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Name Super Stylist Fashion Makeover Super Stylist Fashion Makeover is the most famous version in the Super Stylist Fashion Makeover series of publisher CrazyLabs LTD
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Version 3.2.00
Update February 6, 2024
MOD Unlimited Money, Energy
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Get ready to embrace your inner fashionista with Super Stylist, the ultimate fashion makeover game for mobile! In this glamorous game, you play as an aspiring stylist creating trendy makeovers for clients, managing your own salon, and competing in style contests.

With its extensive fashion content, detailed customization, and addictive gameplay, the MOD version of Super Stylist takes the fun to another level by providing unlimited money and energy. Read on to learn all about Super Stylist’s fabulous gameplay and why the MOD is the best way to play!

Super Stylist Fashion Makeover

Overview of Super Stylist Gameplay

Super Stylist is a popular casual fashion game available on Android and iOS. The main highlights of Super Stylist include:

  • Glam makeovers – Provide head to toe makeovers for clients – do their hair, makeup, nails and find fabulous outfits.
  • Salon management – Run your own salon, decorate it, hire staff, and keep customers satisfied.
  • Style contests – Take part in style contests and fashion shows to rank up and win amazing prizes.
  • Massive wardrobe – Dress up clients from a massive wardrobe of clothing, hairstyles, accessories and makeup items.
  • Customize your stylist – Create your own fabulous stylist by choosing a model, makeup, hair and outfits.

With its combination of makeovers, salon management, competitions and extensive fashion content, Super Stylist offers an addictively fun gameplay experience for all fashion lovers out there!

Super Stylist Fashion Makeover 1

Providing Head-to-Toe Makeovers

The main attraction of Super Stylist is giving clients complete head-to-toe fashion makeovers. Here’s an overview of the makeover process:

Hair Salon

  • Cut, color, style – Transform the client’s hair with dyes, cuts like pixie or bob, and chic styles like braids or curls.
  • Hair accessories – Use hairbands, tiaras, flowers and more pretty hair accessories to accent looks.
  • Washing & blow drying – Ensure hair cleanliness by washing and blow drying before styling.

Beauty Salon

  • Cleanse & moisturize – Give the client’s face a cleansing and apply moisturizer before makeup.
  • Stunning makeup – Apply foundation, blush, eyeshadow, mascara and lip colors to achieve picture perfect makeup looks.
  • Nail salon – Shape and trim nails, apply creative nail paints, and stick on cool nail art decals.

Fashion Boutique

  • Dresses & tops – Make clients look on-trend by dressing them up in fashionable dresses, gowns, blouses etc.
  • Bottoms – Find the perfect skirts, jeans, shorts or pants to complete the look.
  • Shoes – Choose from an amazing array of heels, boots, sandals and more to match the outfit.
  • Accessories – Add necklaces, earrings, bags, sunglasses and other statement accessories.

With hundreds of hair, makeup and fashion items to choose from, you have endless options to unleash your creativity and fashion sense on clients!

Super Stylist Fashion Makeover 2

Managing Your Own Salon

A huge part of the Super Stylist gameplay involves managing your own salon to make it popular and profitable. Here are some salon management tasks:

  • Hire staff – Recruit hairdressers, makeup artists, nail artists and fashion stylists to help serve more clients quickly.
  • Purchase furniture – Buy trendy furniture and decor items like chairs, shelves, plants etc to design your salon’s layout and atmosphere.
  • Offer services – Decide which beauty and fashion services your salon provides, each with different costs and wait times.
  • Set pricing – Determine fair prices for your salon’s hair, makeup, nail and styling services. Balance profitability with affordability!
  • Manage budget – Keep track of daily salon expenses and earnings. Balance your books to maintain profitability.
  • Upgrade shop – Invest profits into upgrades like extra stations, faster equipment and premium furniture to improve your salon.
  • Keep clients happy – Ensure clients don’t wait too long and are satisfied with services to earn bigger tips and repeat business.

Juggling all these elements of running your dream salon adds fun management strategy aspects to Super Stylist’s gameplay.

Super Stylist Fashion Makeover 3 1

Competing in Style Contests

Super Stylist also lets you compete in exciting style contests and fashion shows. These contests evaluate your skills at creating stylish head-to-toe looks. Here’s an overview:

  • Contest categories – Enter contests based on themes like formalwear, beachwear, fantasy costumes and more.
  • Create stylish looks – Carefully craft coordinated outfits, hairstyles and makeup that match each contest’s theme.
  • Impress judges – Judges will score your look based on factors like creativity, theme adherence, color coordination and overall fashion sense.
  • Rank up – Earn stars and experience points by participating in contests to increase your stylist rank and reputation.
  • Win prizes – Win incredible prizes like rare clothing items, salon furniture, big cash rewards and more by placing high in contests.
  • Events – Special events like Fashion Week offer high stakes contests with big prizes and unique rules.

Competing in these style contests allows you to show off your fashion design talents in Super Stylist!

Super Stylist Fashion Makeover 4 1

Customizing Your Stylist

An exciting part of Super Stylist is customizing the appearance of your own stylist avatar. Here are the customization options:

  • Model type – Choose your model to be tall, petite, plus-sized etc for diversity.
  • Skin & makeup – Give yourself a virtual makeover with foundation, blush, eyeshadow, lipsticks and more.
  • Hairstyles – Sport straight, curly, short or long hairstyles in blonde, brunette or funky colors.
  • Outfits – Dress yourself in a wide selection of tops, dresses, bottoms, shoes and accessories.
  • Nails – Get pretty nail art on your nails to look always photo-ready!
  • Poses – Make your model strike fierce poses and expressions for photoshoots.
  • Photo mode – Take photos of your stunning stylist avatar to share on social media or set as salon profile pics.

You can spend hours crafting your dream stylist alter ego in Super Stylist!

Super Stylist MOD Gameplay

Now let’s look at how the Super Stylist MOD improves the game drastically by providing:

  • Unlimited money – Have endless in-game cash to spend on whatever you want! Hire staff instantly, buy salon items, and purchase unlimited clothes.
  • Unlimited energy – Your stylist has endless energy instead of needing to recharge. Provide makeovers nonstop without waiting!
  • All items unlocked – Get access to all hair colors, makeup, outfits, furniture etc from the start instead of needing to rank up.
  • No annoying ads – Enjoy uninterrupted gameplay without irritating ads popping up while playing.

With unlimited cash and energy, you can acquire everything instantly and play Super Stylist the way you really want to – by focusing completely on styling clients and competing in contests creatively without pesky limitations or waiting. It transforms the game into an addicting creative sandbox!

Tips and Tricks for Super Stylist

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to excel at Super Stylist:

  • Analyze client requests carefully to identify their preferred styles. Give them makeovers to match their tastes.
  • Invest salon profits into upgrading equipment and hiring more staff early on to boost salon productivity.
  • Buy multiples of popular furniture and decor items since clients prefer seeing their favorites.
  • Space out high-maintenance services at your salon like massages so staff isn’t overwhelmed.
  • For contests, coordinate all items purposefully instead of just throwing together random stuff. Judges reward cohesiveness.
  • Use accessories like sunglasses, hats and jewelry to creatively tie together outfits.
  • Change your stylist model’s makeup and outfits regularly to try out new styles.
  • Save rare limited edition clothing items only for really special contests.
  • Participate in events like Fashion Week for big rewards even if you don’t place high.

Super Stylist Gameplay Trailer

Check out this official trailer for Super Stylist to see the glamorous makeovers, salon management and style contests in action:

The trailer demonstrates how Super Stylist lets you live out your dreams of becoming a top fashionista through its diverse makeover options, customizable salon design, and competitive fashion events. With unlimited money and energy via the mod, you can enjoy all these fab gameplay elements without restrictions!

Super Stylist Fashion Makeover 5 1

Gameplay Review Summary

Here’s a quick rundown of Super Stylist’s main gameplay features:

  • Makeovers: 5/5 – The huge makeover options make styling clients immensely fun and creative.
  • Salon Management: 4/5 – Juggling your salon’s operations adds engaging management strategy to the game.
  • Contests: 4.5/5 – The style contests provide great long-term goals and let you show off fashion skills.
  • Customization: 5/5 – Endless options for dressing up yourself and customizing the salon layout.
  • Unlocks & Progression: 3/5 – Having to rank up to unlock items can feel restrictive and grindy.
  • Mod Benefits: 5/5 – Unlimited money/energy from the mod makes the entire experience way better.

Overall, Super Stylist is easily one of the best and most polished fashion makeover simulation games available on mobile. The mod removes all frustrating limitations so you can play exactly how you want. If you have even the slightest interest in fashion and style, this game is an absolute must-try!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the game work offline?

Yes, Super Stylist can be played fully offline once downloaded. Only contests require occasional internet access.

Are there different skin tones for models?

Yes, you can change skin tones of both client models and your stylist avatar for diversity.

Can guys also style male clients?

Unfortunately no, the clients are exclusively female. But the custom stylist can be male or female.

Is there a storyline or career mode?

There isn’t a structured story, but the salon progression and contests provide an overarching career path.

Can you play offline indefinitely?

There is no limit, but you’ll miss out on special online contest events and multiplayer features while offline.

And that concludes our complete rundown on the incredibly fun, deeply engaging gameplay of Super Stylist! This glam makeover game is an absolute fashion must-play, especially with the unlimited money and energy from the mod. Create trendy makeovers, flaunt designer outfits, and strut your style with Super Stylist today!

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