Rival Stars Horse Racing APK v1.43.1 MOD (Weak Opponents, Alter Run)
Rival Stars Horse Racing APK v1.43.1 MOD (Weak Opponents, Alter Run)

Rival Stars Horse Racing APK v1.43.1 MOD (Weak Opponents, Alter Run)

This Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK of the game comes with features like Weak Rivals and Alter Run which give you an edge over your in-game rivals.

Name Rival Stars Horse Racing
Publisher PIKPOK
Genre Sports
Size 1 GB
Version 1.43.1
MOD Weak Opponents, Alter Run
Get it On Google Play
Rival Stars Horse Racing is the most famous version in the Rival Stars Horse Racing series of publisher PIKPOK
Mod Version 1.43.1
Total installs 10,000,000+

Welcome to the exciting world of Rival Stars Horse Racing, where you’ll experience the thrill of horse racing and manage your own stable of horses. In this immersive, visually stunning game, you step into the role of both a breeder and a racer with the goal of creating a legacy and building a successful horse racing empire.

As you begin your journey, you’ll have the opportunity to raise and train horses, breed champs, and even design your own tracks. Rival Stars Horse Racing also offers a realistic, in-depth racing experience, allowing you to control your horse’s speed, stamina, and tactics on the track. As you progress, you’ll face unique challenges, unlock special races, and compete against players from around the world.

With stunning graphics and a deep focus on strategy, Rival Stars Horse Racing truly immerses you in the world of professional horse racing. So, saddle up and get ready to make your mark in this exhilarating and rewarding game!

Rival Stars Horse Racing

Game Overview

Welcome to the world of Rival Stars Horse Racing, where you immerse yourself in the thrilling and competitive world of horse racing.


Your main objective in the game is to manage a stable of horses, train them and lead them to victory on the racetrack. In the process, you will:

  • Select horses based on attributes such as speed, stamina, and sprint energy.
  • Train your horses to improve their skills and attributes.
  • Compete in various races and events to earn rewards.
  • Breed your horses to create new generations with enhanced abilities.
Rival Stars Horse Racing 1


The visual aspect of Rival Stars Horse Racing is stunning. With impressive 3D graphics and smooth animations, you will:

  1. Experience realistic horse and jockey movements during the race.
  2. Witness a day-night cycle, weather effects, and natural horse behaviors.
  3. Enjoy a user-friendly interface that is both engaging and easy to navigate.


The audio experience in Rival Stars Horse Racing is designed to complement its graphics and gameplay, offering:

SoundtrackA dynamic and lively music selection will accompany you throughout the game.
Sound EffectsAuthentic horse racing sounds, from the galloping hooves to the cheering crowd, create a thrilling atmosphere.

With this combination of engaging gameplay, high-quality graphics, and immersive sound, Rival Stars Horse Racing offers you a captivating experience in the world of horse racing.

Rival Stars Horse Racing 2

Breeding and Training Horses

In Rival Stars Horse Racing, breeding and training horses are crucial aspects of the game. This section will guide you through the process of choosing the right horses and effective training techniques to create a winning racing team.

Types of Horses

There are various breeds of horses in the game, each with their strengths and weaknesses. When breeding, it’s essential to consider your racing strategy and the specific attributes of each breed to create a well-balanced lineup. Here are three popular breeds:

  • Thoroughbred: Known for its exceptional speed and agility, making it a top choice for short and middle distance races.
  • Standardbred: A strong, muscular breed with excellent stamina, making it ideal for long-distance races.
  • Quarter Horse: This breed combines speed and endurance, making it a versatile choice for various race types.

Training Techniques

Effective training is crucial for improving your horse’s performance on the racetrack. Here are some training techniques to help you get the most out of your horses:

  1. Interval Training: This technique involves alternating between high-intensity workouts and low-intensity recovery periods. This style of training has been proven to improve both speed and stamina in horses.
  2. Endurance Training: Long, steady-paced workouts focused on building your horse’s stamina. This type of training is best for preparing horses for long-distance races.
  3. Speed Training: Short, intense exercise sessions designed to increase your horse’s top speed. This training is best suited for sprint specialists.

Remember to monitor your horses’ progress and adjust your training methods accordingly. Dedication and consistency will ensure your horses reach their full potential and dominate the racetrack.

Rival Stars Horse Racing 3

Racing Events and Tournaments

Rival Stars Horse Racing, a popular horse racing game, offers a variety of racing events and tournaments that keep you engaged and entertained. In this section, we will discuss the racing formats, rewards, and prizes available in the game.

Racing Formats

There are several racing formats available in Rival Stars Horse Racing, each catered to different levels of experience and skill.

  • Story Mode Races: These races are part of your career progression, introducing you to new challenges.
  • Special Events: Compete in limited-time challenges where you race against top horses and trainers to earn exclusive rewards.
  • Online Multiplayer Tournaments: Challenge other players from around the world in real-time multiplayer races.
  • League Racing: Compete in league races against AI opponents, striving to improve your standings and advance to higher leagues.

Each racing format offers unique challenges and opportunities to test your skills, ensuring there’s always something new to try.

Rewards and Prizes

Participating in racing events and tournaments in Rival Stars Horse Racing earns you valuable rewards and prizes. These can help you advance your career and improve your stable of horses.

Racing FormatRewards
Story Mode RacesExperience Points, Coins, Training Items
Special EventsExclusive Horses, Items, Currency
Online Multiplayer TournamentsTrophy Points, Cosmetic Items
League RacingLeague Points, Currency, Items

By carefully selecting the racing events and tournaments you participate in and strategically managing your resources, you can maximize the rewards you receive and create the ultimate horse racing team.

Rival Stars Horse Racing 4

Strategies and Tips

Managing Resources

In Rival Stars Horse Racing, managing your resources effectively is essential for success. Here are some tips to help balance your finances, horse population, and time:

  • Prioritize upgrading your facilities early on to improve training effectiveness and earn additional revenue.
  • Participate in events frequently to earn rewards such as cash, gold, and valuable items.
  • Keep a keen eye on your horse population, selling or breeding horses at the right moments to avoid overcrowding or stagnation.
  • Focus your investments on your strongest horses to increase their chances of winning races and ultimately reward you with greater profits.

Selecting Race Horses

The key to winning races in Rival Stars Horse Racing lies in selecting the right horse for each event. Here are some important factors to consider when choosing your contender:

  • Assess your horses’ ratings and recent performances, paying close attention to specific attributes such as speed and stamina, especially when competing in longer races.
  • Consider the preferred racing strategy of each horse, as this can drastically impact their ability to perform in different race scenarios.
  • Take into account the level of competition in each race, as well as the available rewards, and choose the horse that best fits the challenge.

By mastering resource management and horse selection, you will be well on your way to becoming a successful Rival Stars Horse Racing player. Remember to stay patient, adapt your strategies when necessary, and enjoy the thrill of the race!

Rival Stars Horse Racing 5

Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod Apk

If you are looking to enhance your gameplay experience in Rival Stars Horse Racing, consider trying the Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK. This modified version of the game comes with features like Weak Opponents and Alter Run, which provide you with an advantage over your in-game competitors.

The Weak Opponents feature in Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK ensures that your competitors are less challenging, giving you a better chance of winning races. This can be particularly helpful for beginners who are still learning the ropes of the game and want to build their confidence.

Additionally, the Alter Run feature in the modded game enables you to modify the horse’s running speed and animations. It can make your horse appear faster without necessarily affecting the actual in-game speed. This visual alteration can provide an interesting twist to your race experience.

With these features in place, the Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK can give you a unique and potentially more enjoyable gaming experience. Just make sure to weigh the pros and cons before diving into the modded version and always play responsibly.


How do I improve my horse’s performance in races?

Improving your horse’s performance requires a combination of training, breeding, and upgrading facilities. Regularly train your horse using the training menu to boost its skills. Breed horses with superior traits or purchase high-quality horses from the market. Upgrade your facilities in the homestead to gain additional bonuses.

How can I earn more in-game currency?

There are several ways to earn in-game currency in Rival Stars Horse Racing:
– Participate in races and events to win cash prizes
– Complete daily and career goals to receive rewards
– Manage and expand your homestead to generate more income

What is the significance of breeding in the game?

Breeding is an essential aspect of Rival Stars Horse Racing. It allows you to create new horses with superior genetic traits, which can ultimately help you create a stronger and faster horse. Ensure that you select the best combination of parents to maximize genetic potential and enhance your horse’s capabilities.

How do I gain more experience in the game?

Gaining experience in the game comes from consistent participation in races and events. As your experience increases, your rider level and reputation will also improve, unlocking new challenges and opportunities for better races and rewards.

Is there a way to customize the appearance of my horse and jockey?

Yes, Rival Stars Horse Racing allows you to customize the appearance of both your horse and jockey. Visit the customization menu to change your horse’s coat, markings, and other visual elements. You can also customize your jockey’s attire, helmet, and silks to make them stand out from the competition.

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