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Name Westland Survival Westland Survival is the most famous version in the Westland Survival series of publisher Helio Games
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Westland Survival is an exciting cowboy game that takes you back to the Wild West. As a lone cowboy, you must use your wits and grit to survive in the harsh wilderness. With realistic graphics and addictive survival gameplay, Westland Survival stands out on mobile. This article will cover the key features that make Westland Survival so fun and engaging.

Westland Survival

Introduction to Westland Survival

Westland Survival is an open world survival game developed by Helio Games. Set in the Wild West, players take on the role of a cowboy who has crash landed in the middle of nowhere. Your goal is to survive as long as possible by collecting resources, building shelter, crafting weapons and defeating enemies.

The game features beautiful 3D visuals that really make you feel immersed in the rugged wilderness. Unlike other wilderness survival games, Westland Survival has a unique cowboy theme that sets it apart.

Some key features include:

  • Huge open world to explore
  • Realistic Wild West graphics
  • In-depth crafting and building
  • PVE combat – defend against wild animals
  • Character customization – play as male or female cowboy
  • Regular updates with new content

Let’s take a deeper look at what makes Westland Survival so engaging to play.

Realistic Wild West Graphics and Atmosphere

As soon as you start playing Westland Survival, you are transported back to the Wild West. The realistic 3D graphics really showcase the beautiful yet treacherous landscapes. You’ll traverse mountains, deep canyons, rushing rivers, dense forests and more. From the birds chirping in the trees to the stealthy cougars prowling about, the world feels alive.

The graphics and atmosphere truly immerse you in the cowboy experience. Even the background music with harmonicas, banjos and fiddles makes you feel like you are in an old Western. Whether it is scorching sunlight beating down on you in the desert or a snowstorm swirling around you in the mountains, the changing weather and day/night cycle impacts your survival experience.

Overall, the excellent graphics and sound design are a high point of Westland Survival. The game does an amazing job at bringing the charm of the Wild West to your mobile device.

Westland Survival 1

In-Depth Crafting and Building Gameplay

Crafting and building are essential parts of survival in Westland Survival. You start off with almost nothing, barely surviving with a simple bow and campfire. But through extensive crafting, you can create shelters, weapons, tools, clothing, medicine and more.

Some items you can craft and build include:

  • Weapons: pistols, rifles, shotguns, dynamite, bow and arrow
  • Tools: pickaxes, shovels, farming tools, cooking pots, lasso
  • Clothing: cowboy hats, leather jackets, boots, bandanas
  • Consumables: food, medicine, tonics
  • Shelter: tents, log cabins, houses, barns, wells

To craft items, you first need to gather resources by chopping down trees, mining rocks, collecting plants, hunting animals, looting buildings, and more. It’s addictive trying to gather the materials required to craft new items and gear.

You feel a great sense of progression as you start off with almost nothing, surviving in just a tent. But through hours of exploration and resource gathering, you eventually build a thriving homestead, full of structures and weapons for defense.

Westland Survival 2

Addictive PVE Combat Gameplay

Not only do you have to worry about starvation, dehydration and exposure, but the wilderness is full of dangerous animals looking to kill you. Westland Survival features PVE combat where you have to defend yourself against wolves, cougars, bears, snakes and more.

The combat allows for different playstyles. You can engage enemies directly with your melee weapon or bow for a greater challenge. Or you can fight strategically by luring them into traps, bombs, and other defenses you build.

As you progress, you gain access to rifles, shotguns, dynamite and other powerful weapons to take on larger hordes. But you always feel an element of risk, knowing just a few bites from a cougar can finish you off.

The PVE combat is thrilling and adds another layer of survival gameplay on top of the crafting. Fighting off a pack of wolves that are trying to destroy your camp is very satisfying.

Ongoing Updates with New Content

Westland Survival is frequently updated by the developers, adding new content and features. Some major updates have included:

New Biomes

Exciting new biomes have been added like the dense forest, sprawling desert, misty swamps and more. Each has its own dangers and resources to discover.

NPC Camps

Camps of friendly and hostile NPCs were added that you can interact with. They may provide quests, trade items or attack you.

Weapon Improvements

Weapons like the bow and firearms were overhauled with new animations and handling for more realism.


Many new structures were added like stables, wells, bee farms, horse paddocks and more for improving your homestead.

Events and Limited Time Content

Special events will provide exclusive time-limited content and rewards.

The steady stream of new content in the form of biomes, weapons, items, structures and more keeps the game feeling fresh. There are always new things to explore and goals to work towards as a cowboy.

Westland Survival 3

MOD Features – Free Shopping, Mega Menu and VIP (Westland Survival)

Let’s now look at some of the awesome MOD features that take Westland Survival to the next level.

πŸ†“ Free Shopping MOD

One of the most useful MODS is the free shopping hack. This allows you to acquire premium items from the Westland Survival shop for free. Normally you would have to spend real money to purchase gold bars and use them in the store. But with this mod, you can get free gold and cash to buy any item without paying. All items like exclusive weapons, clothing and resources are unlocked. This makes progression much faster and easier.

😎 Mega Menu MOD

The mega menu mod unlocks all items in the game menu for free instant use. You can spawn any weapon, clothing, resource, animal or structure immediately. Just browse the mega menu and tap what you want instead of having to gather resources and craft manually. This also speeds up your homestead building and progression significantly.


This mod unlocks all the VIP perks and benefits for free. That includes valuable boosts like:

  • No hunger or thirst depletion
  • Increased walking and movement speeds
  • Instant crafting time
  • Extra inventory slots
  • Higher damage weapons

With the VIP mod enabled, you gain a huge advantage for survival. It makes the cowboy experience more fun when you don’t have to constantly manage hunger and thirst.

Westland Survival 4

Westland Survival Tips and FAQ

Here are some helpful tips and frequently asked questions about Westland Survival to help you thrive as a cowboy.

5 Useful Tips for New Players

  1. Focus on food, water and shelter first before anything else. Failing to meet those basic needs will end your game quickly.
  2. Build your camp near water sources like lakes and rivers. Access to water is vital for survival.
  3. Craft the stone knife and spear first for hunting animals and gathering resources.
  4. Choose the bow as your first major weapon. Arrows are renewable versus guns that require scarce ammo.
  5. Don’t waste stamina sprinting everywhere. Manage your stamina for critical situations like combat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Westland Survival Pay to Win?

No, Westland Survival is not pay-to-win. There are no overpowered items locked behind real money payments. Paying can speed up progress slightly but skill matters most.

Is Westland Survival Online or Multiplayer?

Westland Survival is currently single player only. You survive alone in the open world. But the developers have expressed interest in adding online features.

How big is the game map?

The exact size of the full map is unknown but it is very large with a variety of biomes to explore. New areas get unlocked as you progress.

Can you tame animals?

Yes, horses and dogs can be tamed with enough animal parts and equipment. They can help guard your camp and provide transport.

Is Westland Survival Free to Play?

Yes, Westland Survival is free-to-play. There are optional in-app purchases for gold bars but not required.

Final Thoughts

Westland Survival is a superb cowboy survival game with addictive gameplay and incredible Wild West atmosphere. Exploring the open world, gathering resources and building up your homestead is very rewarding. Fending off dangerous wildlife adds exciting combat challenges. With regular new content updates and mod features like free shopping and mega menu, Westland Survival always feels fresh and fun to play. If you love survival games and the cowboy theme, Westland Survival is a must-try on mobile.

So ready your revolver, don your cowboy hat and set off to survive in the wilderness alone or with our Westland Survival mod! Just beware of bears.

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Show off with brand new Achievements and enjoy simpler ranch maintenance! β€” Achievements showcase β€” earn achievements and display them by your nickname for everyone to see. β€” Farmer and Culinary workbenches eliminated β€” for easier ranch management; all resources are returned to the mailbox. β€” Simplified metal parts β€” introducing the new resource β€œfastener” instead of plates, rivets, nails, and wire. β€” Manes and tales upgrade β€” uncommon and rare horses now sport an improved look!

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