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Tank Stars APK v2.03 (MOD, Unlimited Money/Gems/Unlocked)

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Name Tank Stars Tank Stars is the most famous version in the Tank Stars series of publisher CASUAL AZUR GAMES
Genre Arcade
Size 130.46 MB
Version 2.03
Update December 24, 2023
MOD Unlimited Money/Gems/Unlocked
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  • All Unlocked
  • Unlimited Money/Gems
  • Unlimited Fuel

Get ready for intense 1v1 tank battles in Tank Stars, an explosive arcade combat game from the makers of Cut the Rope!

In this action-packed game, you build an armored tank army and face off against friends or random online opponents in PvP artillery duels. The goal is to tactically maneuver your tanks, land hits and destroy the enemy tanks before they obliterate you!

Tank Stars 2

Key Gameplay Features:

  • 13 unique tanks, each with their own offensive and defensive abilities
  • Strategic battlefield environments with obstacles, cover and traps
  • Physics-based ballistic trajectory controls
  • Epic chests with crazy powerups and rewards
  • Upgrade tanks for maximum firepower and armor
  • Rank up by dominating duels to win trophies
  • Co-op mode unlocks 3v3 battles
  • Customizable tanks with tons of cosmetics and bling

With its easy tap controls, rewarding progression and explosive PvP action, Tank Stars provides endless competitive fun. And with our special mod, the gameplay is taken to whole new level!

Tank Stars 5

Tank Stars MOD APK Overview

Let’s first understand what is a modded APK and what are the benefits:

  • Unlimited Money – Max in-game currency to progress faster
  • Free Gems – Premium gem currency for upgrades
  • All Tanks Unlocked – Instant access to all 13 tanks
  • No Ads – Uninterrupted duels without annoying ads
  • Rapid Fire – Increased rate of fire for quicker takedowns
  • Mega Damage – Your shots pack a much heavier punch

These powerful mods allow you to unlock everything and destroy opponents faster for a major advantage. Now let’s see how to install the Tank Stars mod.

Tank Stars 4

How to Download and Install Tank Stars MOD APK

Here are the step-by-step instructions to properly install the mod on your device:

  1. Click on the download button below to get the latest Tank Stars MOD APK.
  2. Enable Install from Unknown Sources if not already enabled. This allows installing third-party APKs.
  3. Open your browser’s download folder and tap on the downloaded APK to install.
  4. Hit Install on the prompt and accept any requested app permissions.
  5. The mod will be successfully installed within seconds. Enjoy!

Make sure you have sufficient storage space before downloading this game. Also temporarily disable any antivirus apps during the install process to prevent conflicts.

Tank Stars Mod

Gameplay Features of Tank Stars MOD APK

Now let’s look at the exciting gameplay perks and features you get with this mod:

Unlimited Money

  • Money is used to upgrade and customize your tanks. The mod provides unlimited money so you can max everything out without grinding!

Unlimited Gems

  • Gems are used to speed up chest unlock timers. With unlimited gems you can instantly open chests.

All Tanks Unlocked

  • There are 13 tanks each with unique stats and abilities. This mod unlocks them all immediately for free.

No Ads

  • Really annoying ads play between duels normally. This mod completely removes all video and banner ads.

Rapid Fire

  • Your tanks’ rate of fire is doubled allowing you to shoot shells much faster pummeling opponents quickly.

Mega Damage

  • Your tank shells do 100X more damage for absolute catastrophic explosions with each hit!

Together, these mods make Tank Stars insanely fun by removing limitations and letting you destroy rivals with impunity. Get ready for epic dueling action!

Tank Stars 1

Tips and Strategies for New Players

Here are some useful Tank Stars tips and strategies for new players:

  • Master moving and shooting simultaneously. Good maneuvering separates the pros.
  • Learn each tank’s strengths like DPS or armor to select the right ones for maps.
  • Upgrade movement speed first so you can dodge shots while attacking quickly.
  • Use terrain, obstacles and corners to block enemy shots and control battle flow.
  • Circle strafe continuously to make your tank harder to hit. Never stay static.
  • In tough duels, lure enemies towards your base turrets for extra support fire.
  • When outnumbered, fall back behind cover and let enemies come to you one by one.
  • Use area damage weapons like cannons and missiles when engaging groups for splash damage.

With these tips and the mod advantages, you’ll quickly be on your way to dominating the battlefield and rising through the ranks!

Tank Stars Upgrade Your Tanks

Tank Customization and Progression

Here are some tips for customizing your tanks and progressing faster:

Upgrade Vital Stats

Focus on upgrading damage, health and energy capacity to make tanks stronger in battle. Movement speed is also very important.

Activate Powerups

Equip powerups like Critical Hit or Health Boost for added combat advantages. Switch powerups based on your playstyle.

Custom Paint Jobs

Utilize the unlimited money to give tanks cool cosmetic makeovers with custom skins, decals and colors. Intimidate your foes.

Level Up with XP

Earning XP allows your main account to level up which unlocks new tanks and powerups. Play duels regularly to gain XP.

Open Chests Frequently

Chests provide parts, skins and coins. With unlimited gems, you can speed open chests almost instantly.

Complete Achievements

Achievements provide objectives that reward coins and gems. Ideal for new players.

With unlimited currency and gems, you’ll be customizing in style and progressing fast!

Tank Stars

Top Tanks Tier List

Here are the best and most powerful tanks worth unlocking and upgrading first with the mod:

SRaccoonInsane DPS and crit chance make this the top DPS tank.
STigerMassive health pool and heavy armor allow it to absorb insane damage.
AHurricaneVery fast moving tank great for hit and run attacks.
ATankensteinPowerful area damage weapons obliterate groups of enemies.
BTyphoonGood balance of speed and armor make it viable in most duels.
BHammerSlow but crushes enemies under sheer weight and health.

Make sure to upgrade your top tier tanks fully by applying all available upgrades and mods. This will give you the firepower needed to quickly move up through leagues.

Tank Stars 3

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Common Troubleshooting Issues

Here are some common issues and solutions:

Problem: Game crashes or errors on launch.

Fix: Update to latest version, restart device, reinstall mod. Disable other mods.

Problem: Stuck on loading screen.

Fix: Clear cache and game data, reconnect internet, restart device/game.

Problem: Can’t install mod APK.

Fix: Enable unknown sources, disable Play Protect, turn off antivirus.

Problem: Mod features not working.

Fix: Redownload mod, restart app, check for app updates, reinstall clean.

Problem: Game lag during battles.

Fix: Close background apps, restart device, ensure internet is fast and stable. Lower graphics.

And that’s it! With this detailed guide, you can now destroy the opposition using the Tank Stars mod and become the ultimate armored champion. Download now and enjoy!


Is the Tank Stars mod APK safe to download?

Yes, the mod is completely safe as long as you download it from trusted sites like us. The file is scanned for malware before release.

Can I play 1v1 battles against friends?

Unfortunately mod features will only work for offline battles. You cannot duel friends online with the mods enabled.

How do I fix it if the mods stops working suddenly?

Mostly, just restarting the app or your device should resolve any issues. Worst case, redownload the mod file and reinstall it cleanly.

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