Tap Titans 2 APK v6.5.0 (MOD, Mega Menu, VIP, Unlimited Money)
Tap Titans 2 APK v6.5.0 (MOD, Mega Menu, VIP, Unlimited Money)

Tap Titans 2 APK v6.5.0 (MOD, Mega Menu, VIP, Unlimited Money)

Grab your sword and start tapping! In Tap Titans 2 Premium Apk, you play as a mighty hero battling titans and collecting loot.

Name Tap Titans 2
Publisher Game Hive Corporation
Genre Role Playing
Size 171.1 MB
Version 6.5.0
MOD Mega Menu, VIP, Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
Tap Titans 2 is the most famous version in the Tap Titans 2 series of publisher Game Hive Corporation
Mod Version 6.5.0
Total installs 10,000,000+

Grab your sword and start tapping! In Tap Titans 2, you play as a mighty hero battling titans and collecting loot. This clicker RPG tests your tapping prowess across thousands of stages.

This in-depth guide covers everything you need for Tap Titans 2 mastery. Let’s get tapping to glory!

Tap Titans 2

Tap Titans 2 Gameplay Basics

Tap Titans 2 blends RPG progression with idle clicking mechanics. Here’s an overview:

Tapping Combat

  • Tap the screen to attack Titans and deal damage.
  • Defeat Titans to advance stages and earn gold.
  • Bosses every few stages test your tapping skills.

Hero Upgrades

  • Spend gold to upgrade hero damage, health, and skills.
  • Level up your hero to unlock new upgrade tiers.
  • Prestige to boost starting power.

Managing Skills

  • Activate skills like Deadly Strike and Hand of Midas.
  • Skills multiply damage or gold earned for a duration.
  • Use skills tactically to progress further.

Equipment and Artifacts

  • Equip forged swords, helms, armor, and more.
  • Discover artifacts that confer permanent bonuses.

With the basics squared away, let’s get into effective play strategies…

Early Game Progression Tips

When just starting out, follow these tips to gain power fast:

  • Tap actively instead of idling to progress faster at first.
  • Upgrade your hero’s damage first before other stats.
  • Prestige as soon as progress slows to boost your stats.
  • Discover and equip new gear and artifacts whenever possible.
  • Watch ads between prestiges to double relic gains.
  • Join a clan for gifts, raids, and clan crates.

With a tap-centric start, you’ll blast through the first hundred stages quickly.

Tap Titans 2 1

Optimizing Your Prestige Strategy

Prestiging resets your progress but boosts future runs. Here are some prestige tips:

Max Stage Before Prestige

Push until bosses take more than 5-10 seconds to defeat before prestiging.


Prestige 2-3 times per day once you hit max stage. More is tiring.

Relic Bonuses

Discover relics that boost prestiging to maximize gold gains.

Tournaments and Events

Time prestiges with tournaments and events to rapid gain levels.

Max Damage First

Before prestiging, level up damage skills and equipment fully. Gold skills next.

Proper prestige timing will have you rocketing up stages and tapping with insane power!

Mastering Your Skills

Activating the right skills at key moments is crucial to progression. Here are skill tips:

Deadly Strike

Use Deadly Strike just before fighting bosses for maximum boss damage.

Hand of Midas

Activate Hand of Midas when approaching your max stage for big gold gains.

Fire Sword

Fire Sword helps mow down swarms of normal titans quickly.

War Cry

Use War Cry before Fire Sword or Deadly Strike to amplify their damage.

Mana Management

Conserve mana until key skill use moments. Don’t waste it frivolously.

With strategic skills, you’ll push hundreds of stages further and defeat challenging bosses.

Tap Titans 2 2

Optimizing Your Build and Equipment

Tailoring your hero’s build and gear boosts your tapping power. Here are some tips:

Compare Equipment

When choosing gear, compare the bonus percentages – higher is better.

Level Key Artifacts

Prioritize leveling gold or damage boost artifacts first.

Match Build to Playstyle

Customize your build – e.g. more gold skills if you idle frequently.

Remove Inactive Skills

Respec skills you don’t use to reinforce your chosen build.

Upgrade Smartly

Spread upgrades across gear rather than maxing one item. Balance is best.

By matching the right gear and skills to your playstyle, you’ll maximize progression speed.

Clan Participation Tips

Joining a clan provides many benefits. Here are tips for clan participation:

Find an Active Clan

Search for a clan with active raiders and regular raids for the best rewards.

Raid Consistently

Use all your hits in each raid to maximize damage and earn cards.

Request Cards Wisely

Request cards that boost your build’s main damage type. Don’t waste requests.

Share Unneeded Gear

Donate extra equipment to fellow clanmates to increase your reputation.

Participate in Chat

Join clan chat discussions and ask for advice to improve your build.

Loot, rewards, and friends await you in Tap Titans 2 clans!

Overcoming Tough Bosses

Tough bosses can block your progression until you overcome them. Here are boss-defeating strategies:

Analyze Boss Mechanics

Note boss gimmicks like healing orbs or damage immunity phases so you can adapt.

Use Deadly Strike

Timing Deadly Strikes just after boss immunity phases ends is key to landing big damage safely.

Activate Abilities

Use War Cry and Hand of Midas right before bosses for an advantage.

Farm Gear and Artifacts

Getting specific artifacts like Drunken Hammer makes bosses much easier.

Watch Video Guides

YouTube videos of top players beating your boss can reveal winning strategies.

With determination and the right abilities, you’ll tap any boss into oblivion!

Advanced Tips and Strategies

Once you’ve mastered the basics, utilize these advanced tactics:

Hybrid Builds

Blend tapping, damage, and gold skills situationally. Remain flexible.

Active IDLE

Rapidly tap through areas then idle on bosses only. Maximizes progress.

Mana Crit Strategy

Build up mana crit chance gear and skills for huge mana windfalls.

Anti-Titan Stacking

Stack multiple “x vs titans” multipliers by coordinating gear, skills, and cards.

Mind Gold Pacing

Don’t level key gold artifacts until needed. Stockpiles relics until crucial progression walls.

With the right advanced strategies, you’ll maximize your tap power!

Tap Titans 2 3

Tap Titans 2 Tips and Tricks

Here are some final tips for Tap Titans 2 mastery:

Export Stats

Use the export stats function to review damage sources and optimize your build.

Make Friends and Compete

Having an in-game friend list makes tournaments and clan searching easier.

Review Patch Notes

Read patch notes carefully to spot new artifacts, gear, or features to take advantage of.

Regularly Collect Rewards

Don’t forget to collect daily achievement rewards, clan crates, daily logins, etc.

Avoid Wasting Gems

Use gems only on important things like mythic gear unlocks or salvaging. Be frugal.

Now get tapping and see how far you can push! With the strategies in this guide, you’ll be dominating stages and titans in no time. Go click some baddies!

Tap Titans 2 FAQ

What are some good tips for early game progression?

Tap actively at first. Upgrade damage first. Prestige when progress slows. Discover gear/artifacts. Watch ads between prestiges. Join a clan.

How can I optimize my prestige strategy?

Push until bosses take 5+ seconds. Prestige 2-3 times daily. Use relic bonuses. Time with tournaments/events. Max damage before prestiging.

When should I use different skills for the best impact?

Use Deadly Strike on bosses. Activate Hand of Midas at max stage. Use Fire Sword against titan swarms. Amplify with War Cry. Conserve mana.

How can I maximize my build and equipment?

Compare gear percentages when choosing. Prioritize key artifacts. Match build to playstyle. Remove inactive skills. Spread upgrades evenly.

What are some effective strategies for tough bosses?

Study boss mechanics. Time Deadly Strikes after immunity phases. Use abilities pre-boss. Farm specific gear/artifacts. Watch videos of top players.

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