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SAS 4 APK v2.0.1 (Zombie Assault) MOD, Unlimited Money

v2.0.1 by ninja kiwi
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Name SAS 4 MOD APK SAS 4 MOD APK is the most famous version in the SAS 4 MOD APK series of publisher ninja kiwi
Publisher ninja kiwi
Genre Action
Size 114.1 MB
Version 2.0.1
Update November 21, 2023
MOD Add Unlimited Money
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  • Unlimited Money
  • Mod Menu
  • Unlimited Revival
  • Premium weapon Unlocked

SAS: Zombie Assault 4 is an intense top-down zombie shooter game that provides hours of action-packed undead blasting. With destructible environments, a wide array of upgradable weapons, and waves of zombies, it offers a thrilling combat experience. The unlimited money mod allows maxing out skills and weapons quickly to take the fight to the rotting hordes.

SAS Zombie Assault 4 Mod Apk

Getting the Mod APK

To get the mod apk simply tap the download button on this page. It will immediately begin downloading the unlimited money file for SAS: Zombie Assault 4.

Make sure third party installs are allowed on your device first. Once downloaded, open your file explorer and tap the downloaded mod apk. Hit install when prompted and accept any warning messages about unknown sources.

After a moment the mod will be installed. You can then open the game and will see vastly increased coins and cash allowing immediate upgrades and purchases!

Combat Controls and Movement

The top-down shooter combat controls are smooth and responsive. Movement uses the left side virtual joystick. Aim and fire with the buttons on the right side.

Critical actions include:

  • Move and strafe – Left joystick moves your character. Move erratically to evade zombies.
  • Aim – Right joystick aims weapon. Place targeting reticule over zombies.
  • Fire – Tap the fire button to shoot your equipped gun.
  • Reload – Hits the reload button when ammo is empty to start lengthy reload animations.
  • Switch Weapons – Swap between different equipped primary and secondary guns.
  • Melee Attack – Quickly bash zombies up close that get past your gunfire.
  • Equip Attachments – Apply weapon modifications you unlock like scopes and grips.
  • Lob Grenades – Equip and manually throw grenades at clusters of zombies. Fun!

The controls are optimized for quickly moving and precise shooting even in the most intense undead battles.

Vibrant 3D Maps and Destructible Environments

Mowing down zombies is even more gratifying when the environment is fully destructible. SAS: Zombie Assault 4 features dynamically interactive 3D maps.

As you unleash bullet storms and explosives, the maps will become filled with destructive holes and rubble. Trees splinter and collapse, vehicles explode, buildings crumble. Even map terrain gets dynamically reshaped by your attacks.

Watching the environment gradually be decimated by the raging battle against the undead hordes feels incredibly visceral. Debris and body parts sent flying with every well-placed shot or grenade blast. It really enhances the apocalyptic atmosphere!

Combined with fun maps like villages, farms, cities, and secret labs, the destruction system makes fighting through zombie-infested maps exciting and cinematic.

SAS Zombie Assault 4

Huge Arsenal of Upgradable Weapons

Blasting through endless zombies requires serious firepower. SAS: Zombie Assault 4 delivers with a massive arsenal of deadly upgradable weapons.

Earn and purchase new weapons as you progress. Upgrade damage, reload speed, accuracy, and other stats to increase lethality. Some of the many arms you can acquire:

Assault Rifles

  • AK-47 – Classic high-powered rifle with stopping power. Upgrades improve stability.
  • M4 Carbine – Rapid fire assault rifle effective at most ranges. Increase ammo capacity.
  • SCAR-H – Hard hitting battle rifle good for long range engagements. Boost damage.


  • Remington 870 – Pump action shotgun lethal up close. Enhance pellet spread.
  • AA-12 – Full auto shredder that decimates groups of zombies. Upgrade ammo drums.
  • M1014 – Semi-auto shotgun good for clearing rooms and halls. Increase overall power.

Sniper Rifles

  • Barret M82A1 – Massive caliber anti-material rifle with intense impact. Improve accuracy.
  • L96A1 – Bolt action rifle with devastating headshot potential. Increase fire rate.
  • PSG-1 – High-powered semi-auto sniper rifle that can take out crowds. Enhance zoom optics.


  • Frag Grenades – Cookable frags that send zombies flying. Increase blast radius.
  • C4 – Sticky explosives perfect for traps and ambushes. Upgrade detonation size.
  • Mines – Proximity mines unleashing shredding shrapnel. Enhance damage and spread.

Combining upgraded firearms with melee and explosives provides incredible zombie slaughtering potential. Leave the horde tattered in pieces!

Tower Defense and Fortification Elements

In addition to direct first-person shooting combat, SAS: Zombie Assault 4 introduces tower defense elements. As waves approach, you can build defenses:

  • Sentry Turrets – Construct machine gun turrets that automatically target enemies. Upgrade firing speed and damage.
  • Tesla Coils – Erect these electrified traps that fry zombies touching them. Increase shocking power.
  • Howitzers – Call in artillery strikes on groups when they cluster. Enhance area of effect.
  • Barricades – Quick deployable cover walls to hide behind. Increase health and durability.
  • Fire Pits – Place incendiary traps that set zombies ablaze. Improve burn intensity.

Carefully building mazes and lines of fire allows turrets and traps to thin out hordes before they reach you. Fun strategic element!

Horde Wave Survival Gameplay

The core gameplay loop involves surviving endless horde waves of zombies. Each wave gets progressively more intense as you advance.

Waves may include unique zombies with special attacks and high health boss variants. Zombies can approach from all directions, even dropping in behind you from sky lifts.

With each wave, you earn cash to purchase guns, upgrades, attachments, explosives, and fortifications. Buy smartly to optimize your defensive capability for the next assault.

The feeling of dread and tension as you hear a wave approaching, weapons locked and loaded, never gets old. Will you hold out or get overrun? Epic last stands abound!

SAS Zombie Assault 4 Images

Mods Add New Weapons and Skins

The unlimited money mod allows buying even more devastating weapons and cosmetic skins. Some examples:


  • Flamethrowers – Roast the horde with intense firewalls. Listen to zombies sizzle!
  • Chainsaws – Shred through crowds with gory melee mayhem.
  • Grenade Launchers – Level mobs of zombies with explosive ordinance.
  • Laser Cannons – Obliterate enemies with futuristic directed energy weapons.


  • Commandos – Look the part in tactical military gear.
  • Cyborgs – Appear as a futuristic rapidly-gunning killbot.
  • Clowns – Give zombies a laugh while unloading on them.
  • Astronauts – An odd yet fearsome look while battling on Earth.

Import these bonus weapons and skins into the game using mod menu options. More variety and hilarity!

Tower Defense Strategy Tips

Success requires carefully planning tower placements to maximize firepower:

  • Choke Points – Focus firepower on narrow paths to damage entire hordes in tight spaces.
  • Covering Fire – Place flame pits, tesla coils, and turrets so their effective ranges overlap.
  • Triangulation – Arrange turrets in triangular formations to catch enemies in deadly crossfire.
  • Maze Paths – Guide zombies into winding paths lined with defenses on each side.
  • Fallback Points – Save fortifications to establish rally points for orderly retreat if overrun.
  • Control Access – Carefully limit possible enemy approaches so you can target them efficiently as they arrive.
  • Upgrade Often – Continually upgrade defenses between waves to increase lethality against stronger zombies.

With practice you can become a master at strategically building deadly killboxes to scythe through legions of undead. Let the bodies hit the floor!


SAS: Zombie Assault 4 provides heart-pounding top-down shooter action as you take on endless zombie hordes. With destructible maps, upgradable weapons, and strategic defense building, it delivers hours of intense gameplay. Using the unlimited money mod lets you immediately experience the full zombie-demolishing arsenal and tower defense options. Now grab the best guns and start the dead dropping! Aim for those headshots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the unlimited money mod going to get me banned?

No, using the mod will not get you banned or impact your account standing in any way. It is a purely offline, client-side modification that does not affect multiplayer or leaderboards. Feel free to enhance your single player experience with unlimited funds risk-free!

Can I stack this mod with other cheat mods?

Absolutely! The unlimited money mod can be used together with mods for unlimited ammo, rapid fire, one shot kills, and other cheats. Mix and match to create a custom zombie-blasting experience tailored to your preferences.

How do I update the mod if it stops working after a game update?

If the developer pushes an update that breaks mod functionality, simply return to our site and re-download the latest mod version after verifying the new game version. This will ensure compatibility with any core game changes.

Will this mod work on both Android and iOS devices?

Unfortunately no – this unlimited money mod is only designed to work on the Android version of SAS: Zombie Assault 4. The game is not available on iOS platforms at this time.

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