Tap Wizard 2 v6.1.0 MOD APK (God Mode/Free Shopping)
Tap Wizard 2 v6.1.0 MOD APK (God Mode/Free Shopping)

Tap Wizard 2 v6.1.0 MOD APK (God Mode/Free Shopping)

This TAP WIZARD 2 MOD APK with amazing features such as God Mode, an unlimited amount of coins to purchase items, and free shopping.

Name Tap Wizard 2: Idle Magic Game
Publisher TopCog
Genre Simulation
Size 99.2 MB
Version 6.1.0
MOD God Mode/Free Shopping
Get it On Google Play
Tap Wizard 2: Idle Magic Game is the most famous version in the Tap Wizard 2: Idle Magic Game series of publisher TopCog
Mod Version 6.1.0
Total installs 100,000+

For a spellbinding idle RPG experience, look no further than Tap Wizard 2. This incremental magic battler by Flaregames lets you tap your way to sorcerer supremacy by vanquishing monsters and collecting artifacts. With god mode and free shopping from the MOD APK, it’s your chance to dominate as an all-powerful archmage!

Tap Wizard 2 blends idle progression with active spell-slinging combat for a magical idle RPG adventure. Let’s summon some fun!

Tap Wizard 2

Overview of Gameplay

In Tap Wizard 2, you play as a fledgling wizard gathering mana, recruiting allies, learning spells and growing stronger over time. Core gameplay revolves around:

  • Tapping on the screen to defeat monsters and collect artifacts.
  • Gradually unlocking new spells and allies.
  • Managing formations and equipment to boost power.
  • Progressing through chapters with unique environments.
  • Prestige mechanic to boost earnings after resetting.
  • Regular events and updates with fresh content.

With its blend of idle progression, incremental micromanagement and active spell-casting combat, Tap Wizard 2 always gives you something to do, even when the game is closed. If you’re seeking an engaging sorcery-themed idle RPG, this is a top choice.

Benefits of the MOD APK

The Tap Wizard 2 MOD APK provides the following advantages:

  • God mode – Instantly kill enemies and earn maximum rewards for fast progression
  • Free shopping – Obtain any item, spell or ally without spending gems
  • Menu unlock – Access all tabs and activities right from the start
  • No skill cooldowns – Spam skills freely with no waiting

With god mode and free shopping, you’ll tear through baddies and grow insanely strong in no time. The world of Tap Wizard 2 is yours for the taking!

Main Gameplay Loops

Tap Wizard 2 revolves around a few key incremental RPG gameplay loops. Let’s examine each one:

Loot Collection

  • Automatically defeat enemies by tapping or with auto-battle to collect gold and gems.
  • Spend resources on upgrades that increase earnings and power.
  • Prestige to reset progress in exchange for boosts.

Team Management

  • Recruit allies like orcs, vampires, golems with unique strengths.
  • Level up and evolve allies for new abilities and bonuses.
  • Set formations focused on DPS, gold earnings or HP.

Spell Casting

  • Unlock an arsenal of offensive spells with different damage types.
  • Activate skills manually for tougher enemies or bosses.
  • Manage spell cooldowns and mana consumption.

Adventure Progression

  • Journey through mysterious realms filled with monsters.
  • Defeat chapter bosses to advance to new areas.
  • Farm chapters for resources and unlocks.

Through comboing these core loops, Tap Wizard 2 always gives you something to tap, manage, or work towards unlocking. Now let’s look at battle in more detail.

Tap Wizard 2 1

Spell-Slinging Wizard Combat

Tap Wizard 2’s combat revolves around tapping and casting spells to obliterate enemies:


Against regular foes, simply tap or activate auto-battle to have your team automatically defeat them, earning gold and gems.

Activating Spells

For stronger enemies, manually cast offensive spells by tapping them when ready. Coordinate combos.

Managing Resources

Keep an eye on spell cooldowns and your mana reserves. Balance powerful spells with conservation.

Dodging Hazards

In later areas, use slide or teleport moves to avoid enemy AOEs and hazards on the battlefield.

Team Synergy

Align your team of wizards, warriors, priests and more for ideal ability combos during fights.

While largely idle at its core, the ability to manually cast spells and dodges keeps you engaged in the action. And now for everyone’s favorite – loot!

Loot & Upgrade Systems

Like any great RPG, upgrading your gear and character is core to progression in Tap Wizard 2. Let’s look at some key upgrade elements:


Equip magical rings, amulets, spell books and other artifacts granting boosts to DPS, gold earnings, health and more.


Recruit and upgrade diverse ally types like orcs, necromancers, giants and fairies for new formations.


Acquire new devastating spells through research or as chapter drops. Upgrade their damage.


Invest gold into masteries that permanently increase gold earnings, spell power, and more.

Prestige Shop

Spend prestige currency earned through resets on OP relics, pets and other big boosts.

With deep upgrade branches, you have ample ways to specialize your playstyle – whether heavily favoring spell power, gold income, tankiness or other approaches. Theorycraft the perfect build!

Tap Wizard 2 2

Gameplay Tips and Strategy

Here are some helpful tips and strategies for dominating Tap Wizard 2:

  • Prestige as soon as progress slows down for the biggest bonuses moving forward.
  • Prioritize damage and gold find masteries early on for quick development.
  • Only upgrade top artifacts early on for the most bang for buck.
  • Maintain mana management so you can cast skills against bosses.
  • Turn auto-battle off for boss fights to use skills and dodging manually.
  • Counter enemy element types for bonus damage (e.g. water vs fire).
  • Activate consumables like experience tomes when farming difficult chapters.

Ultimately, read each ability closely and synergize your team for maximum tapping, looting and spell-casting power!

Final Verdict

With its forged alloy of incremental RPG and idle tapper genres, Tap Wizard 2 casts an engaging spell with:

  • Satisfying progression loop of constant growth and unlocks
  • Strategic depths from managing gear, team composition and more
  • Lavish fantasy presentation with cool spells and enemies
  • Active combat via tapping and manual spell casting
  • Prestige system prolongs the experience over many resets
  • Fun metagame of theorycrafting builds and tactics

Backed by the MOD APK’s god mode and free shopping, you’re free to cut loose with phenomenal cosmic power right off the bat. If you seek a wizardly idle RPG you can really sink your staff into, Tap Wizard 2 handily delivers. Now go tap some baddies!


Does it require always online?

No, you only need internet to download initially. You can play fully offline after that.

Is there PvP or multiplayer?

Not currently, it’s a single player experience. No direct player interaction exists.

Are there microtransactions?

Yes, but they are 100% optional. The MOD APK makes them unnecessary anyway.

Does progress carry across devices?

Unfortunately no. Each device will have separate save data and progression.

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