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Sniper 3D APK v4.32.2 (MOD, Add Money/Coins) Free on Android

v4.32.2 by Fun Games For Free
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Name Sniper 3D: Gun Shooting Games Sniper 3D: Gun Shooting Games is the most famous version in the Sniper 3D: Gun Shooting Games series of publisher Fun Games For Free
Publisher Fun Games For Free
Genre Action
Size 167.72 MB
Version 4.32.2
Update December 19, 2023
MOD Add Money/Diamonds
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Sharpen your aim and take down targets with precision in Sniper 3D, one of the most popular first-person shooter games on mobile.

In this action-packed game, you take on the role of an elite marksman, tasked with eliminating enemies across hundreds of missions in vivid 3D environments. Gameplay involves tactically sniping targets from the perfect vantage point using an arsenal of high-powered rifles and custom bullets.

Key Game Features:

  • 300+ missions across tropical, arctic and city locations
  • Realistic ballistics and bullet physics
  • X-ray kill cam replays your lethal shots
  • Scalable scope for long distance targeting
  • Armory of high caliber sniper rifles
  • Weapon and gear upgrades
  • Online PVP multiplayer matches
  • Daily challenges and competitions
  • Leaderboards and achievements

With its seamless touch controls and addictive progression, Sniper 3D makes you feel like a master sniper. And our mod takes the excitement to another level!

Sniper 3D

Sniper 3D MOD APK Overview

Let’s first understand what is an APK mod and what are the key benefits:

  • Unlimited Coins – Infinite coins to keep upgrading and buying items
  • Unlimited Money – Max in-game money for unlimited purchases
  • All Guns Unlocked – All premium rifles unlocked and available for free
  • No Reload Time – Fire continuously without waiting for reloads
  • Enemy AI Disabled – Enemies won’t attack or fight back
  • No Ads – Fully ad-free experience for uninterrupted gameplay

With these awesome mods, you get to wreck targets non-stop with unlimited firearms and no reloads! Now let’s see how to download and install the mod.

Sniper 3D 6

How to Download and Install Sniper 3D MOD APK

Here are the steps to properly install the mod on your Android device:

  1. Click on the download button above to get the latest Sniper 3D mod APK.
  2. Enable Install from Unknown Sources if not enabled already. This allows installing apps outside Play Store.
  3. Locate and open the downloaded APK file. Select Install.
  4. Accept all the permission prompts that appear on your device screen.
  5. Wait for the installation process to complete. This should only take a few seconds.
  6. Open Sniper 3D and enjoy the unlimited coins, money and other mod benefits!

Make sure you have enough storage space before downloading this FPS game. Also turn off any antivirus apps during installation to avoid conflicts.

Sniper 3D 2

Gameplay Features of Sniper 3D MOD APK

Let’s look at the cool gameplay tweaks and hacks you get with the Sniper 3D mod:

Unlimited Coins

  • Coins let you buy and upgrade weapons, equipment etc. This mod provides unlimited coins so you can purchase anything for free!

Unlimited Money

  • Money is used to buy ammo and other supplies. With unlimited money, you can fire endlessly without worrying about costs.

All Guns Unlocked

  • There are 50+ high caliber sniper rifles to unlock. The mod unlocks them all instantly for free access.

No Reload Time

  • You can now shoot continuously without interruptions even after the clip finishes. Greatly increases firepower.

Enemy AI Disabled

  • Normally enemies hunt and attack you. But the mod turns off their AI so they just stand still, letting you snipe easily.

No Ads

  • Really annoying ads play between levels and when restarting. This mod completely removes all video and banner ads.

Together these make Sniper 3D way more thrilling and fun by removing limitations and grinding. You get to focus purely on pulling off insane long distance shots!

Sniper 3D 3

Tips and Strategies for New Players

Here are some useful Sniper 3D tips and strategies for new players:

  • Improve aim by playing daily Take Aim challenges where you have to hit all targets.
  • Equip stability and aiming mods on rifles to reduce bullet spread and sway for longer range shots.
  • Always go for headshots on enemies rather than body shots for maximum damage.
  • Save powerful prototype weapons for boss levels rather than wasting ammo on standard missions.
  • Buy additional gear like heavy armor plates and medkits for added protection and survivability.
  • Upgrade VIP status to unlock new missions and exclusive high-tier weapons quickly.
  • Customize control layout and sensitivity to create your optimal control setup. Turn on gyroscope aiming if you prefer.

Practice anytime and sharpen your skills with the unlimited ammo and money. Complete all missions to prove you are the ultimate marksman!

Sniper 3D 5

Weapons and Upgrades Guide

Here are some tips for getting the best weapons and upgrades:

Buy Top-Tier Guns

Splurge on the best sniper rifles like Aztek, Plasma Cannon, Rail Driver etc. with the unlimited currency.

Elemental Ammo

Use incendiary, explosive, electric bullets for added damage bonuses against certain enemy types.

Focus on Damage Mods

Prioritize upgrades like Damage Increase, Armor Piercing over other mods for maximum lethality.

Try All Scopes

Test different scopes like 8x, 12x, 20x etc. to find the magnification you’re most comfortable with.

Upgrade Gun Rarity

Combine duplicate guns to increase their rarity, improving base stats and mods capacity.

Complete Collections

Finishing gun collections unlocks exclusive high-end prototype weapons with unique abilities.

Unlock Skins

There are cool weapon skins that also provide minor stat boosts to unlock.

Maxing out guns with skins and top-tier mods is key to demolishing missions and out-sniping rivals in PvP.

Sniper 3D 4

Multiplayer PvP Tips

Use these tips to excel at Sniper 3D’s online PVP modes:

  • Equip a high mobility rifle to quickly reposition and flank enemies.
  • Learn maps thoroughly so you know ideal sniping spots and high traffic areas.
  • Ambush stationary snipers who give away their location from lens glares.
  • Use drones to spot camping enemies behind cover.
  • Deploy mines to cover flanks and protect your sniping position.
  • Change position after every few kills so you don’t get predictable.
  • Master quickscoping skills for close range self defense when discovered.
  • Pair up with a friend and watch each other’s back in co-op matches.

Leverage your powered up guns and unlimited ammo in PvP to dominate lobbies and climb the ranks!

FAQs about Sniper 3D Mod

Is the unlimited money and coins mod 100% safe to use?

Yes, the mod is completely secure and malware free as long as you download from trusted sites like us.

Can I play co-op missions with friends using the mod?

Unfortunately the mod only works properly for solo play offline. You cannot use it for online co-op with friends.

Does the mod work on iOS devices?

Currently, it only works for Android. iOS needs jailbreak for modding which has too many risks and downsides.

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