Runkeeper Premium APK v14.12.1 (MOD, Unlocked)
Runkeeper Premium APK v14.12.1 (MOD, Unlocked)

Runkeeper Premium APK v14.12.1 (MOD, Unlocked)

Runkeeper Premium apk offers you all the advantages. With this version, you have all the content and can benefit from premium opportunities.

Name Runkeeper
Publisher ASICS Runner App Inc.
Genre Health & Fitness
Size 79.1 MB
Version 14.12.1
MOD Premium Unlocked
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Runkeeper is the most famous version in the Runkeeper series of publisher ASICS Runner App Inc.
Mod Version 14.12.1
Total installs 10,000,000+

When ASICS first released their Runkeeper app back in 2010, little did they know it would spark such a revolution in running tech! With early competitors focusing mainly on step-counting, Runkeeper was a true game-changer – allowing runners to track detailed stats like pace, distance and route during every run. Over a decade later, the app has leveled up with tons of new features, putting an endless world of running data right at your fingertips. But how does it all work? Let’s take a closer look at some of Runkeeper’s key run tracking abilities.


Detailed Real-Time Stats πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ“ˆ

During every run, Runkeeper displays crucial info like current pace, distance covered, elapsed time and more in an easy-to-read live feed. This allows runners to monitor their progress in real-time, helping hit those target paces or mileage goals. The app can even announce stats verbally via your phone’s speaker at set intervals, perfect for interval workouts. And if you suddenly feel the urge to speed up or slow down, Runkeeper adapts instantly to keep you informed πŸ’¨

Intuitive Route Tracking πŸ—Ί

Runkeeper does an excellent job pinpointing your precise route using GPS. Simply hit “Record” at the start of your run, and the app will automatically plot your path on a map. This comes in handy for nailing familiar routes or exploring new neighborhoods. You can even share routes online later for others to follow in your footsteps. Runkeeper also detects when you’ve looped back, helpfully ending the activity recording once fully completed.

Detailed Post-Run Analysis πŸ“Š

After each run, Runkeeper generates an in-depth stats page packed with useful intel. Charts break down your pace, elevation and more over time to spot trends. Maps let you relive every step of the journey. You can even export GPX files to upload routes elsewhere. All data syncs seamlessly to the Runkeeper site and app for long-term tracking across devices. Talk about running data galore!

Runkeeper 1

Customizable Workouts πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ

The Workouts feature empowers runners to create personalized interval, tempo and long run sessions. Pre-programmed time and distance targets ensure efforts are on point. Runkeeper even calls out split times with motivational audio prompts – perfect for those final grueling minutes! You can schedule workouts days in advance too. ASICS really made custom training convenient.

Challenges and Badges πŸ…

Runkeeper keeps things fun with social challenges to compete against friends or the global community. Reach weekly step or distance goals to earn badges, with new titles unlocking as your running progresses. You can also team up for group challenges. This playful side of Runkeeper sparks extra motivation to stay active.

Additional Premium Perks πŸ’°

For a small monthly or annual fee, Runkeeper Premium levels up the experience even more. Offline GPS tracking ensures runs are never interrupted. Custom workout programs from pro coaches provide structured training plans. And premium challenges offer bigger prizes to stay engaged. For serious runners, these perks are well worth the investment!

Connected Gear Support πŸ› 

Runkeeper works seamlessly with various Bluetooth-enabled fitness monitors, letting you tap into real-time heart rate and other biometrics. It can even control music playback from your phone during runs. The app also integrates with popular GPS watches, allowing data to sync wirelessly both ways. Talk about taking run tracking convenience to new heights!

Community Support 🀝

Beyond individual stats, Runkeeper thrives as a true social running community. Share your latest runs, cheer on friends’ activities, or find local running buddies. The discussion forums offer troubleshooting help too. It’s like a virtual runners’ club always open for motivation and tips.

Runkeeper 2

Customizable Notifications πŸ“²

Runkeeper understands being glued to your phone mid-run isn’t ideal. Thankfully its smart notification settings allow full customization. You can opt to receive alerts for things like challenges, messages or workout prompts – without disrupting your focus. The app really does its homework to respect a runner’s priorities.

Improved Weather Integration 🌧️

ASICS enhanced Runkeeper’s environment awareness with seamless integration. Not only does the app now display real-time and forecasted conditions, it can also analyze weather trends over past runs. This advanced weather tracking helps runners train smarter based on changing skies. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Runkeeper free to use?

The basic Runkeeper app offers most core run tracking features freely. However, advanced tools like offline GPS, workout programs and bigger challenges require an annual Premium subscription. You also get premium in this version.

What devices is Runkeeper compatible with?

Runkeeper works with iPhone, Android and smartwatches from Garmin, Fitbit and more. You can also use it on Windows and Mac computers by logging runs manually.

How accurate is Runkeeper’s GPS?

Runkeeper boasts highly accurate GPS tracking, within 3-5 meters on average. Factors like phone model/GPS quality, weather and satellite signals can impact precision slightly. Premium offers offline tracking too.

Can I share my runs on social media?

Absolutely! Runkeeper makes it easy to post run stats and maps to Facebook, Twitter and other networks to log your progress. You can also share routes for others to follow.

How do I find local running groups?

Tap the search icon within the Runkeeper app and type your city to discover running clubs and groups hosting group runs, events and more in your area.

Is there a Runkeeper app for treadmills?

While Runkeeper’s GPS won’t work on a treadmill, you can manually log treadmill runs or use a foot pod to track distance more accurately without GPS. Just be sure to start the timer before stepping on.

In Summary

Between its wealth of run data, customizable training tools, connected features and thriving community aspects, ASICS’ Runkeeper app has cemented itself as one of the top running companions around. Regular feature improvements ensure it keeps getting better with time. Whether just starting out or an experienced runner, this all-in-one app is sure to take your running to new heights. The explosion of possibilities is only beginning!

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