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Top War: Battle Game APK v1.420.1 [MOD, Add Money/Gems]

v1.420.1 by Topwar Studio
Download (122.31 MB)
Name Top War: Battle Game Top War: Battle Game is the most famous version in the Top War: Battle Game series of publisher Topwar Studio
Publisher Topwar Studio
Genre Strategy
Size 122.31 MB
Version 1.420.1
Update November 23, 2023
MOD Unlimited Money and Gems
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Are you seeking an immersive real-time strategy game for mobile? Look no further than Top War: Battle Game. As a military commander, you build bases, raise armies, and wage war against enemies for control of the world map. The modded version provides unlimited money and gems for the ultimate gameplay experience.

In this article, we’ll explore Top War’s gameplay, features, and the benefits of using the mod APK. Let’s get ready for battle!

Top War Battle Game


The goal in Top War is to grow your military strength and conquer opponents’ bases across the globe. You start with a headquarters and limited resources. By collecting resources like oil and iron, you can build various facilities like barracks, factories, and research labs. These allow you to unlock new unit types, upgrade technologies, and expand your capabilities.

When you have amassed an army, it’s time to battle! You can attack rival commanders’ bases by land, air, and sea. Carefully strategize to deploy the right units and abilities to overrun enemy defenses. Each victory earns you resources and territory.

Top War mixes base building, resource management, and real-time strategy warfare. Adapt your tactics against unpredictable enemies and become the supreme world power!

Top War Battle Game 2


Let’s check out the key features that make Top War an addictive and polished strategy experience:

Base Building

  • Construct over 50 different buildings
  • Manage resource production and storage
  • Upgrade HQ to expand build options

Unit Recruitment

  • Train infantry, tanks, aircraft, ships and more
  • Each unit type has strengths and weaknesses
  • Continually research technologies to upgrade units

Alliance Support

  • Join alliances with other players
  • Request troop reinforcements
  • Coordinate attacks with allies
  • Share resources to grow together

PVP Battles

  • Launch attacks on real player bases
  • Use terrain and abilities tactically
  • Gain trophies by winning battles

In-Depth Progression

  • Ranked competitive leagues and seasons
  • Prestige system to unlock super units
  • Events and challenges to earn rare rewards

Polished Presentation

  • Modern 3D visuals and animations
  • Immersive battle sound effects
  • Slick UI for base building and battles

Top War offers deep strategic gameplay and progression that will put your tactical skills to the test. Are you ready to wage war and emerge victorious?

Top War Battle Game 3

Top War Mod APK Benefits

The Top War mod APK gives you unlimited money and gems so you can get right to battling without laborious grinding and waiting.

Check out the key benefits you’ll enjoy:

Unlimited Money

  • Build and upgrade instantly
  • Train armies nonstop
  • Never wait to progress again

Unlimited Gems

  • Purchase any premium item
  • Speed up production and research
  • Buy the best gear and boosts

Faster Progression

  • Expand your base rapidly
  • Field more advanced armies quicker
  • Dominate PVP leagues faster

More Battle Opportunities

  • Attack more often without downtime
  • Experiment with new attack strategies
  • Enjoy more of the combat gameplay

No Paywalls

  • Access all content immediately
  • Never hit frustrating paywalls or wait timers
  • Compete fairly against other players

With unlimited resources, you can focus purely on strategy and combat without artificial hindrances getting in the way. Enjoy Top War to the fullest!

Top War Battle Game 4

How To Download Top War Mod APK

Want to start building your unstoppable war machine? Follow these easy steps:

  1. Click on the “Download” button below to get the latest Top War mod APK.
  2. Once the download finishes, install the APK file on your device. Enable “Unknown sources” if prompted.
  3. Open Top War and you will have unlimited money and gems immediately available!
  4. Build your ultimate base, train elite armies, and conduct wars like never before!

Now you can wage global war on your own terms with unlimited resources. No paywalls or waiting times, just pure strategic action. Download the Top War mod today and start dominating!

FAQs About Top War Mod APK

Is the Mod APK safe to use?

Yes, it is completely secure and free of viruses or harmful code. We ensure every mod is fully tested.

Can I play online multiplayer with the mod?

Absolutely! All PVP and alliance features work online so you can battle real opponents.

Do I need to root my device?

Rooting is not necessary. The mod APK works just like a normal app.

Can I use this on emulators like Bluestacks?

Yes, the mod works flawlessly when installing on emulated devices. Enjoy unlimited gems!

Is WiFi required to use the mod?

Nope! Once installed, an internet connection is no longer needed. Enjoy it anywhere offline.


With intense real-time strategy gameplay, copious unit variety, and multiplayer worlds waiting to be conquered – Top War delivers a fantastic combat experience. The mod APK provides the ultimate advantage with unlimited money and gems so you can focus purely on strategy and rapid progression. Download the Top War mod today and start dominating the battlefield!

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Download ( 122.31 MB )

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