Vegas Crime Simulator APK v6.3.8 (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Vegas Crime Simulator APK v6.3.8 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Vegas Crime Simulator APK v6.3.8 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Ready to experience the thrilling world of Las Vegas crime? Download Vegas Crime Simulator Premium APK now to get access to unlimited money, weapons, and gadgets.

Name Vegas Crime Simulator
Publisher Naxeex Action & RPG Games
Genre Simulation
Size 107.2 MB
Version 6.3.8
MOD Unlimited Money
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Vegas Crime Simulator is the most famous version in the Vegas Crime Simulator series of publisher Naxeex Action & RPG Games
Mod Version 6.3.8
Total installs 100,000,000+

Vegas Crime Simulator drops you into the dark underbelly of Las Vegas to build a criminal empire through casino heists, street crimes, and more. With the Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK (unlimited money), you get endless cash to build your criminal empire faster and take over the streets of Sin City!

This comprehensive guide will walk you through gameplay basics, criminal activities, how to avoid the cops, using crews, vehicles, weapons, and tips for creating an unstoppable Vegas crime operation. Let’s get started!

Vegas Crime Simulator

Gameplay Overview

Vegas Crime Simulator gameplay involves carrying out various criminal activities while avoiding the police to build reputation and take over the city. Key elements include:

  • Committing robberies, heists, and other crimes
  • Recruiting and managing a crew
  • Obtaining vehicles, weapons, and tools
  • Laundering money through businesses
  • Bribing cops and knocking off informants
  • Balancing risk vs reward with each activity

The goal is to successfully pull off jobs while minimizing police interference. Your street rep and control over Vegas grows with each scored heist and crime. Just don’t mess with the wrong people!

Criminal Activities

Many crime options exist for scoring cash and rep. Here are common activities:

Casino Heists

  • Robbing slot machines
  • Holding up poker games
  • Emptying casino vaults
  • Attacking armored trucks

Street Crimes

  • Stealing cars for chop shops
  • Mugging citizens
  • Bank robberies
  • Jewelry store hits
  • ATM and convenience store hold-ups

Dealing and Smuggling

  • Dealing drugs and illegal weapons
  • Running prostitution rings
  • Smuggling contraband across borders

Creative Crimes

  • Identity theft and hacking schemes
  • Operating ticket scalping rings
  • Robbing pawn shops and gun stores
  • more!

Pulling off bigger jobs requires planning like recruiting skilled crew members and obtaining the right equipment. Start small and work your way up the criminal ladder!

Vegas Crime Simulator Character

Avoiding the Cops

Committing crimes inevitably attracts police attention. Here are tips to avoid the heat:

  • Vary activity locations – Don’t repeatedly hit the same area
  • Use disguises – Change appearance to throw off cops
  • Disable security systems – Take out cameras and alarms
  • Bribe officials – Pay off cops and judges for protection
  • Launder money – Invest in businesses to appear legit
  • Lay low after big jobs – Limit activity until heat dies down
  • Destroy evidence – Torch getaway vehicles and wear gloves
  • Go after snitches – Stop informants from ratting you out

Careful planning is crucial. The higher your wanted level, the more police force will come after you. Escape safely after big scores before going loud again!

Vegas Crime Simulator 1

Recruiting a Crew

Assembling a crew expands the crimes you can take on:

Crew Skills

  • Hackers – Disable security systems
  • Locksmiths – Gain entry to restricted areas
  • Vault experts – Crack or blow open vaults
  • Getaway drivers – Make clean escapes
  • Con artists – Run frauds and scams
  • Hitmen – Take out high-profile targets

Crew Management

  • Recruit from prisons or seedy bars
  • Only take a cut of the bigger scores
  • Keep them happy with a fair share of loot
  • Watch for signs they might snitch or backstab
  • Be prepared to cut loose disloyal crew

A skilled crew lets you execute more complex, lucrative jobs. But keep close tabs to avoid trouble!

Vegas Crime Simulator Explore

Obtaining Vehicles

Having the right set of vehicles is vital:

  • Tuner cars – Fast getaway vehicles
  • Off-roaders – Escape off the beaten path
  • Trucks – Transport larger loot quantities
  • Motorcycles – Weave through traffic quickly
  • Boats – Making ocean getaways
  • Helicopters – Air extraction capabilities

Steal and customize rides to suit different needs. Use mines, oil slicks and EMFs to deter pursuers during escapes. And don’t forget to switch cars frequently to avoid the cops.

Vegas Crime Simulator 3

Weapons and Tools

Gather the proper equipment for jobs:


  • Pistols – Reliable for most jobs
  • SMGs/Assault Rifles – Added firepower
  • Shotguns – Devastating at close range
  • Sniper Rifles – Long range stealth capabilities
  • Grenades/C4 – Heavy explosives for big scores


  • Lockpicks – Enter locked buildings
  • Hacking device – Disarm alarms and security
  • Safecracking tools – Open locked safes
  • Night vision goggles – Improved stealth operations
  • Police scanner – Listen in on cop chatter

Stock up through gun runners, corrupt cops, and the black market. Come packing heavy firepower but don’t haul more than you need for the job.

Vegas Crime Simulator 2

Gameplay Tips and Strategies

Apply these pro tips to eliminate obstacles and dominate Vegas:

  • Start small with convenience stores and work up from there
  • Only recruit crew with needed skills – quality over quantity
  • Pick getaway cars for speed, handling, and durability
  • Use disguises and regularly switch vehicles/clothes
  • Disable security systems before hitting larger targets
  • Balance risk and reward – bigger payouts often mean more heat
  • Launder money through cash businesses to stay off the radar
  • Spread activity around Vegas to keep the cops guessing
  • Take calculated risks but have escape contingency plans
  • Be prepared to get aggressive against snitches and rivals

Careful planning, solid crew, escape precision, and sheer guts is the formula to running Vegas. Only the strong and smart survive – so get cracking on building that criminal empire!

Vegas Crime Simulator MOD FAQs

Popular mods include unlimited money, free shopping, max stats, one hit kills, infinite ammo, no reload, no wanted levels, teleportation, free vehicles, and unlocked chapters.

What can mods let you unlock?

Money mods let you instantly purchase the best weapons, vehicles, crews, and businesses. Stat mods power up skills and reputation. Teleport and vehicle spawning provide advantages.

Can you use mods in multiplayer?

Using major mods in multiplayer like god mode is usually considered cheating. But small enhancements may be acceptable if all players agree.

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