Taichi Panda: Heroes APK v6.6 (MOD, Dumb Enemy, One Hit)
Taichi Panda: Heroes APK v6.6 (MOD, Dumb Enemy, One Hit)

Taichi Panda: Heroes APK v6.6 (MOD, Dumb Enemy, One Hit)

Start the game one step ahead with Taichi Panda: Heroes premium apk! Unlock features like dumb enemy, one hit and become invincible.

Name Taichi Panda: Heroes
Publisher Snail Games USA Inc
Genre Role Playing
Size 47.2 MB
Version 6.6
MOD Dumb Enemy, One Hit
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Taichi Panda: Heroes is the most famous version in the Taichi Panda: Heroes series of publisher Snail Games USA Inc
Mod Version 6.6
Total installs 1,000,000+

Taichi Panda: Heroes brings RPG combat to life with visually stunning moves and combos. Swipe to unleash arrows, fireballs, healing powers and more to defeat menacing monsters across magical lands teeming with quests.

Taichi Panda Heroes

The Vast World of Avzel

Journey across wondrous regions filled with heroes, creatures and sinister villainy.

Explorable Realms

Battle through pine forests, searing deserts, misty graveyards, icy caves and more fully explorable realms bursting with secrets. Dynamic weather like blizzards and sandstorms make landscapes even more immersive!

Mythical Beings

Encounter magical beings like mischievous nomadic elves, revered warrior centaurs, and mystical dragons with their own agendas. But beware blood-hungry vampires, wild werewolves, and creepy zombies out for trouble!

Legendary Lore

Discover ruins holding ancient secrets and magical artifacts central to Avzel’s extensive fantasy lore spanning millennia. Piecing together these truths unlocks greater powers.

Taichi Panda Heroes 1

Action Packed Combat

Vanquish foes using skill and strategy in Taichi Panda’s fast-paced brawling system.

RPG Class Roles

Assemble a balanced squad from classes like berserker, archer, battle mage, priest and more with specialized strengths to form unstoppable teams. Heroes Phoenix, Aurore, Baron, Rockspar and Zephyr have unique skills to master!

Elemental Attacks

Unleash area-of-effect spells like fiery tornadoes, icy shards, electro-orbs and poison explosions against hordes of enemies for maximum damage. Elemental weapons and enchanted gear boost these elemental powers even further.

Tactical Teamwork

Flank enemies for increased critical hit chances while tanks grab threat. Support heroes dispel negative status effects, heal teammates and empower damage-dealers for epic group coordination.

Taichi Panda Heroes 2

Dungeon Exploration

Delve into treacherous dynamically generated dungeons filled with enemies to loot for epic rewards.

Procedurally Populated

Dungeons uniquely populate with enemies, elite bosses and hazards like arrow turrets each run. Adapt tactics accordingly and be ready for surprises lurking around every corner in these rogue-like runs!

Hidden Shortcuts

Keep alert to discover locked shortcut doors linking deeper chambers back to entrance areas. These shortcuts provide handy quick escapes when battles risk becoming too hot to handle!

Puzzle Solving

Overcome strategic challenges like flame wall mazes, elemental pillar puzzles and magic symbol combinations to unlock dungeon depths where bosses guard the greatest treasures. Think carefully!

Hero Development

Constantly improve your roster of heroes by accumulating experience, rank ups and gear.

XP & Progression

Earn XP through combat then watch heroes level up to distribute points improving damage, health, magic power, critical hit chance and more. Reach new milestones in the overall campaign to promote hero rank and evolution up to six starring!

Loot Equipment

Defeat enemies and complete daily quests to earn precious loot like formidable lances, graceful bows, battle staves, protective armor, magic rings and amulets. Equip for stat boosts.

Crew Airship Expeditions

Strategically send idle heroes on expeditions via your airship to faroff lands. Reap rewards like crafting materials, gold and hero experience orbs without lifting a finger!

Taichi Panda Heroes 3

Multiplayer Showdowns

Test your squad’s skill against real opponents in asynchronous PvP battles and cooperate in guild boss raids.

Duel to Climb Ranks

Challenge player-controlled defensive teams for points and trophies. Earning trophies allows you to advance league tiers from bronze up through champion for brawling glory!

Guild Cooperative Raids

Work with guildmates by attacking colossal raid bosses too mighty for any one team. Inflict damage over time then alongside friends before the boss enrages!


With console-quality visuals, RPG depth and constantly expanding features, Taichi Panda: Heroes engages mobile gamers with infectious fantasy fun. Grab some friends and explore the magical world of Avzel today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Taichi Panda: Heroes cost to play?

The game is 100% free-to-play.

What type of in-app purchases are available?

IAPs include special hero skins, emotes, guild icons, personal avatars and more cosmetic upgrades. No pay-to-win mechanics.

Does the game require an internet connection?

Yes, you must be connected for all activities from progression syncing to PvP battles. Offline play is not supported.

Is Taichi Panda appropriate for kids?

Fantasy violence makes it best suited for ages 12 and up. Parental discretion advised.

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