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Viber Messenger Premium APK v21.2.1.0 (MOD, Optimized/Lite)

v21.2.1.0 by Viber Media S.à r.l.
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Name Viber Messenger Viber Messenger is the most famous version in the Viber Messenger series of publisher Viber Media S.à r.l.
Publisher Viber Media S.à r.l.
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Update November 28, 2023
MOD Optimized/Lite
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Stay connected with family and friends across the globe with Viber, the popular all-in-one messaging, calling and chat app. With 200+ million users worldwide, Viber makes it easy to send texts, make HD calls, share photos and more completely free! The optimized MOD further enhances the experience.

This guide will cover Viber’s core chat features, voice/video calling capabilities, sticker packs, account linking, safety measures, and how the MOD improves performance. With seamless cross-platform syncing, Viber has everything you need to communicate in one convenient app. Let’s chat!


Chat Features – Flexible Messaging

Viber offers a full suite of messaging capabilities comparable to apps like WhatsApp or LINE. Core features include:

Instant Text Chats

Send instant text or emoji messages to individuals or groups. Viber uses data so no SMS fees. Chat from any device.

Photo and Media Sharing

Easily send photos, videos and other media directly in chats. Share your memories in an instant.

Chat Backup

Viber automatically backs up chats to their cloud storage in case you switch devices. Never lose your conversation history.

Read Receipts

See when your messages are read with read receipts. Ensures accountability on both ends.

Offline Messaging

Messages are securely stored if you or your recipient loses connection temporarily. Syncing restores them when back online.

Group Chats

Create group chats with up to 250 participants. Mute noisy groups if desired. Great for teams, family, friends.

End-to-End Encryption

Viber uses top encryption protocols to protect your messages and data. Not even Viber can read them. Ultra secure.

Viber provides a messaging experience on par with top competitors while being completely free. The MOD further optimizes performance.

Viber 1

Calling Features – Clear Connections

In addition to messaging, Viber also offers free HD voice and video calls with minimal data usage. Calling features include:

HD Voice Calls

Make crisp high quality calls to other Viber users over data for free. Avoid expensive cell minutes. Calls are encrypted end-to-end.

Video Calls

Conduct face-to-face video chat with friends across town or the globe. Wave hello over secure video calls instead of just voice.

WiFi Calls

When connected to WiFi, enable WiFi calling in settings for even better call quality and reliability. Seamlessly transition between WiFi and mobile data.

Call Transfer

Effortlessly transfer active calls to other devices like moving from mobile to desktop. Never drop an important call.

Conference Calls

Host conference calls with up to 20 participants simultaneously. Coordinate in groups with ease.

With optimized performance from the MOD, calls connect faster than ever with minimal lag or glitches even in poor network conditions. Viber’s calling quality is crystal clear.

Viber Out – Call Landlines Too

Viber Out allows low-cost calling to landlines and mobile numbers outside of Viber through a small pre-paid credit system.

Cheap Rates

Call landlines in some countries for less than a penny per minute. Dramatically cheaper than conventional long distance.

Pre-Pay Credits

Purchase calling credit packages from within the app. No contracts or commitments required. Pay per usage.

Suitable for Light Users

For those who only occasionally need to call outside Viber, the pre-paid model is cost effective. Heavy callers may still prefer unlimited plans.

While data-based calling though Viber itself remains free, Viber Out offers an affordablealternative for contacting non-Viber folks internationally. Budget friendly flexibility.

Account Linking – Universal ID

Link Viber to your mobile number as well as other accounts for convenience:

Tying your mobile number to Viber lets you find contacts and helps others discover you. Optional but useful.

Sync with Social Media

Integrate Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other social media accounts. Cross-post seamlessly.

Associate your mobile app with Viber on your Windows/Mac for synchronized messaging and calling with the desktop application.

Linking creates a unified communications hub across all platforms tailored to you. Never miss a message!

Stickers and Emojis – Visual Communication

Viber has a massive collection of cute and funny emojis, stickers, and gifs to liven up chats.

Standard Emojis

All the classic emoji faces, objects, symbols and more you’d expect. Express emotions efficiently.

Custom Stickers and GIFs

Tons of animated sticker packs and GIFs to mix up messages. Sticker trends and pop culture references get updated frequently.

Personal Stickers

Turn your own photos into custom stickers. Get creative making personalized mega or mini stickers of yourself, family, pets.

Stickers and emojis add humor and energy to everyday conversations. Communicate visually!

MOD Benefits – Optimized Performance

The optimized Viber MOD enhances the messaging experience:

Speed Boost

Faster launch times, smoother UI navigation, and quicker connections minimize any sluggishness.

Size Reduced

The MOD is a more compact app size, using less storage space on your device. Light and fast!

Visual Enhancements

Higher resolution graphics, modern icon styling, and interface improvements make the app prettier.


No more pesky banner or video ads interrupting your experience. Just pure communication.

Enjoy buttery smooth performance and visual polish thanks to optimization tweaks in the MOD. Chat faster than ever with no distractions!

Viber 2

Usage Tips – Chat Expertise

Become a Viber power user by following these pro tips:

  • Review Viber’s extensive emoji, GIF and sticker library to enhance your messages visually.
  • Use quirky stickers and voice messages to inject more of your personality into chats. Don’t just text generically.
  • Take advantage of disappearing messages and hidden chats when sharing private matters that shouldn’t linger.
  • Enable chat backup to Google Drive or iCloud for added redundancy protecting your history.
  • Personalize chats with custom wallpapers, notifications sounds, and text fonts. Make it your own.
  • Turn on battery saver mode in settings to reduce background data usage for improved longevity.
  • Tag friends in group chats when directing a message at them specifically. Add context.
  • Express yourself with Viber’s fun doodling and photo editing features when words aren’t enough. Get creative!

With so many options for enriching your communications, Viber is the one messaging app that has it all. Stay connected your way!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Viber really 100% free?

Yes! Core texting, calling and visual features are completely free between Viber users. No ads or hidden fees.

What about calling people without Viber?

You can call outside Viber very affordably using Viber Out credits. Rates start around a penny per minute.

Which devices support Viber?

It’s available on iOS, Android, Windows PC and Mac. Some landline phones support Viber too with the desktop app.

Can I easily transfer Viber between devices?

Thanks to account linking, you can seamlessly move your Viber profile and chat history between smartphones, tablets and computers.

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