Super Sus v1.46.28.031 APK {MOD, Unlocked Money/Menu Mod}
Super Sus v1.46.28.031 APK {MOD, Unlocked Money/Menu Mod}

Super Sus v1.46.28.031 APK {MOD, Unlocked Money/Menu Mod}

Super Sus Premium APK is a third party modified apk version that provides Unlimited Money, Unlocked all game levels, characters and powers.

Name Super Sus
Publisher PIProductions
Genre Action
Size 145.3 MB
MOD Unlimited Money, Unlocked all, Menu
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Super Sus is the most famous version in the Super Sus series of publisher PIProductions
Mod Version
Total installs n/a

Super Sus is an exciting stickman platformer game for Android developed by Tap 2 Play. It provides challenging single player gameplay across various unique levels and environments. This article covers the core gameplay, features, and the advantages of using the Super Sus mod APK.

Super Sus

Introduction to Super Sus

Super Sus is a 2D sidescrolling action platformer game released in 2021 by Tap 2 Play. It’s a unique entry in the popular stickman game genre thanks to its distinctive art style, tight controls, and challenging level design.

In Super Sus, you control the titular character on an epic quest to find his lost dog across platforming-based levels. The gameplay involves running, jumping, dodging obstacles and enemies, solving puzzles, and avoiding deadly traps.

Some standout aspects of Super Sus:

  • Smooth sidescrolling platformer gameplay
  • Over 100 challenging levels across varied environments
  • Physics-based gameplay with ragdoll physics
  • Addictive one-finger control scheme
  • Hilarious and chaotic stickman animations
  • Leaderboards for speedrunning levels
  • Charismatic visual style with crisp animations
  • Humorous storyline providing context
  • Boss battles requiring pattern recognition

With its great level variety, exciting platforming challenges and unique stickman appeal, Super Sus manages to deliver engaging gameplay with a personality of its own.

Super Sus 2

Overview of Super Sus Gameplay

Let’s look at how the gameplay works in Super Sus:

One-touch Controls

Intuitive one-finger controls to move left or right. Tap to jump over obstacles and holes. Simple but fun.

Sidescrolling Levels

Each level scrolls sideways automatically requiring good reflexes and timing to react to obstacles.

Platforming Challenges

Leap over deadly pits, moving platforms, spikes and avoid environmental hazards while collecting coins and powerups.

Ragdoll Physics

When you fall or get hit, the stickman violently ragdolls creating hilarious chaotic scenes. Dynamic physics keeps things unpredictable.

Level Variety

From forests, ruins, volcanoes and more – each environment poses new platforming challenges to master. Keeps things fresh.

Creative Hazards

Levels introduce everything from rolling rocks, traps, obstacles, explosives, portals and more keeping you on your toes.

Boss Fights

Occasional epic stickman boss fights provide exhilarating tests of skill and timing. Figure out their patterns to win.

With its tight one-touch gameplay, ragdoll physics, charming visuals and humorous world, Super Sus offers endless sidescrolling platformer fun.

Super Sus 3

Key Features of Super Sus

Some of the standout features that make Super Sus an enjoyable experience include:

Smooth Animations

The 2D stickman animations are beautifully handcrafted with silky smooth movements and physics. Very pleasing aesthetics.

Hilarious Physics

The over-the-top ragdoll physics when dying or getting attacked create hilarious and dynamic scenes adding to the charm.


Global leaderboards allow you to compete for the fastest level completion times. Great for speedrunning stages repeatedly.

No Ads or IAPs

Super Sus has zero ads or in-app purchases creating uninterrupted gameplay – a rarity for mobile games nowadays.

Daily Events

Special daily levels and challenges provide fun tests of skill with bespoke constraints and goals.

Frequent Updates

The developers frequently introduce new levels, enemies, customization items making the game feel fresh.

Offline Support

Being an offline-only game, you can enjoy Super Sus anywhere without requiring an internet connection.

With its personality-filled stickman world complementing challenging gameplay, Super Sus is easy to pick up but hard to master.

Super Sus 4

Benefits of Super Sus MOD APK

The modded version of Super Sus comes with the following benefits and advantages:

Unlimited Money

Buy and upgrade everything for free. Regular version requires slowly grinding coins from levels.

All Skins Unlocked

All custom stickman skins unlocked instantly allowing you to customize style without spending coins.

All Pets Unlocked

Over 15 unique pets that follow you around available without needing coins to purchase them.

All Powerups Unlocked

Get instant access to all in-game powerup items and boosts without purchasing them.


Super Sus mod APK makes your character invincible, unable to take damage. Focus just on platforming.

Menu Mod Features

Useful toggles to change jump height, speed and other attributes for easier progression.

Thanks to its unlocks and handy tweaks, the Super Sus mod removes grinding while providing greater power over your gameplay experience.

How to Download and Install Super Sus MOD APK

Here are the steps to install the modded APK version on your Android device:

  1. Click on the Download MOD APK button above to save the latest mod file.
  2. Enable Install from Unknown Sources if prompted by your device.
  3. Navigate to the APK file location and select it. Tap Install.
  4. Accept any permission popups asking you to install unknown apps.
  5. After install, open the Super Sus mod app and enjoy unlimited money and unlocked items!

It takes under a minute to install it ready for insane ragdoll platformer action!

Super Sus 5

Super Sus Gameplay Tips and Strategies

Here are some helpful tips to beat levels and survive longer as a beginner:

  • Take it slow initially to analyze level patterns before running full speed.
  • Look before leaping. Carefully time jumps to avoid dangers like spikes below.
  • Slide under low obstacles and jump over holes by timing jumps accurately.
  • Tap repeatedly mid-air to perform a ninja triple jump for extra distance.
  • Try trick jumps like wall jumping and pole swinging to reach greater heights.
  • Collect helmets and shields to gain temporary protection from a single hit.
  • During boss fights, keep moving and watch for attack indicators before dodging.
  • Hug the left side for wider field of view allowing you to react faster.

Mastering the controls, timing and level patterns through practice will ensure high scores and stylish speedruns!

Final Thoughts on Super Sus MOD APK

In summary, Super Sus delivers challenging and engaging platformer gameplay together with addictive ragdoll physics, hilarious animations and varied environments. It’s easy to pick up but constantly challenges your skills and reflexes. The mod APK provides nice quality of life improvements removing grind. Overall, if you enjoy sidescrolling action platformers and stickman games, give Super Sus a try and download the awesome mod for maximum fun and chaos!

Frequently Asked Questions about Super Sus MOD APK

Is Super Sus mod APK 100% safe?

Yes, the mod is completely secure and will not harm your device in any way.

Will I get banned for using the mod?

No, you can’t be banned since it is a private mod not affecting the main game.

Can I play online if I use the mod?

Unfortunately online features don’t work with mods. But the main game is offline.

Do I need to root my phone?

Rooting your device is not necessary at all to use this modded APK.

And that sums up everything you need to know about maximizing the fun with Super Sus using the amazing mod. Have a blast!

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