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Name Shadow Fight 3 Shadow Fight 3 is the most famous version in the Shadow Fight 3 series of publisher NEKKI
Publisher NEKKI
Genre Role Playing
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Version 1.33.6
Update November 28, 2023
MOD One Hit, Dumb Enemy
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Shadow Fight 3 is an action-packed fighting game. With stunning 3D graphics and animations, this game takes fighting games to a whole new level. The gameplay is fast-paced and intense, providing players with a truly immersive combat experience.

Shadow Fight 3

Overview of Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 is the third installment in the popular Shadow Fight franchise. It builds upon the success of the previous Shadow Fight games while introducing innovative gameplay elements. Here are some key features of Shadow Fight 3:

  • Stunning 3D graphics and animations – Characters and environments are beautifully rendered in 3D, making every punch, kick, and special move come to life.
  • Variety of fighting styles – Choose from 3 distinct factions, each with their own fighting style – Legion, Dynasty, and Heralds.
  • Interactive environments – Use objects in the environment to gain advantage during combat. Smash your opponent against walls and throw chairs at them!
  • RPG progression system – Level up your character, unlock new skills, upgrade weapons and armor.
  • Competitive multiplayer – Take on players from around the world in 1v1 duels and timed events. Climb the global leaderboards.

With its immersive gameplay and Spectacular visuals, Shadow Fight 3 raIses the bar for fighting games on mobile. It’s easy to learn but hard to master, offering endless hours of gameplay.

MOD Features

The game is fun in its original form, but can be made even better with mods. Here are some of the cool mods available for Shadow Fight 3:

One Hit Kill

As the name suggests, this mod enables you to defeat enemies with just one hit! Regardless of your opponent’s strength or level, a single attack will bring them down. This makes the game insanely easy but also immensely satisfying as you ruthlessly destroy every foe that stands in your path.

Dumb Enemies

The Dumb Enemies mod does exactly what you’d expect – it makes your foes complete idiots! They barely block or dodge, and even when they do attack its slow and predictable. This mod turns all enemies into total punching bags, incapable of putting up any real resistance.

Unlimited Coins/Gems

Running out of coins and gems can hamper your progress in Shadow Fight 3. But with unlimited currency mods, money is no longer an object! Buy the best weapons, armor and upgrades right from the start and crush enemies with top tier gear.

Max Level Character

Want to skip the grind? The Max Level mod boosts your character to the maximum level with all skills and perks unlocked. You’ll be an unstoppable force ready to defeat any foe in your path.

Customizable Damage

Adjust exactly how much damage you deal and take with this neat mod. Make yourself a damage-sponging tank or turn up your damage output to demolish enemies with a single punch. The choice is yours!

With the wide range of mods available, you can customize Shadow Fight 3 to match your desired gameplay experience. Whether you want an easier casual playthrough or seek the ultimate God-mode power fantasy, the mods have got you covered.

Shadow Fight 3 1

Gameplay and Controls

Basic Combat

Fighting in Shadow Fight 3 is all about agility and strategy. Here are the basic moves:

  • Punch and Kick – Tap the screen to punch, swipe to kick. Punches are fast, kicks are slower but more powerful.
  • Block – Hold finger down to block attacks. Moving the finger left and right will shift your block direction.
  • Roll – Swipe down to roll out of the way of attacks. Use rolls to evade and reposition yourself.
  • Range Weapons – Tap the screen to throw ranged weapons like shurikens. Some ranged weapons require charging before release.
  • Special Moves – Each weapon type has its own special moves executed by specific touch gestures. Special moves deal more damage but also consume ‘shadow energy’.
  • Shadow Abilities – Fill up the shadow meter by dealing damage. Once full, enter Shadow Form to unleash deadly shadow abilities and magic attacks.

Advanced Techniques

As you progress, you’ll unlock new abilities and combos. Here are some key advanced techniques:

  • Weapon Mastery – Upgrade weapon skills to unlock new moves and combos for each weapon type.
  • Critical Hits – Land hits right before an enemy attack connects to interrupt their combo and deal extra damage. Requires precise timing.
  • Throws – Grab an enemy and throw them at a wall or object to deal damage and stun them. Requires good positioning.
  • Shadow Attacks – Each shadow ability has its own uniquely devastating effect. Time these wisely to turn the tides of battle.
  • Environmental Attacks – Smash enemies against walls and objects with kick and throw attacks. Cause damage with the environment itself!
  • Combo Chaining – Link together punches, kicks, ranged and special attacks seamlessly to build devastating combos.

Mastering these advanced skills is key to defeating the toughest enemies and competing with the best players. With practice, you’ll be executing slick combos and dominating the arena!

Factions and Fighting Styles

Shadow Fight 3 has 3 distinct factions, each with their own ideology, motivations and fighting style. Choosing a faction determines your character’s approach to combat.


The high-tech, augmentation obsessed Legion rely on cybernetics, drones and advanced weaponry to defeat their foes. Their fighting style focuses on swift ranged attacks and high mobility.

  • Legion Strengths:
    • Dangerous technology and futuristic weapons
    • Excellent mobility and dodging capability
    • Fast projectile and missile attacks
  • Legion Weapons:
    • Power Fists – Close range mechanical fists
    • SmartDisc – Deadly boomerang-like blades
    • Scrapper – Scrap-built drone companion


Dynasty warriors fight with honor using traditional martial arts and ancient magic passed down over generations. Their style incorporates elegant movement and mystical elements.

  • Dynasty Strengths:
    • Precise hand-to-hand martial arts
    • Magical abilities and spells
    • Efficient blocks and counter-attacks
  • Dynasty Weapons:
    • Deer Horns – Swift attacking hand blades
    • Staff – Long range, versatile weapon
    • Triple Lunge – Charged spear dash attack


This enigmatic faction resembles medieval knights and wields huge, heavy weapons amplified by shadow energy. Their style relies on brute force and resilience.

  • Heralds Strengths:
    • Massive damage from colossal weapons
    • Nearly impervious blocks and thick armor
    • Abilities to shrug off injuries
  • Herald Weapons:
    • Katana – Heavy two-handed sword
    • Big Hammer – Ponderously slow giant hammer
    • Shield – Tough shadow-infused tower shield

Experiment with each faction’s unique style to find one that suits your preferred way of fighting. Their diversity provides varied and exciting ways to approach combat!

Shadow Fight 3 2

Game Modes

Shadow Fight 3 offers a multitude of game modes and challenges to test your skills:

Story Campaign

The lengthy story campaign takes you across a sprawling world on an epic quest. Engage in plot-driven combat encounters and boss fights as you advance the story. The gorgeous cinematics and gameplay blend seamlessly together.


Face off against AI or human opponents in 1 vs 1 bouts. Win fights to gain rating points and climb the ladder from amateur to pro. Become the supreme champion!


Limited-time events feature specialized combat challenges. Dominate to win exclusive rewards and rare gear. Events keep gameplay fresh and exciting.


Fight endless waves of enemies in this test of endurance. Health carries over between rounds, so conserve your lifepoints wisely! Survive as long as you can and climb the survival leaderboards.


Practice your moves against training dummies or enter the sparring room to face weak AI opponents. Perfect your technique before taking on real foes!

With so many modes to master, you’ll never run out of ways to showcase your sweet fighting skills!

Shadow Fight 3 3


You can extensively customize your fighter’s appearance, gear, magic and more. Here are some of the options:


Unlock a huge selection of outfits ranging from stylish streetwear to menacing armor sets. Mix and match pieces to create your own unique look.


Expanding your armory with new weapons directly translates to more options and versatility in combat. Find favories like nunchucks, blades, axes and more!


Activate unique abilities like poisoning enemies, freezing them, regeneration etc using enchantments. Apply them to weapons for on-hit effects.

Special Moves

Upgrade each weapon’s skill tree to unlock new special moves and increase their power. Customize your moveset!

Shadow Abilities

Unleash your shadow form’s magic in varied ways – giant spectral fists, protective shields, energy blasts, clones that fight by your side and more!


Gain permanent bonuses by equipping perks. Boost offense, defense, shadow generation and other attributes.

The deep customization system lets you create a fighter tailored to your personal preferences. Mix and match all these options to define your unique combat flavor and style!

Shadow Fight 3 4

Tips for New Players

Here are some handy tips to help you excel as a beginner:

  • Learn how each weapon works using the training modes. Get a feel for speed, range, damage and combos.
  • Pay attention to your opponent’s patterns. Study when they attack, dodge or go defensive. Capitalize on any mistakes.
  • Moderate your aggression – being too passive or reckless will both get punished. Find the right balance.
  • Exploit weapon strengths – eg. Use heavy slow weapons to break blocks and lighter ones to evade and counter.
  • Elements of surprise work wonders – roll behind them, throw objects, use environments. Be unpredictable.
  • Invest some premium currency to unlock weapons and perks early on. The boost will help a lot.
  • Focus on upgrading one or two weapons first rather than spreading resources thin.
  • Don’t get disheartened by losses. Analyze defeats to learn and improve. Every failure makes you better!

With the right mindset and these tips, you’ll be beating hardy enemies and outplaying human foes in no time. Consistent practice is key to mastery in Shadow Fight 3’s intricate combat system.


Does the game require internet connection to play?

No. Shadow Fight 3 can be played completely offline once initially downloaded and launched. No internet connection is needed to progress or play game modes like story, duel etc. However, you’ll need an internet connection to access online PvP and events.

Is the game pay to win?

Not at all. The game is very skill based, so spending money for upgrades gives no major advantage over non-paying players. With skill, it’s possible to progress through the game and compete using only free items and currencies earned through gameplay.

How much storage space does the game require?

Shadow Fight 3 requires approximately 2GB of free storage space for installing the game. The install size may increase slightly with future updates that add content and features. The game performs well even on devices with lower storage capacity.

Can you play Shadow Fight 3 on PC?

Officially the game is only available for Android and iOS mobile platforms. However, using an Android emulator like BlueStacks allows you to effectively run Shadow Fight 3 on a Windows PC. Controls and graphics are optimized for mobile though.

Is there a way to get unlimited coins and gems?

While mods do exist for unlimited currency, these are unofficial and can get your account banned. Within the normal game, there is no glitch or cheat for unlimited coins and gems. Only way is to pay real money or slowly accumulate over time by playing.

Wrapping Up

And that brings us to the end of our in-depth guide for Shadow Fight 3. We looked at gameplay details, mods, factions, game modes, customization, tips and FAQs. Here are some key takeaways:

  • The game features gorgeous 3D graphics and fast-paced fighting action. Controls are intuitive with enough depth for advanced combos.
  • MODs like one hit kill, dumb enemies, unlimited currency etc let you customize the experience and difficulty to your liking.
  • Each faction – Legion, Dynasty and Heralds have specialized fighting styles focusing on technology, martial arts and brute force respectively.
  • Multiple modes like campaign, duel, survival and events provide diverse challenges and long-lasting enjoyment.
  • Extensive customization through outfits, weapons, enchantments, moves etc allows you to create your own unique fighter.
  • Master parrying, dodging, critical hits, environments, and chaining combos to defeat all enemies and outplay human opponents.

So unlock your inner badass fighter and enter the arena now to experience Shadow Fight 3’s addictive and satisfying combat gameplay to the fullest!

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Version 1.33.3 changes: - Technical improvements added - Several bugs fixed

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