Sky: Children of the Light APK v0.24.2 (MOD, Unlimited Energy/All Unlocked)
Sky: Children of the Light APK v0.24.2 (MOD, Unlimited Energy/All Unlocked)

Sky: Children of the Light APK v0.24.2 (MOD, Unlimited Energy/All Unlocked)

Enjoy the game to the fullest with Sky: Children of the Light premium apk! In this version, you start playing with unlimited energy and everything unlocked.

Name Sky: Children of the Light
Publisher thatgamecompany inc
Genre Role Playing
Size 1.83 GB
Version 0.24.2
MOD Unlimited Energy/All Unlocked
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Sky: Children of the Light is the most famous version in the Sky: Children of the Light series of publisher thatgamecompany inc
Mod Version 0.24.2
Total installs 10,000,000+

From the award-winning creators of Journey, Sky: Children of the Light transports you into a magical kingdom ready to explore. As a child of light spreading hope, you’ll soar through floating islands, connect with new friends, and restore fallen stars together. Let’s dive into this social adventure’s magical gameplay!

Sky Children Of The Light

Spread Your Light Through 7 Dreamlike Realms

As your light-imbued character dives into the clouds, you’ll discover 7 beautifully realized realms brimming with mystery. Here’s an overview of these ethereal worlds:

The 7 Realms to Explore

  • Isle of Dawn – introductions and basics
  • Daylight Prairie – central hub world
  • Hidden Forest – maze of ancient ruins
  • Valley of Triumph – golden desert temples
  • Golden Wasteland – towering sand dunes
  • Vault of Knowledge – celestial library
  • Eye of Eden – culminating final realm

Vibrant sceneries like lush forests, deserts lined with Constellations of statues, and even the breathtaking Starlight Desert await. With hand-crafted artistic worlds, there’s always majestic new scenery and clever puzzles to uncover.

Realm Highlights

The Hidden Forest realm stands out as a highlight. As soothing background music fills the forest, you’ll encounter puzzles based around blooming flowers, inflatable jellyfish rides over water, and using the power of light to nurture trees back to life. Discovering every last visual detail and hidden path becomes delightful.

Sky Children Of The Light 1

Customize Your Character with Cosmetics & Emotes

As you befriend spirits and complete objectives, they’ll gift special cosmetics to adorn your character. Here’s an overview of convicting looks and expressions to assemble:


  • Colorful capes with animal hoods
  • Masks depicting animals or nature
  • Hand props like tambourines
  • Hairstyles, hair colors, accessories

Social Emotes

  • Waving, clapping, laughing, dancing moves
  • Musical instruments to play songs
  • Yoga stances and tai chi forms
  • Meditative sitting poses

Friendships unlock more rewards, while seasonal events introduce limited-time items. With countless costume combos and social emotes, making your sky kid personality shine grows addicting!

Sky Children Of The Light 2

Spread Light and Hope to Other Players

While exploring the atmospheric realms alone already captivates, the magic multiplier of Sky shines brightest when connecting randomly with fellow players. Here’s an overview of magical social systems:

Multiplayer Connections

  • Seamlessly cross paths with friends and strangers
  • Exchange candles to power up each other’s flight
  • Unlock expressions by discovering lost spirits
  • Complete cooperation puzzles together

Building Bonds

  • Light candle shrines to aid others
  • Send heart emotes and hold hands
  • Chat using symbols and stickers
  • Friend promising players

Through simple taps and gestures, emotional connections transcend language barriers. And teaming up with reliable friends makes challenges smoother. The multiplayer compounds the immersive fun.

Sky Children Of The Light 3

Restore Fallen Stars as Children of Light

As a newly fledged Child of Light, your greater purpose becomes restoring celestial stars corrupted by darkness to former brilliance. This overarching quest spans realms in epic scope.

Key Star Restoration Goals

  • Discover fallen stars tainted by darkness
  • Light candles to clear surrounding darkness
  • Collect light fragments around each realm
  • Defeat dark shadow spirits
  • Return purified stars’ fragments

As the child of light restores stars one by one, new flight abilities and pathways unlock to venture deeper on this illuminating quest.

Sky Children Of The Light 4

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there guidance elements for new players?

Yes, the Isle of Dawn serves as an thorough intro realm guiding you on movement, currencies, flight, and multiplayer essentials through handy tutorial popups before free exploration.

What connectivity does Sky require?

An internet connection lets you encounter other players seamlessly and access store updates. Solo offline play is supported too but won’t connect you with anyone else randomly.

How long does a playthrough take?

Reaching the conclusion takes 15-30 hours depending on playstyle. But many players pour 50+ hours across months slowly soaking up every realm’s ambiance with friends while awaiting ongoing content updates.

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