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v0.9.3 by LEMON Studio
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Name Super Stickman Dragon Warriors Super Stickman Dragon Warriors is the most famous version in the Super Stickman Dragon Warriors series of publisher LEMON Studio
Publisher LEMON Studio
Genre Action
Size 128.4 MB
Version 0.9.3
Update January 8, 2024
MOD Unlimited Money
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Super Stickman Dragon Warriors is an action-packed side scrolling beat ’em up game that will blow your socks off! With its simple yet addictive gameplay, vibrant graphics, and over the top combat, this game is an absolute blast. Let’s dive in and explore what makes this game so much fun.

Super Stickman Dragon Warriors

Addictive Hack and Slash Gameplay

At its core, Super Stickman Dragon Warriors features classic hack and slash gameplay. You control a powerful stickman warrior and must bash endless waves of enemies to a pulp using simple one button attacks. Despite the simple controls, the combat is immensely satisfying. Chaining together combos feels incredible as you unleash an onslaught of deadly strikes.

Some key features of the gameplay:

  • One button combat is easy to pick up but has depth to master
  • String together combos to unleash devastating attacks
  • Battle through hordes of unique enemies
  • Unlock new skills and abilities as you level up
  • Tons of melee and ranged weapons to unlock

Cleaving through crowds of foes with a massive axe or unleashing a flurry of arrows from your bow never gets old. The gameplay is distilled to its most fun elements – frantic real-time combat. It’s easy to get into a zen-like flow as you tap away beating baddies to a pulp.

Super Stickman Dragon Warriors 1

Vibrant Retro Graphics and Animation

The graphics in Super Stickman Dragon Warriors have an old school retro charm while still looking great. The levels consist of side scrolling environments colorfully drawn in a pixel art style. The simplistic look harkens back to classic beat ’em up games of the 8 and 16 bit era.

The stickman characters are creatively designed with cool details like capes and shoulder armor. A neat touch is how some foes will comically split apart when defeated showing just how powerful your attacks are. Little visual flourishes like this really bring the wacky over the top combat to life.

Super Stickman Dragon Warriors 2

Humorous Over the Top Combat

The combat in this game completely embraces absurdity creating constant laugh out loud moments. You’ll bash enemies with massive hammers, freeze them solid with magic staffs, or fill them full of arrows until they become animated pincushions.

Seeing the creative ways your attacks dismember and decimate the quirky enemies is morbidly hilarious. Some memorable foes include a cultist shaman who resurrects dead enemies and a heavy knight that stubbornly continues attacking as a crawling torso after you sever his legs. The charming stickman style illustrates the brutal combat in a light-hearted way.

Super Stickman Dragon Warriors 3

Satisfying Progression and Unlocks

As you vanquish foes you’ll gain experience points and level up. Each new level earns you skill points that can be invested into upgrading your attributes. More powerful strikes, greater stamina, quicker movement and other stat boosts make you a stick killing machine.

Defeating bosses and completing challenges will also earn you coins. These can be spent at the shop on goodies like new weapons, armor, consumable items and more. Load up on throwing knives, rock a spiked helmet, wield dual katanas – the options are endless!

With combat this addictive, it’s extremely rewarding to grow your skills and gear. Becoming virtually unstoppable certainly makes you feel like a Super Stickman!

Super Stickman Dragon Warriors 4

Main Game Modes

The game offers a few fun modes to hack through:

Campaign Story Mode

Fight your way through the main campaign story to save a princess from an evil dragon lord. Bash through varied environments like forests, mines, castles and more. The humorous story provides context to the beating you’ll dish out.

Survival Mode

Fight endless waves of enemies to test your skills and see how long you can last! This mode really pushes your abilities to the limit.

Time Attack

Race against the clock by sprinting through stages demolishing foes as fast as possible. Quick reflexes are key here.

Super Stickman Dragon Warriors 5

Is it Worth Playing?

Absolutely! If you enjoy intense old school hack and slash games, Super Stickman Dragon Warriors is a must play. The simple combat is immensely satisfying and the upgrades make you feel incredibly powerful. It’s the perfect game to pick up for short bursts of over the top beat ’em up action. The price is very reasonable too making this a great value.

Fans of stickman webgames will especially get a kick out of the chaotic combat against mobs of quirky foes. This game takes the stick fighting concept to a whole new level!

Overall, Super Stickman Dragon Warriors nails the addictive hack and slash gameplay loop. If you’re looking for a fun new time sink to get lost in, this game comes highly recommended! Just sit back, relax, and enjoy bashing baddies into oblivion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there multiplayer?

Unfortunately there is no direct multiplayer. However, leaderboards allow you to compete for high scores with others.

How much replay value does the game have?

Tons! With multiple playable heroes, endless survival mode, unlockables, and leaderboards there are so many sticks to smash!

Is the game appropriate for kids?

The cartoon violence is quite over the top, but likely fine for most teenagers. Recommended for ages 13+ due to the excessive beatdowns.

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New in Version 0.9.3! ✔️ Fix some minor bugs ✔️ Optimize game performance Our development team is continually improving the game to deliver the best mobile entertainment. Thank you for playing and we hope you continue to support future updates of Super Stickman Dragon Warriors.

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