Stickman Shinobi Fighting APK v5.7 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Menu)
Stickman Shinobi Fighting APK v5.7 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Menu)

Stickman Shinobi Fighting APK v5.7 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Menu)

Enjoy the game to its peak with Stickman Shinobi Fighting premium apk! In this version you start with unlimited money.

Name Stickman Shinobi Fighting
Genre Arcade
Size 165.5 MB
Version 5.7
MOD Unlimited Money, Menu
Get it On Google Play
Stickman Shinobi Fighting is the most famous version in the Stickman Shinobi Fighting series of publisher NAGOO STUDIO
Mod Version 5.7
Total installs 10,000,000+

Grab your ninja weapons and harness mystical powers as you take on the role of an elite warrior in Stickman Shinobi Fighting. With simple one-touch controls, you’ll outmaneuver foes and pull off epic attack combos as you seek to become the ultimate stick figure ninja master.

Stickman Shinobi Fighting

Learn the Ways of the Shinobi Warrior

As an aspiring ninja in training, you’ll need to utilize stealth, cunning, and special skills to prevail. Key aspects of being a shinobi fighter include:

  • Silent assassinations – sneak up undetected and take out enemies
  • Ranged weapons – throw deadly ninja stars and arrows
  • Close quarters combat – wield melee weapons like swords and staffs
  • Elemental magic – master fire, ice, lightning and earth spells
  • Agile evasions – dodge oncoming attacks with front flips and rolls

Through 35 stealth missions, you’ll learn the way of the shinobi while taking down menacing demons, rival clans, rogue warriors, and mythical monsters straight from Japanese lore!

Stickman Shinobi Fighting 1

Utilize Weapons and Magic in Combat

While shadowy assassinations quickly take down foes when undetected, facing enemies head-on is inevitable. Fortunately, your ninja is well equipped with close and long-ranged weapons along with magical abilities to turn the tide of battle.

Weapons and Magic Arsenal

  • Swords and daggers for melee slashes
  • Shuriken throwing stars to take down airborne enemies
  • Poison-tipped needles to gradually drain health
  • Elemental magic like fire dragon and ice wolf spells
  • Healing light magic to recover health

Smart use of landmines, arrows, smoke bombs, and magic is key to dominating levels. Upgrading gears and skills by collecting scrolls hidden in each stage powers up your arsenal even further.

Stickman Shinobi Fighting 4

Nimble Ninja Control Scheme

Despite the range of attacks and abilities, control remains intuitive thanks to the simplistic input scheme. Using touch gestures, you can:

  • Tap to walk/run and climb
  • Swipe to slash weapons, throw projectiles, and cast spells
  • Two finger tap to block, evade and do acrobatics

This control responsiveness empowers you to pull off great feats of shinobi combat prowess!

Stickman Shinobi Fighting 2

Progress Through an Epic Shinobi Journey

Starting as an unknown ninja recruit, you’ll undertake intense training before carrying out missions across mystical feudal Japan environments. Advance through an engaging shinobi story in 5 gripping acts:

Act I – Initiation

  • Complete basic training
  • Swear allegiance to ninja clan
  • Undertake first field missions

Act II – The Rogue Warrior

  • Confront traitor from within clan
  • Bring rogue ninja to justice
  • Duel against dangerous ronin

Act III – Rise of the Demons

  • Demonic invasion threatens land
  • Fight through demon ninja hordes
  • Take down underworld overlords

Act IV – The Dragon Emperor

  • Ancient dragon emperor returns
  • Clash against mystical beasts
  • Confront legendary boss battles

Act V – The Final Challenge

  • Vie to become ultimate ninja warrior
  • Final tournament tests all skills
  • Defeat top ninjas for title of “Shinobi Master”

With thrill-a-minute ninja combat and an epic ascending storyline, Stickman Shinobi Fighting will have you hooked for countless hours!

Stickman Shinobi Fighting 3

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any stealth elements or just combat?

Many levels offer stealthy options to assassinate enemies quietly, but engaging in combat with unique moves and magic is very central to gameplay too. There’s a great melee/ranged balance!

Is there any customization for my ninja?

Yes, through the arsenal upgrade system and magic mastery tree, you can customize weapons/spells to align with your combat style preferences. Visual gear and costumes can’t be changed though.

How does the tournament mode work compared to story?

The tournament has you defeat short series of enemies in arena battles using all your honed skills. It unlocks after completing story mode, offering fun bite-sized challenges to test your extremes.

What are some of the craziest boss battles?

Without spoiling too much, some highlights include facing a giant eight-headed hydra, ruthless tiger spirit, sword-wielding skeleton warrior, and a duel against your clan leader at the peak of a windswept mountain castle!

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