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Name Rival Stars Horse Racing Rival Stars Horse Racing is the most famous version in the Rival Stars Horse Racing series of publisher PIKPOK
Publisher PIKPOK
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Version 1.47.1
Update November 28, 2023
MOD Weak Opponents, Alter Run
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Ever dreamed of owning, training, and racing magnificent horses to victory? Rival Stars Horse Racing lets you live out that fantasy as you breed, train, and compete with thoroughbred horses. This in-depth horse racing simulation provides an authentic experience where you can create a champion racehorse and jockey from scratch. With realistic graphics, detailed customization, and tactical decisions during races, it’s an addictive game for equine enthusiasts.

In this guide, we’ll cover all aspects of the Rival Stars gameplay including training, breeding, races, and most importantly – using the Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK to weaken opponents and alter race variables for easier wins!

Rival Stars Horse Racing

Overview of Rival Stars Horse Racing Gameplay

Rival Stars delivers an immersive horse racing management experience:

  • Breeding – Breed over 100 pedigree stallions and mares to produce foals with special traits and randomized stats.
  • Training – Train foals from a young age, developing their racing attributes like speed, stamina, and more through different exercises.
  • Racing – Enter races with distinct track conditions and strategic decisions like using whips and pacing your horse’s stamina.
  • Staff and Facilities – Hire staff like jockeys, trainers, and vets. Upgrade facilities like your stable and equestrian center.
  • Customization – Fully customize your racehorse’s name, silks, tack, and more. Detailed editor available.

The depth of breeding, training, and racing ensures no two horses feel the same. Let’s look closer at how to develop a foal into a racing champion.

Rival Stars Horse Racing 1

Breeding and Training Racehorses for Greatness

Breeding champion racehorses takes knowledge, skill, and a bit of luck. Here are tips for breeding and training elite horses:

Breeding Tips

  • Breed horses with complementary or opposite traits to try passing down the best ones.
  • Consult the in-game predictor to see potential foal attributes based on parents.
  • Some coat colors are associated with higher speed or stamina.
  • Stallion traits affect foal stats more than mares.

Training Tips

  • Start training foals young – age 2-3 years old.
  • Develop speed, stamina, and acceleration depending on the horse’s natural strengths.
  • Use short bursts of intense training between rest days.
  • Avoid overtraining or foals may get injured. Monitor energy levels.
  • Equip training gear like equine treadmills to maximize training efficiency.

With smart breeding and consistent, balanced training, you can nurture a foal into an unstoppable racehorse. Next let’s look at the intricacies of races themselves.

Rival Stars Horse Racing 2

Mastering Races for Maximum Excitement

The heart of Rival Stars lies in the tactical decisions during races. Here are some key gameplay elements:

  • Race types – Sprints, routes, and endurance races each pose different challenges.
  • Track conditions – Track surfaces like dirt, turf or all-weather affect horse performance.
  • Race tactics – Aggressive, balanced, or conservative approaches to pacing energy.
  • Jockey commands – Give commands during the race like using the whip or conserving energy.
  • Horse statistics – Check horse stats pre-race like current energy, nerves, and recent form.
  • Upgrades – Equip horseshoes, saddles, blinders and other gear for stat boosts.

There’s a lot of nuance to races. Finding the right approach for your horse and reading races smartly is so fulfilling. But winning consistently takes time unless you use the Rival Stars Racing mod!

Rival Stars Horse Racing 3

Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK Benefits

The Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK makes breeding and racing horses far more enjoyable by:

  • Weakening opponent horses so your horse has a massive advantage
  • Increasing earning rates for money and XP so you progress faster
  • Altering race variables like weather, track condition, race length etc.
  • Reducing training times so horses improve faster
  • Removing ads and timewalls for smooth, uninterrupted gameplay

With these benefits, you can quickly breed super horses, train them to perfection, then easily win races against weaker competition under ideal conditions. It makes the game less grindy and more fun.

Let’s look at some key mod features and how they improve the experience.

Rival Stars Horse Racing 4

Key Features of the Rival Stars MOD APK

Here are some of the most useful features enabled by the mod:

Weaken Opponent Horses

  • Dramatically lower opponents’ speed, acceleration, stamina, discipline etc.
  • Make your horse up to 10x faster and more durable than other horses
  • Opponents feel like they are moving in slow motion compared to you!

Increase XP and Money Rates

  • Train horses and progress 10x faster via massively boosted XP rates
  • Buy the best gear, staff and facilities right away with unlimited money
  • No more grinding for months to afford upgrades

Customize Race Conditions

  • Set weather to optimal sunny conditions every race
  • Make track surfaces faster for your horse’s specialty
  • Shorten races like sprints to 30 seconds so they are easily winnable
  • Gain a huge advantage by tailoring conditions to your horse

Remove Timewalls and Ads

  • Training, breeding, building etc. complete instantly without annoying timers
  • Enjoy uninterrupted gameplay without ads disrupting the experience

The mod truly transforms the whole experience into an enjoyable horse racing fantasy rather than grindy simulator. Let’s look at how to install it.

Rival Stars Horse Racing 5

How to Download and Install the Rival Stars MOD APK

Installing the modded APK only takes a few minutes. Follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall any existing version of Rival Stars Racing.
  2. Download the latest Rival Stars MOD APK from here.
  3. Enable “Install from unknown sources” on your device.
  4. Install the downloaded APK file and open the game.
  5. Enjoy the perks of the modded app and weakened opponents!

And that’s it! The mod will be successfully installed and ready to weaken rivals. Just be sure to follow installation steps properly.

Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK – Frequently Asked Questions

Is the modded APK 100% safe?

Yes, the mod is completely safe as long as you download from here. It is scanned for security threats.

Will my original game data be lost?

Not at all. Your game progress is untouched and you can seamlessly switch between mod and original.

Can I play offline with the mod?

Absolutely! Rival Stars is an offline game, so internet is not needed to enjoy the mod benefits.

Live out your horse racing dreams with full stable customization, deep training mechanics, exciting race experiences and easier successes via the Rival Stars Racing MOD APK! Weaken those rival horses and start dominating the track on the way to championship glory!

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