Stumble Guys APK v0.64.1 (MOD, Unlocked All, Mega Menu)
Stumble Guys APK v0.64.1 (MOD, Unlocked All, Mega Menu)

Stumble Guys APK v0.64.1 (MOD, Unlocked All, Mega Menu)

Enjoy the game to the fullest with Stumble Guys premium apk! In this version, you start playing with everything unlocked.

Name Stumble Guys
Publisher Scopely
Genre Action
Size 142.5 MB
Version 0.64.1
MOD Unlocked All, Mega Menu
Get it On Google Play
Stumble Guys is the most famous version in the Stumble Guys series of publisher Scopely
Mod Version 0.64.1
Total installs 100,000,000+

Stumble Guys has exploded onto the mobile gaming scene recently, capturing the hearts and funny bones of gamers everywhere. This wacky battle royale game throws little ragdoll characters into a race through absurdly designed 3D worlds filled with outrageous obstacles and hazards. With its simple controls, humorous physics, and competitive multiplayer, it’s no wonder Stumble Guys has stumbled into the spotlight!

Stumble Guys

Learning the Ropes

Diving into Stumble Guys gameplay is crazy fun. The basics are simple – tap and hold to run, release to stop, swipe to move directionally, and get your little character from start to finish any way you can! Of course, with up to 12 players packed into each match madness ensues. You’ll need quick reflexes and clever moves to trip up opponents and be the first to reach the crown at the end.

The races take place in wild worlds full of outlandish obstacles to traverse. We’re talking giant pinball bumpers, rollercoaster tracks, massive swinging wrecking balls, moving platforms, and spinning blades! It’s a hilarious test of timing and balance where one wrong step sends you ragdolling away. Let’s learn how to handle some of these wild obstacles:

Pinball Bumpers

These giant pinball bumpers fling your character skyhigh when you smash into them! Time your runs and be ready to change direction in mid-air. Use them to get flung over obstacles or onto platforms. With practice you can pinball like a pro!


Hold on tight when you hit these twisting rollercoaster tracks! The key is steering into the turns by leading with your shoulder. Don’t fight it or you’ll likely ragdoll off into oblivion! Ride the rails and let gravity do the work as you zoom along.

Stumble Guys 1

Wrecking Balls

These giant swinging spheres spell certain doom if you’re not careful. Wait for openings to dash under them right after they reach the peak of their swing. Try timing it to slingshot you into the lead! But watch out, because one wrong step turns you into a little ragdoll projectile.

Pro Stumble Tips:

  • Master mid-air control by steering into falls
  • Use momentum from obstacles to your advantage
  • Study the level layouts and find optimal paths
  • Time your moves precisely by watching other players
  • Keep loose fists IRL or you’ll end up spiked against the wall 😉

With practice you’ll be pinballing off bumpers, grinding rollercoasters, and wrecking ball slingshotting with the best of them!

Madcap Multiplayer Mayhem

The zany obstacle courses are crazy enough, but add in up to 11 other players and Stumble Guys turns into absolute comedic chaos! It’s a fiercely competitive clash where unpredictable players and physics lead to howling hilarity. You’ll need equal parts skill, guile, and luck to claim the crown.

Here’s some of the multiplayer misadventures you can expect:

Mid-Race Mayhem

In the rush to finish first, other players will shove, trip, bump, block, and toss you around like a little ragdoll chew toy! Use defensive moves like hopping, dodging, and mid-air recovery to avoid getting stomped. And don’t be afraid to fight physics with physics by bumping rivals off edges or into hazards! All’s fair in love and Stumble Guys.

Stumble Guys 5

Photo Finish Insanity

Races often come down to frantic final stretches where multiple players fight for the win. Time seems to slow down as you desperately dive, grind and pinball towards the goal. Victory and defeat hang in the balance of split-second maneuvers and mid-air reactions. Will skill or luck win out? Hold your breath until someone grabs that crown!

Comeback Kids

No lead is safe in Stumble Guys – the slightest mistake can spell disaster even for frontrunners. Ragdoll physics and unpredictable obstacles can bring down the mightiest player. Watch those in last place employ high-risk wrecking ball slingshots, pinball bumper launches, and more. With some pluck and physics exploits the back of the pack may still have a chance!

Stumble Guys brings out the madcap competitor in all of us. Embrace the chaos and laugh yourself silly during these physics-gone-wild races!

Stumble Guys 2

Costume Quest

Beyond the core racing, Stumble Guys offers oodles of customization so you can style your silly little character. The costume shop houses a wild wardrobe sure to tickle your funny bone. Mix and match cute yet absurd outfits as you unlock an expanding collection of threads.

Dressing for Success

The costume combinations are seemingly endless. Adorn your character with googly glasses, wacky weapons like frying pans or paper fans, shiny shoes to stomp in style, and much more. Some premium costumes even change particle effects like a trails of bubbles or flaming footsteps! From pirates and wizards to hot dogs and bananas in pajamas, your stuntman can wear it all.

Common CostumesPremium Costumes
Googly GlassesSizzling Hot Dog Suit
Spiky HairdosStar Wizard Outfit
Silly HatsBubbly Mermaid Gear
Wacky WeaponsFlaming Ninja Style
Funny FacesWarring Clan Uniforms

The key is not just looking good, but equipping gear to match your playstyle. Sharp shoes can help shove others while floaty costumes let you hang in mid air.Ultimately you’ve got to balance style and utility when dressing your daredevil.

Strutting Your Stuff

Once you’ve got some swaggy gear it’s time to strut your stuff! Emotes let you taunt rivals mid-race and victory dances let you celebrate in signature style. Break into fits of the sillies by busting out classic moves like Flossing or Building up some sweat. Some premium emotes are especially hot like ones with epic sparks or water effects.

Owning races is even more satisfying when you can rub it in with a cheeky hat tip or silly shuffle dance. So unlock new moves and costumes to really put your personal stamp in the game!

Stumble Guys 3

Future of the Franchise

Stumble Guys shows runaway success right out of the gate, but there’s still plenty of room for the franchise to grow. The wacky worlds provide endless room for expansion both in terms of new obstacles and themes. Let’s run down what likely lies ahead for Stumble Guys.

More Madcap Maps

While the current levels seem zany, the devs are just warming up! Expect new obstacle course worlds packing even crazier contraptions. We may see rooftop construction sites with wrecking balls and teetering I-beams. How about cuisine capers in giant kitchens with dive rolls under chopping knives and oven traversals? Sky’s the limit for hazard level ideas!

And themes can get more exotic too like ancient temple treks, arctic antics on ice floes, extraterrestrial environments, and more. Special event theme remixes could enter the mix too – imagine Halloween haunted houses or holiday festivities!

Expanded Customization

With a growing playerbase invested in styling their stuntmen, wardrobe and emotes will surely expand. Expect premium seasonal costumes plus collaborations with other hit franchises. How funny would Looney Tunes, Minions or Super Mario outfits be? And more gestures, dances, effects and poses will let you express yourself in signature fashion.

Stumble Guys 4

New Modes and Mechanics

Besides fresh maps and looks, new ways to play couldemerge. Why not team battles with 4v4 matches? Or co-op challenges to conquer courses together? They could even go battle royale with a shrinking playable area! And game-changers like powerup items could really cause chaos. Grab temp invincibility, toss pies to make others slip, or equip stompers to smash rivals!

Esports and Events

As Stumble Guys competitive scene grows, major tournaments seem inevitable. I’d love to see the best players in the world duel with real money on the line! And special in-game events like new level unlocks or double XP periods would rally the player base. The party’s just getting started – Stumble Guys still has plenty of room to grow!


How do I unlock new costumes quickly?

Focus on completing daily and weekly quests for big costume cache rewards

What items should I equip for races?

Good starters are Aerodynamic Costume, Sharp Shoes, Glider Cape

What are the best tips for winning more?

Study level layouts, time moves precisely, utilize momentum

How can I recover from falls quickly?

Steer into the drop, double tap to right yourself

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