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v19619 by Dream Games
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Name Royal Match Royal Match is the most famous version in the Royal Match series of publisher Dream Games
Publisher Dream Games
Genre Puzzle
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Version 19619
Update February 6, 2024
MOD Unlimited Boosters, Stars, Coins
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Fall in love and relive your fairytale dreams in Royal Match, a visually stunning puzzle adventure otome game! As a new member of the royal court,captured the hearts of beautiful princes and princesses through your match-3 puzzle skills and romantic story choices. With the MOD’s unlimited boosters, stars and coins, you have complete freedom to catch all your crushes!

This guide will provide an overview of Royal Match’s magic puzzle gameplay and romance mechanics, tips to complete challenging match-3 puzzles, insight on unlocking multiple character routes, and how the MOD enhances the storybook experience. Let’s begin our own royal fairytale adventure!

Royal Match

Gameplay Overview – Match-3 Meets Otome

Royal Match merges match-3 puzzles with interactive visual novel elements for an addictive gameplay combo. Here are the key parts:

Match-3 Puzzles

Progress story and events by completing match-3 levels. Make matches of 3 or more tiles to clear them from the board and meet objectives.

Court Romance

Choose dialogue options wisely during narrative events to improve your relationships with the princes and princesses. Find your perfect partner!

Stunning Art and Music

Gorgeous fully hand-drawn art immerses you in a romantic fairytale world. Soothing soundtrack enhances the storybook atmosphere.

Dress Up and Customize

Craft beautiful dresses and accessorize with exquisite jewelry to prepare for big romantic events!

Unlock Endings

Make the right choices to unlock your happily ever after with your love. Replay to experience all character routes!

Royal Match blends all the enjoyment of a great match-3 puzzle game with the relationship building and story twists of an otome visual novel. Plus the MOD removes all waiting and grinding!

Royal Match 1

Manifesting True Love – Winning Hearts

Succeeding in romance requires carefully reading character personalities and choosing options they’ll respond well to. Here are some helpful dating tips:

Listen Intently

Pay attention to what each character reveals about their interests, hopes, and insecurities through dialogue. Cater to their unique preferences.

Learn Love Languages

Some characters appreciate verbal affection, others value quality time together or thoughtful gifts. Learn how they feel loved.

Balance Affection

Don’t neglect characters you aren’t pursuing! Maintaining friendly relationships is still important for story progress and side events.

Make Time Count

Follow up after important events with a kind word or gesture. Don’t leave your partner hanging for too long.

Surprise Thoughtfully

Plan spontaneous romantic surprises like picnics, adventures, or walks by the castle pond based on your partner’s personality. Know what excites them!

Support Dreams

Cheer on your partner as they pursue personal goals and dreams. Having an encouraging partner provides confidence.

Pay attention to these romantic insights and you’ll be making suitors swoon in no time! The unlimited stars and coins from the MOD helps craft perfect dates.

Royal Match 2

Match-3 Puzzles – Master the Royal Techniques

While conveying your love is important, you’ll need match-3 mastery to progress the story events themselves. Here are high-level tips for puzzle success:

Plan Ahead

Analyze the whole board first to identify key matches, combos and blockers to work around. Think multiple moves ahead.

Target Objectives

Focus fire matches to quickly clear stage objectives like collecting stars or dropping items. Don’t get distracted.

Activate Powerups

Use hammer and bomb powerups at key bottlenecks to blast through. Combining both creates devastating effects!

Royal Match 5

Create Cascades

Set up matches that will drop new pieces into other matches, creating huge chain reactions for massive points!

Eliminate Blockers

Prioritize removing obstacles like rocks, ice and cursed objects that restrict your matching space and options. Freedom of movement is vital.

Don’t Waste Moves

Avoid random pointless matches. Make every move work toward your greater strategic goals. Conservation matters!

Follow these tips and you’ll be puzzle master in no time, scoring huge combos to melt even the iciest partner’s heart! The MOD’s unlimited boosters give you all the edge you need.

Royal Match 3

Multiple Playthroughs – New Adventures

Don’t stop at just one happily ever after – replay the story to unlock new routes and endings with each prince and princess! Try these fresh run ideas:

Opposite Personality

If you romanced a bold and adventurous character, try pursuing a gentle soft-spoken type next. Or vice versa!

Different Dialogue Choices

Make alternative dialogue options at critical romantic moments to change outcomes. Test all permutations!

Focus on Side Characters

Characters you only interacted with briefly have more hidden depth. Make them the priority next time!

Achieve All Endings

Can you unlock every special ending? Do multiple runs focused on collecting them all!

Complete Side Events

Many optional non-critical events flesh out backstories and introduce new date activities. See them all!

Speedrun Puzzles

After mastering puzzles, try completing them as efficiently as possible. Improves sharpening skills and timing.

With the MOD’s unlimited resources, you can freely replay the story over and over in any way you desire. Replayability takes the fun to new heights!

Royal Match 4

Tips and Tricks for Royal Success

Here are some extra tips to excel at love and puzzles:

  • Take quiz answers seriously – the prince or princess will remember if you’re not honest!
  • Purchase special boosters in the shop to make tricky puzzle stages much easier.
  • Wakeup on time! Don’t miss early morning dates or royal events due to oversleeping.
  • In match-3 levels, don’t waste moves swapping tiles that won’t actually make matches. Carefully analyze.
  • During hectic L-shaped and U-shaped puzzles, make matches in enclosed areas first to open up space.
  • The prince and princess have hidden secret desires you can fulfill for big romance boosts. Pay attention!
  • For long combo chains, set up matching pairs across multiple columns. The drops align.
  • If completely stuck on a puzzle, use powerups or take a short break. Sometimes a fresh look helps find solutions.

Follow these tips and you’ll be on cloud nine with your storybook sweetheart in no time! Now go craft your personalized happily ever after. Your dream partner awaits!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a full playthrough take?

Around 8-12 hours depending on your reading speed. Replayability and side content adds more.

Do choices permanently lock me into a route?

No, you can reset and restart from the beginning at any time to make different choices!

Does the game have free roam segments?

No, currently all gameplay occurs in visual novel scenes, match-3 levels, and dress up events.

How many match-3 puzzle levels are there?

Over 250 match-3 puzzle levels across dozens of quirky stage themes! And new events get added.

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