Top Drives Mod APK (Unlimited Add Money) v14.71.01.15021
Top Drives Mod APK (Unlimited Add Money) v14.71.01.15021

Top Drives Mod APK (Unlimited Add Money) v14.71.01.15021

Top Drives Mod APK is a mod for the game Top Drives. It's easy to use, and it allows you to get unlimited money and gold.

Name Top Drives – Car Cards Racing
Publisher Hutch Games
Genre Racing
Size 56.58 MB
MOD Unlimited Add Money and GOLD!
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Top Drives – Car Cards Racing is the most famous version in the Top Drives – Car Cards Racing series of publisher Hutch Games
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Top Drives: Car Cards Racing is a card game focused on the world of cars, racing and speed. You can compete with other players in a variety of races and tournaments or simply challenge your friends to see who’s faster. In this game, you will not drive any actual car – instead, you will use cards to represent them. Each card has different properties, such as acceleration and top speed, that influence how fast your car can go.

Top Drives – Car Cards Racing

Top Drives is an exciting card game for 2-6 players where the goal is to finish first at the end of each race. Players choose one of the available characters from their deck, then combine it with a car that suits their playing style. The player who finishes last in each race receives a penalty point. If you receive three penalty points, you have to retire from the game permanently – however, if another player also receives three points before you do so, they must retire instead! During your turn you can either challenge another player or stay neutral and pass the action to another player instead – if no one challenges anyone else after everyone has passed once; proceed directly to the start phase!

How to play

At the beginning of each game, all players are dealt five cards from their deck. Each card is numbered and represents a car of a specific speed. On your turn you can play one card and challenge another player to race with you. The challenged player can either accept or reject your challenge – if they accept, you both must select a car card and compare their numbers. The player with the higher number goes first in the race, while the other player goes second. Once the race is over, whoever finishes first wins the challenge. Both players must discard the car card they used for the race; the winner places it in the victory lane for later use. If you win a challenge, you can choose to stay in the race or retire from it.

Car Cards Racing


Each character card in Top Drives has a special ability that can be used once per game. Additionally, each character has a special car that can be substituted for any other car card in the game!

Car cards

Cars offer various advantages in Top Drives, including higher acceleration, higher maximum speed as well as a specific feature. Some of them are more agile while others are more reliable, or they may be able to gain momentum faster.

Victory Lane Cards

These cards are placed in the victory lane beside your character card. You can use them to cancel the effect of another card, such as a boost card that increases the acceleration of another car. You can play a defense card during your turn to cancel an attack card played against you, as long as the numbers on both cards are the same. You can also place a card in the victory lane if you win a challenge while you have no cards in your hand. These cards can be used to cancel the effect of another card played against you during the following turn.

Top Drives


Looking for a way to get more money and gold? Check out Top Drives Mod Apk! This app allows you to get unlimited money and gold, which can be used to purchase cars and other items in the game. It’s easy to use, and it’s free to download. So what are you waiting for? Download Top Drives Mod Apk now!


  • Add Money (Unlimited)
  • Add Gold (Unlimited)
  • Easy to use
  • Free to download


If you love cars and want to own or drive one of them, but don’t have the money to do so, play Top Drives. The game allows you to buy real cars with in-game currency. You can use the Top Drives MOD APK to get unlimited gold and money.

Top Drives – Car Cards Racing


Q: Benefits of Using APK Modding Tools?

Using APK modding tools is a very common practice in the gaming community. There are many reasons why gamers prefer to use these tools: – It allows you to get free in-game gold and money. – You can unlock all achievements that are otherwise very difficult to achieve. – You can use the game for a long time, even if you don’t have the skill. – If you are a beginner, you can improve your gaming skills by using APK modding tools. – You can use real money to buy virtual cars.

Q: How to Use Unlimited gold and money?

To use unlimited gold and money, you need to follow these steps: To begin with, open the game and start playing. While you are playing, you will come across a lot of situations where you will need gold and money. When that happens, simply press the home button and open the APK again. Go to the Top Drives MOD menu and click the Unlimited Gold and Money option. That’s it. You will be able to use unlimited gold and money now.

Q: What is the difference of modded file?

The main difference between Top Drives Mod APK and other money-making apps is that this one allows you to get unlimited money and gold. Other apps might give you a limited number of coins or dollars, which can quickly run out if you’re not careful. With Top Drives Mod APK, you’ll never have to worry about running out of money or gold.

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