Download: Space Shooter APK v1.771 (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Download: Space Shooter APK v1.771 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Download: Space Shooter APK v1.771 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

You can earn Unlimited Money with Space Shooter Premium APK. You unlock all power-ups, in-game content.

Name Space shooter
Publisher ONESOFT
Genre Arcade
Size 168.27 MB
Version 1.771
MOD Unlimited Money
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Space shooter is the most famous version in the Space shooter series of publisher ONESOFT
Mod Version 1.771
Total installs n/a

  1. Unlimited Diamond

Space shooter games have always been popular in the gaming community. The thrill of piloting a spaceship, battling alien forces, and exploring the galaxies provides an exhilarating experience for players. One such popular space shooter game is Galaxy Attack. With stunning graphics, action-packed gameplay, and unlimited money in the mod version, it’s no wonder why Galaxy Attack has become a fan favorite.

In this article, we will explore the gameplay, features, and mod benefits of Galaxy Attack to help you decide if this is the space shooter you’ve been looking for.

Space Shooter


Galaxy Attack offers a full-on spaceship combat experience. As the pilot, you control a spaceship and navigate through endless waves of enemies. The objective is to destroy as many alien forces as possible while avoiding getting hit yourself.

The game utilizes a tap control system. You simply tap the screen to move your spaceship up, down, left or right to steer clear of attacks. Tapping the screen also fires your blasters at the alien ships. It provides smooth maneuverability and shooting.

There are bosses you’ll encounter on every planet. Defeating them allows you to advance further into the galaxy. Bosses have larger health bars and more powerful attacks compared to standard enemies. Beating these requires strategy of dodging and firing at opportune moments.

Power-ups randomly appear after destroying some enemies. These provide boosts like faster firing rates, triple shots, and stronger shields. Effective use of power-ups is key to surviving longer.

With every planet you clear, the next features even more aliens and hazards to take on. You gain access to more spaceships as you progress. The challenge keeps ramping up to put your reflexes and concentration to the test.

Galaxy Attack offers nonstop space shooting action that’s easy to pick up but deeply challenging. Blast your way through endless enemy ships, avoid dangers, collect power-ups and aim for high scores. Are your piloting skills good enough to conquer all the planets?

Space Shooter 5
Space Shooter 6


Here are some of the main features that make Galaxy Attack a stellar space shooter:

Simple Controls

  • Intuitive tap-to-move and tap-to-shoot controls
  • Allows you to focus on dodging and firing
  • Smooth spaceship maneuverability

Stunning Graphics

  • Beautifully rendered 3D visuals
  • Detailed spaceship and alien designs
  • Immersive planets with distinct atmospheres

Enthralling Environment

  • 360-degree space environment
  • Nebulas, asteroids, stars and more
  • Each planet has a unique landscape
Space Shooter Apk

Escalating Challenge

  • Waves get tougher with smarter enemies
  • Epic boss battles on every planet
  • Challenge yourself with no limit on levels

Multiple Spaceships

  • Unlock new spaceships as you progress
  • Each ship has different firing modes and stats
  • Find your favorite ship to pilot


  • Shields, health, triple shots and more
  • Temporary boosts to aid you in battle
  • Useful when things get intense

Leaderboards & Achievements

  • Compete for high scores globally
  • Tons of achievements to complete
  • Rival friends and others on the leaderboard

Galaxy Attack checks off everything you could want in an exhilarating space shooter. Hop into the cockpit and experience the nonstop action today!

Space Shooter 2
Space Shooter 4

Galaxy Attack Mod APK Benefits

The Galaxy Attack mod APK takes the stellar gameplay even further by providing unlimited money. This allows you to fully upgrade your spaceships and make the most of the game’s features without worrying about grinding for in-game currency.

Here are the key highlights of the Galaxy Attack mod:

Unlimited Money

  • Max out upgrades from the start
  • Buy any spaceship immediately
  • Focus only on your piloting skills

Fully Upgraded Spaceships

  • Increased firepower and armor
  • Enhanced handling and speed
  • Stand a better chance against bosses

More Accessible Power-Ups

  • Purchase boosts anytime
  • Activate powers more frequently
  • Experiment with different power combinations

No Need to Grind

  • Skip the grind for in-game currency
  • Enjoy the game at your own pace
  • Spend time only on action and progression

With unlimited money, you can customize your spaceship exactly how you want and unleash its full potential in battle. No need to worry about carefully managing currency. Just hop in and enjoy pure unrestricted space shooting action.

The Galaxy Attack mod APK lets you experience this stellar game to its fullest. Now you can focus on honing your skills and beating personal high scores without interruptions. Download it today for unlimited money and nonstop fun!

Space Shooter 3
Space Shooter 1

How To Download Galaxy Attack Mod APK

If you want to get started right away with Galaxy Attack and enjoy unlimited money, then follow these easy steps to download the mod APK:

  1. Click on the “Download” button on this page. This will initiate the download of the latest Galaxy Attack mod APK.
  2. Once the download completes, open your File Manager app on Android.
  3. Navigate to the download folder. Locate the Galaxy Attack mod APK you just downloaded.
  4. Tap on the APK file. Select “Install” when prompted.
  5. The installation process will begin. Allow installation from unknown sources if you encounter any permission screens.
  6. After successful installation, you can find Galaxy Attack in your app drawer. Launch the game and enjoy!

With these simple steps, you will have Galaxy Attack mod APK with unlimited money ready on your phone. No root or complex setup required.

Experience stellar space combat with fully upgraded spaceships right off the bat. Pilot your way through menacing alien armadas and conquer the galaxies! The nonstop shooting action awaits.

FAQs About Galaxy Attack Mod APK

Is the modded APK safe to download?

Yes, it is completely safe to download and install. The unlimited money mod is a private server mod that does not involve hacking or changing any game files. There is no risk to your device.

Does it require root access?

No rooting necessary. The modded APK can simply be installed just like a normal APK. No complex setup procedures.

Will my progress be saved?

Yes, all your gameplay progress is linked to your Google Play Games or social media account and will carry over to the modded version.

Will I get banned for using the mod APK?

No, you cannot get banned for using the unlimited money mod. It is a private server mod that won’t interfere with others’ gameplay.


Galaxy Attack delivers a stellar space shooting experience with its stunning visuals, simple controls and nonstop action. Piloting your ship through swarms of enemies, dodging hazards and defeating menacing bosses is an exhilarating thrill. With the unlimited money mod APK, you can take the gameplay to greater heights by fully upgrading your ship from the start and accessing any power-ups you want. Download Galaxy Attack mod APK today and immerse yourself in epic intergalactic battles!

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