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Name True Skate True Skate is the most famous version in the True Skate series of publisher True Axis
Publisher True Axis
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True Skate is a skateboarding game developed by True Axis that aims to provide players with an authentic skateboarding experience on their mobile devices. With innovative touch screen controls and physics-based gameplay, True Skate offers hours of fun as you skate iconic real-world skate parks and pull off epic tricks.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into True Skate’s addictive gameplay and discuss what makes it stand out in the mobile skateboarding genre. Whether you’re a seasoned skater looking for a realistic experience on the go, or someone who’s curious to try virtual skateboarding for the first time, read on to learn all about this must-have mobile game!

True Skate

Realistic Touch Screen Controls

One of the most impressive parts of True Skate is how intuitive and responsive the touch screen controls are. Many mobile skateboarding games rely on wonky gesture controls or on-screen buttons that feel disconnected from your board. But in True Skate, everything is controlled by tapping and swiping the screen just as you would manipulate a real skateboard under your feet.

To steer your boarder, you simply tap and drag your finger on the screen. The sensitivity feels natural, allowing you to carve smooth lines or quickly whip around a corner. Ollies, kicks, shuvits and other tricks are executed through finger swipe gestures. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, the controls become second nature.

Performing tricks feels organic since the physics respond realistically to how you flip, drag or tap the board. Landing bolts is immensely satisfying! This intuitive control scheme is a big reason True Skate feels like an authentic skateboarding simulation.

Real-World Iconic Skate Spots

Another standout feature is the ability to skate at some of the most renowned skate spots in the world. True Skate features detailed recreations of famous plazas, parks, pools and street spots from around the globe.

Locations include:

  • Black Hubba ledge in San Francisco
  • LA Courthouse and manuals pad
  • The Berrics skate park in LA
  • Wallenberg Big 4 in SF
  • Embarcadero plaza in SF
  • Schoolyard in NY
  • And many more!

These aren’t just generic skate park levels. You’ll recognize the unique textures, curves, rails, steps and bumps of these iconic real-world spots. From the smooth concrete of a backyard pool to the brick ground of a European plaza, each park feels distinct and skates differently. This level of authenticity really immerses you in the experience.

Plus, True Skate continues adding new parks, so the selection keeps expanding. Skating virtual versions of legendary spots you’ve seen in skate videos is a special experience for any skateboarder.

Smooth and Responsive Physics

The most important aspect of a great skateboarding game is nailing the feel and physics. True Skate delivers with its impressively realistic physics engine and smooth animations.

Everything from speed to snap, balance, pop height and board control simulates the real dynamics of skateboarding. You can feel the difference skating ledges, manny pads, embankments and other terrain varieties.

Landing clean tricks takes precise timing and board control. The physics allow complex lines combining grinds, manuals, ledge combos and flip tricks. You can even add a bit of your own style and flair once you get really comfortable!

This physics engine brings an authentic skate feel that sets True Skate apart. Whether you’re a seasoned skater or not, you’ll appreciate how nuanced and responsive the skateboarding physics are.

True Skate 1

Huge Trick Variety and Combos

With these great physics and controls, True Skate gives you the freedom to perform tons of different skate tricks. Ollies, kickflips, heelflips, 360 flips, pop shuvits and all the basic flip and grab tricks are in your arsenal.

But there are also more advanced maneuvers like:

  • Hardflips
  • Varial Flips
  • Laser Flips
  • Full Cabs
  • Inward Heels
  • Tre Flips
  • Nollie and switch stances
  • Bluntslides, noseslides, tailslides, etc.

The number of trick combinations is endless. You can even tweak your grabs, flip speed and spin for stylish technique. Connecting lines through a park with manuals, reverts, ledge tricks and flip tricks is immensely fun.

True Skate has a seriously comprehensive trick library that gives you freedom to be creative. Mastering all these tricks and linking them will keep you engaged as you progress from amateur to pro skater.

Smooth Camera Angles

Another small touch that enhances the gameplay experience is the camera work. True Skate utilizes a smooth tracking camera that really enhances the feel of flowing through a park.

The camera pans and zooms dynamically to frame your tricks optimally. Landing a big gap or stair set has more impact when the camera work accentuates it. Things like follow cams, celebration cams after landing bangers and transition zooms add stylish flair.

Overall, the camera angles help highlight your sickest moments and give a great gameplay experience. You feel like you’re in one of your favorite skate videos!

Chill Game Modes

True Skate offers a few different gameplay modes so you can enjoy skating in different ways:

Free Skate

  • Freely skate any park and work on challenges
  • Experiment with lines and tricks
  • Great for practice

Career Mode

  • Complete sponsor challenges
  • Earn money to upgrade your board’s speed, pop and spin abilities
  • Unlock new griptape graphics
  • Rise the ranks from amateur to pro

Playground Mode

  • Special challenges like highest ollie or biggest spin
  • Unique win conditions beyond score, like most flipped tricks

Trick Challenges

  • Land specific difficult tricks like laser flips
  • Unlock new skaters

This range of mellow game modes provides diverse fun without too much pressure. You can relax into casual free skate sessions, progress through the ranks in career, or take on serious trick challenges when feeling more competitive.

True Skate 2

Final Flick: A Must Play Mobile Skateboarding Experience

That covers the core gameplay elements that make True Skate such an engrossing mobile skateboarding game. The realistic touch controls, iconic real-world spots, incredibly responsive physics, huge trick variety and chill game modes come together into an authentic and polished skating simulation.

Whether casually landing tricks on the couch, or fiercely competing on trick challenges, True Skate offers endless fun for any skateboarding fan. For only $1.99, it’s a steal. This is hands down the definitive skateboarding game on mobile. Download it now and get ready for hours of epic skate sessions wherever you go!

Let’s recap the key points:

What makes True Skate’s gameplay special:

  • Intuitive touch screen controls
  • Real-world iconic skate spots
  • Realistic and responsive physics
  • Massive trick variety and combinations
  • Smooth camera angles enhance tricks
  • Relaxing game modes suit all playstyles

So strap on your virtual deck and go experience the thrill of True Skate’s addictive gameplay now! This is one mobile game that lives up to the hype.

Frequently Asked Questions about True Skate

Is True Skate free?

True Skate is free to download and comes with the first skate park unlocked. There are additional in-app purchases to unlock more skate parks, as well as expansion packs that include multiple parks and skaters. However, the core free game still provides hours of fun.

Does True Skate work offline?

Yes, True Skate is fully playable offline once you’ve downloaded any purchased add-on content. No internet connection is required to skate.

What devices is True Skate available on?

True Skate is available for iOS devices on the App Store and Android devices on Google Play.

Does True Skate drain phone battery?

True Skate can drain battery faster than lighter mobile games since it uses 3D graphics and physics simulation. But turning down graphic quality in the settings can improve battery life. True Skate also has low-power mode for preserving battery.

Is there multiplayer in True Skate?

Currently True Skate is single player only. The developers have shared that multiplayer is coming in a future update.

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