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Version 3.7.14
Update November 27, 2023
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Vidma Recorder is a robust screen recording app that makes capturing high quality videos of your mobile gameplay and activities a breeze. With an intuitive interface and customizable options, Vidma meets all your screen recording needs.

This comprehensive guide will cover the impressive recording capabilities of Vidma, tips for capturing awesome videos, and the benefits unlocked by the Vidma Recorder MOD APK. Let’s dive in and start recording!

Vidma Recorder

Overview of Vidma Recorder App

Vidma Recorder enables recording your on-screen actions with just a few taps. Easily capture gaming sessions, how-to tutorials, video calls and more in crisp HD quality. Files can be saved locally or shared directly to popular platforms.

Key features include:

  • HD quality up to 1080p 60fps
  • Intuitive screen recorder controls
  • Real-time annotation tools to draw on videos
  • Trimming and editing features
  • Custom watermarks and overlays

Vidma makes it easy to share your captured videos. Save recordings locally to your device or upload straight to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Whether you’re a casual gamer or aspiring content creator, Vidma has the tools to record your screen with precision. Next let’s dive deeper into its robust recording capabilities.

Key Recording Features

Effortless Capture

  • Single tap to start recording – no complex settings required
  • Overlay button lets you toggle recording on/off instantly

Drawing & Annotation

  • Real-time doodling pen to draw on screen
  • Text annotations to highlight points or add captions
  • Stickers and emojis to spice up your videos

Webcam Video

  • Record your front camera picture-in-picture
  • Adjust size and position of webcam overlay
  • Capture your reactions simultaneously

Audio Options

  • Record internal audio and mic together or separately
  • Add background music right inside the app
  • Trim beginning and end of recordings

Speed Controls

  • Alter playback speed to be faster or slower
  • Emphasize important moments in slow motion
  • Breeze through long videos at up to 3x speed

Output Flexibility

  • MP4 and MOV output formats
  • Export vertical or horizontal orientations
  • Resolution up to 1080p 60fps based on device

These features enable capturing professional-grade videos optimized for sharing. But Vidma doesn’t stop there…

Vidma Recorder 1

Advanced Recording Capabilities

Beyond the core essentials, Vidma Recorder packs next-level capabilities:

GIF Creation

  • Save recordings as animated GIFs
  • Customize FPS rate up to 60 frames
  • Trim and edit clips before converting to GIF

Screenshot Grabber

  • Capture screenshots during recording
  • Draw, annotate and edit screenshots
  • Share static images too

Facecam Recording

  • Picture-in-picture facecam
  • Move the overlay webcam anywhere
  • Adjust sizing and opacity

Timer & Touch Indicator

  • Schedule a delayed start for recording
  • Display finger touches on screen to showcase controls

Ultrawide Aspect Ratios

  • Select between 16:9, 9:16, or 21:9 aspect ratios
  • Match recording to your monitor/device display

Custom Overlays

  • Upload your own watermark or logo
  • Include a picture-in-picture overlay
  • Add creative borders and effects

This expansive feature set enables recording exactly how you want and customizing to your needs. But the Vidma Recorder MOD APK takes it even further…

Vidma Recorder MOD Overview

The Vidma Recorder MOD APK unlocks the premium version for free. This provides:

  • Unlimited HD video length
  • Overlay customization
  • No watermarks
  • Export without Vidma branding
  • 15+ annotation tools
  • 100+ stickers
  • Background blurring

You’ll gain full access to Vidma’s robust toolset to take your recordings to the next level without paying anything.

Let’s examine the key benefits unlocked by the MOD:

Unlimited HD Recording

  • Remove limits on recording duration
  • Capture long gaming sessions, tutorials, etc
  • Maintain full HD 1080p60 quality

No Watermarks

  • Record without annoying watermarks
  • Keep focus on your full screen content
  • Brand videos as your own

100+ Stickers & Emojis

  • Massive library of fun stickers to annotate videos
  • More expressive emoji reactions and captions
  • Make videos more engaging

Advanced Effects

  • Visual effects like pixelation and vignette
  • Background blur to highlight main focus
  • Elevate production value

15+ Annotation Tools

  • Draw with pencil, marker, paint and more
  • Expanded color and thickness options
  • Enhanced real-time doodling capabilities

So unlock Vidma’s full potential using the MOD APK. Next let’s go over some tips for mastering screen recording.

Vidma Recorder 2

Pro Tips for Recording like a Pro

Here are some tips to capture amazing screen recordings with Vidma:

Adjust Orientation

  • Match orientation to device for full screen capture
  • Set to landscape to fit computer screens
  • Use portrait for mobile sharing

Know Your Device Resolution

  • Older devices max at 720p while new models record 1080p
  • Match Vidma settings to your device specs
  • Don’t select higher than native display or video will lag

Check Lighting and Visibility

  • Get proper lighting on your face for clear webcam video
  • Make sure screen visuals are clearly visible
  • Avoid recording in total darkness or glare

Use Accessibility Settings

  • Enable touch indicators to showcase controls
  • Increase text size if demoing a mobile game
  • Make on-screen actions clearly visible

Use Facecam Picture-in-Picture

  • Display your reactions for let’s plays and tutorials
  • Zoom and crop facecam to focus on facial expressions

Add Custom Intros/Outros

  • Design animated intros in video editors
  • Import your branding into Vidma
  • Start strong and end videos memorably

With these pro tips, your Vidma recordings will turn out fantastic. Next let’s answer some common user questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vidma work for iPhone?

Yes, Vidma Recorder is available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. You can capture equally amazing videos on iOS devices.

Can I narrate during recording?

Absolutely! Enable microphone audio and add narration, commentary, and reactions while you record the screen.

Is there a way to edit videos after recording?

Vidma has basic editing like trimming, but for extensive editing use a video editor like iMovie or Premiere Rush after export.

How do I reduce file size of recordings?

Use a lower output resolution like 720p rather than 1080p or lower the frame rate to reduce file sizes. Also re-encode videos through Handbrake.

Does Vidma require root or jailbreak?

No! Vidma works flawlessly without root or jailbreak on Android and iOS. Just install the app and start recording.

Can I record internal app audio?

Yes, enable internal audio capture in Vidma settings to record game sounds, music, or any audio playing on your device.

Ready to unlock Vidma Recorder’s full powers? The MOD APK provides premium recording features for free. Just follow these tips to capture stellar videos ready for sharing. Become a pro mobile screen recorder today!

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