! Just toggle on installs from unknown sources in your device settings to install the APK just like any other app download. Avoid complex rooting procedures.

What should I do if Remini stops working after an update?

When major app updates break mod functionality, return here to check for an updated mod version compatible with the latest app release. We keep things updated continuously.

Will I still earn achievements and cloud sync with the mod enabled?

Yes, achievements and cloud functionality remain fully intact when using the modded APK. The only changes are unlocked premium features giving you more editing options.


Remini is hands down one of the best mobile apps for restoring and enhancing old, damaged photos through AI magic. Unlocking the premium tools makes it that much more powerful for rescuing your memories.

With the mod APK installed, you can utilize the full suite of editing features completely free. Bring new life to your old photos, albums, documents and videos without ridiculous subscription fees or annoying limitations.

Download Remini MOD today and start rediscovering your past in a bright new light now. Your memories deserve to be seen at their very best.

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