Rodeo Stampede APK v3.9.1 (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Rodeo Stampede APK v3.9.1 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Rodeo Stampede APK v3.9.1 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Start the game with privileges with Rodeo Stampede premium apk! With this version, you can have Unlimited money and unlock all content.

Name Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari
Publisher Yodo1 Games
Genre Casual
Size 254.3 MB
Version 3.9.1
MOD Unlimited Money
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Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari is the most famous version in the Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari series of publisher Yodo1 Games
Mod Version 3.9.1
Total installs 50,000,000+

From lions to elephants, giraffes to polar bears, Rodeo Stampede captures the thrill of adventurous safari wildlife spotting in endless running gameplay. Learn how to train large animal stampedes and assemble the ultimate beastly sky zoo in this playful auto runner!

Rodeo Stampede

Start Your Safari Animal Collection

As an intrepid savanna explorer, waving your lasso in front of beasts entices them to follow in a stampede line behind your jeep. Wider lassos capture entire groups rather than one animal at a time, boosting your zoo roster. Here are beginner tips for spotting animals:

  • Memorize terrain patterns that certain animals favor
  • Anticipate spawn points like burrows, bushes, and air drops
  • Revisit the same biomes to upgrade common animals
  • Save gold coins to purchase more exotic species later
  • Watch out for dangerous predators like snakes!

Example First Safari Tour:

My first savanna tour nabbed an entire zebra/gazelle herd with a wide lasso, added a towering giraffe, and bagged a couple lions before crashing into a giant rock. With a starting base of 14 specimens collected, excitement hopped into hyperdrive for the upgrades coming in my fledgling zoo!

Upgrade and Evolve Your Safari Explorers

Much like eager explorers in dangerous lands, starting jeeps and gear seem painfully under-equipped for the challenge ahead, but fortunes and upgrades come steadily. Key areas to evolve:

Jeep Upgrades

  • Boost top speed and acceleration
  • Raise animal herd capacity limits
  • Increase coin magnet pull radius for extra income
  • Reduce obstacles damage taken

Lasso Upgrades

  • Widen lasso radius to snag more beasts simultaneously
  • Increase lasso throw speed for quicker captures
  • Apply stunning effects to freeze animals briefly
  • Magnetize to pull animals towards you

Sky Zoo Upgrades

  • Expand land, decorations, habitats
  • Earn sky zoo reputation to attract visitors
  • Install restaurants and hot air balloon rides

All upgrades contribute towards nabbing and housing elusive rare specimens like quirky drones for high ticket zoo tourists.

Rodeo Stampede 2

Master Each Terrain with Upgrades

As the intrepid explorer seeking to fill your floating zoo with exotic creatures, you’ll repeatedly brave three procedural generated landscape types while outpacing danger. Let’s overview tactics adapting to each.

Open fields aid lasso throwingTight cliff gaps need careful steeringMushroom bounces add hangtime
Elephants block pathsSnowy surfaces are slipperyKoalas cling to trees to grab
Zebras sprint fastWatch for avalanchesWild bush fires spread

Once vehicle durability and lasso strengths improve sufficiently, fearlessly chaining runs through all 3 lands without dying becomes reality. Mastering adaptability is key!

Bonus Land Types

For seasoned veterans, two ultra challenging bonus terrains add adrenaline spikes:

  • Night Savanna: Reduced visibility with more snakes!
  • Predator Jungle: Dinosaurs and alien creatures return

Thrill seekers beware – you won’t tame these lands easily!

Rodeo Stampede 1

Rescue Secret Rare Animals with Upgrades

While lassoing wild herds seems simple enough, rumors circle of “Legendary Secret Animals” hidden somewhere on the grasslands. Once zoos expand around Sky Tower sufficiently through standard play, a special magical compass unlocks permitting access to portals for rescuing these elusive creatures.

Legendary Rescue Examples:

  • Search arctic mountains to discover Yetis
  • Brave sunken temples to find mermaid-like Ningyos
  • Locate interstellar comets holding mysterious Lightlings

Successfully capturing secret animals requires max upgrades and skills dodging meteors, tentacles, and ice walls in these intense special challenge zones. But displaying these VIP creatures attracts big spenders to your world-famous sky zoo empire!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rodeo Stampede have an ending?

Nope! Procedural generation and ever-increasing goals means theoretically infinite safari adventure potential to keep building your sky zoo. Veteran players boast zoos with 100+ creatures after months of dedication.

Do animals ever die or get sick?

No, all captured creatures live comfortably in habitats perfectly suited to them, and guests can view information on them. Focus stays on the silly cartoon action rather than realistic zoo management.

How cooperative are the multiplayer features?

While mainly a single player experience, friends can exchange extra resources and animals to help each other progress faster. Leaderboards also showcase top performers.

What are the rarest secret animals at the moment?

The glittering Lightling Rabbit creature is likely the rarest catch currently with less than a 0.5% spawn chance even in its dangerous home dimension. Only expert explorers snag this trophy!

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