Download Temple Run 2 APK v1.105.1 (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Download Temple Run 2 APK v1.105.1 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Download Temple Run 2 APK v1.105.1 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Temple Run 2 APK is an modified version of the popular Temple Run 2 game. It allows the user to get unlimited money, coins and diamonds within the game.

Name Temple Run 2
Publisher Imangi Studios
Genre Action
Size 128.09 MB
Version 1.105.1
MOD Unlimited Money/Coins/Diamonds
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Temple Run 2 is the most famous version in the Temple Run 2 series of publisher Imangi Studios
Mod Version 1.105.1

  • Add Unlimited Diamonds
  • Add Unlimited Money
  • Mod Menu

Temple Run 2 is one of the most popular and enduring running games on mobile. As a sequel to the original viral hit, Temple Run 2 takes the addictive gameplay to the next level with stunning new graphics, environments and features.

In this endless running game, you play as an adventurer tasked with retrieving a priceless idol from ancient ruins. However, stealing the treasure triggers a curse, causing a band of angry demon monkeys to chase you relentlessly. You have to run, jump, slide and swing across obstacles to escape their wrath and survive for as long as possible.

Key Game Features:

  • Simple one-touch tilt controls for running & jumping
  • Various lush environments like jungles, forests and mountains
  • Mine cart and zipline sections add exciting variety
  • Daily and weekly challenges with rankings
  • Unlockable powerups like coin magnet and fast forward
  • Fun powerups like super jump and invisibility
  • Customize your character with crazy outfits
  • Leaderboards to compete against friends and globally

The easy swipe controls combined with ramping difficulty and social competition make Temple Run 2 an incredibly addictive arcade experience. And our mod takes the excitement up a notch!

Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 MOD APK Overview

Let’s first see what is an APK mod and what are the benefits:

  • Unlimited Coins – Unlimited coins to keep upgrading powerups.
  • All Characters Unlocked – Instant access to all 15 characters.
  • All Outfits Unlocked – Get all costumes and outfit combinations.
  • Max Score – Score limit increased for ridiculously high runs.
  • Damage Disabled – Run without taking damage from obstacles.
  • No Ads – Ad-free and smooth gameplay experience.

With these awesome mods, you get unlimited coins, costumes and no damage runs for setting record high scores! Now let’s see how to download and install the mod.

How to Download and Install Temple Run 2 MOD APK

Here are the steps to properly download and install the mod on your Android device:

  1. Click on the Download MOD APK button below to get the latest version.
  2. Enable Install from Unknown Sources on your Android device if you haven’t done so already.
  3. Locate and tap on the downloaded APK file to begin installation.
  4. Hit Install on the prompt and accept any requested app permissions.
  5. Wait for the installation process to complete. This should only take a few seconds.
  6. You can now open Temple Run 2 and enjoy unlimited coins and other mod benefits!

Make sure you have sufficient storage space before downloading this fun running game. Also temporarily disable any antivirus apps during install to prevent conflicts.

Temple Run 2 Proof

Awesome Features of Temple Run 2 MOD APK

Let’s look at the cool features and gameplay changes you get with the Temple Run 2 mod:

Unlimited Coins

  • Coins are required to unlock powerups and characters in the game. The mod gives you unlimited coins so you can get everything for free!

All Characters Unlocked

  • There are 15 unique playable characters inspired by various cultures. The mod unlocks them instantly.

All Outfits Unlocked

  • You can mix and match outfit pieces into fun combinations. All outfit pieces unlocked with the mod.

Max Score

  • The normal score limit is capped at 9 million. This mod boosts the limit drastically allowing practically unlimited runs.

No Damage

  • Normally you die after hitting obstacles and enemies a few times. But with damage disabled, you have god mode runs.

No Ads

  • The original game shows annoying popup ads. The mod removes all video and banner ads for smooth uninterrupted runs.

Together these make Temple Run 2 way more fun and exciting. You get unlimited coins for nonstop runs and crazy high scores!

Temple Run 2 Modmenu 2
Temple Run 2 Modmenu

Tips and Strategies for High Scores

Here are some useful tips and strategies to maximize your score:

  • Tilt gently while running rather than sharp swerves to maintain a central line.
  • Memorize obstacle patterns on each map so you can anticipate turns and slides.
  • Collect as many coins as possible during runs. They multiply your score.
  • Equip score boosting powerups like Coin Magnet and Score Multiplier.
  • Save shortcuts only for sections you struggle with rather than randomly using them.
  • Enable auto-spin at the start of minecart sections to easily collect all coins.
  • Keep restarting runs quickly after dying to maximize runs per hour.
  • Compete in challenges and team up with friends for extra bonus coins.

Mastering the mechanics and understanding each map is key to propelling your scores into the stratosphere!

Temple Run 3
Temple Run 4

Powerups and Characters Guide

Here are the best powerups and characters worth unlocking with unlimited coins:

Top Powerups

  • Coin Magnet – Pulls coins towards you from further away. Essential for high scores.
  • Score Multiplier – Doubles your points while active. Time it with coin swarms for massive gains.
  • Super Jump – Lets you jump higher over obstacles and gaps. Useful for collecting overhead coins.
  • Mega Vault – Allows jumping on top of obstacles to run over them without sliding or jumping.

Best Characters

  • Barry Bones – Has a coin magnet ability granting bonus coin attraction.
  • Karma Lee – Her cosmic power grants periodic coin bonuses when active.
  • Sir Montague – Sports a fancy mustache and monocle with dapper style.
  • Scarlett Fox – Ninja-like reflexes allow sliding under low overhangs.

With unlimited coins from the mod, you can try out every character and powerup endlessly!

Temple Run 2 Free Play

Developer Imangi Studios

Temple Run 2 is created by Imangi Studios, who are best known for their line of Temple Run games. Here are some other great titles from the studio:

Temple Run – The original viral smash hit and predecessor to Temple Run 2. Very similar gameplay.

Temple Run: Oz – Temple Run gameplay in the magical Land of Oz with witches and hot air balloons.

Temple Run: Brave – Temple Run featuring the setting and characters from Pixar’s Brave movie.

Temple Run: Treasure Hunters – Features brother and sister treasure hunters. Introduced mine cart and zipline mechanics.

Temple Run VR – Temple Run redesigned for virtual reality play using motion controllers. Compatible with major VR headsets.

Imangi Studios specializes in addictive endless running games with simple controls but challenging progression. Check them out once you’ve mastered Temple Run 2!

And that brings us to the end of our advanced guide for dominating Temple Run 2 using mods. Run forever with unlimited coins and break global high score records! Let us know if you have any other questions.

Troubleshooting Guide and FAQs

Let’s look at some common issues and questions:

Problem – Game crashes or errors immediately on launch.

Fix – Update both the game and mod to latest versions. Reinstall mod APK. Allow app permissions.

Problem – Unlimited coins not showing up in game.

Fix – Restart your device. Open app info and clear cache/data before relaunching.

Problem – Can’t install or download the MOD APK.

Fix – Enable Install from Unknown Sources setting. Turn off Play Protect. Disable antivirus apps temporarily.

Problem – App crashes when trying to open or use mod menu.

Fix – Mod menu conflicts if you have multiple mods installed. Use only 1 main mod APK at a time.

Problem – Ban risk playing online multiplayer with mods?

Fix – Avoid playing competitive online modes as mods may get you flagged. Stick to solo play offline.

We hope this troubleshooting helps resolve any issues! Let us know if you have any other questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will I get banned for using this MOD APK?

You shouldn’t get banned for using it in solo offline gameplay. Just don’t use mods in competitive multiplayer.

How do I fix app crashing or errors after installing the mod?

Most app issues can be fixed by updating the game and mod to latest versions, clearing cache, reinstalling the mod APK, and restarting your device.

Can I use this mod on my iPhone or iPad?

Unfortunately this mod APK only works for Android devices. iOS mods require jailbreak which has too many disadvantages.

Is the Temple Run 2 mod 100% safe to download from here?

Yes, the mod file is completely safe and virus-free. We check every uploaded mod for malware before posting.

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