WPS Office Premium APK v18.6.1 (MOD, Unlocked)
WPS Office Premium APK v18.6.1 (MOD, Unlocked)

WPS Office Premium APK v18.6.1 (MOD, Unlocked)

With WPS Office Premium apk, you can start using all content without any lock. This way you get a better experience.

Name WPS Office
Genre Productivity
Size 169.4 MB
Version 18.6.1
MOD Unlocked Premium
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WPS Office is the most famous version in the WPS Office series of publisher WPS SOFTWARE PTE. LTD.
Mod Version 18.6.1
Total installs 500,000,000+

WPS Office is a power-packed 💪 office suite that helps you effortlessly create, edit and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more – at no cost! As a compelling alternative to Microsoft Office, this nifty software packs a punch when it comes to supercharged⚡ features and capabilities. Let’s dive in to discover what makes WPS Office tick🚀.

WPS Office

Craft Appealing Documents with WPS Writer

The WPS Writer makes writing documents a smooth sail. With a minimalist interface, you can focus on creating content rather than get bogged down by complex menus.

Say Hello to Intuitive Formatting

Formatting documents is a walk in the park with WPS Writer. Easily change fonts, adjust alignment, modify margins and more with just a few clicks.

“I love how easy it is to make my documents look professional without having to dig through difficult menus,” says Clara, a user from Spain.

Crank up Productivity with Useful Tools

WPS Writer comes loaded with tools to amp up⚡️ your productivity.

  • Insert tables with a single click to organize data
  • Use page layout view to see how your document will appear when printed
  • View two pages side-by-side for convenient editing
  • Use pre-defined templates to quickly format papers, letters, resumes etc.
  • Insert comments to collaborate with co-workers
  • Track changes to see edits made by others
  • Safeguard documents with password protection

“Earlier I would spend way too much time trying to get my documents right. But with WPS Writer, I can now use handy tools to speed up my work,” says Frank, an accountant.

Say Goodbye to Compatibility Headaches

If you’ve dealt with formatting issues when sharing Microsoft Word documents, WPS Writer offers a breath of fresh air.

It allows exporting Word docs in DOCX/DOC format so others can easily open and edit them across devices and operating systems. This painless compatibility makes sharing and collaborating on documents a joy.

“I often need to send docs to clients and was fed up with complaints that formatting would break. With WPS Writer’s DOCX support, it’s no longer a headache,” notes Sara, an HR executive in London.

WPS Office 1

Craft Impressive Spreadsheets with WPS Spreadsheets

Crunch numbers, analyze data and create reports with ease using the WPS Spreadsheets app. Packed with handy tools and keyboard shortcuts, it makes managing complex calculations feel like child’s play.

Organize Information Smartly with Tables

The WPS Spreadsheets allows creating tables in a jiffy to neatly arrange numbers, text and formulas. Setting up budgets, maintaining inventory lists and tracking expenses become much easier. Filters, sorting and commenting further amplify productivity.

“I have a ton of product catalogs, pricing lists etc. which are now easily managed in tables through the WPS app. This has cut down report generation time tremendously,” remarks Ravi, the owner of a retail store franchise.

Visualize Data with Charts and Graphs

Numbers can sometimes be boring. The WPS Spreadsheets brings data to life by converting it into appealing charts and graphs with just a couple of clicks.

Pie charts, line graphs, bar diagrams and more – choose from commonly used formats to create reports that engage audiences.

“As a sales analyst, I need to present monthly revenue reports and growth projections. With the charts feature in WPS Spreadsheets, I can now create visualizations quickly without needing an expert’s help,” says Tina, who works for an ecommerce portal.

Enhance Productivity through Shortcuts

Like working with spreadsheet software on your computer? The WPS Spreadsheets mobile app makes life simpler through convenient shortcuts.

Navigate workbooks, select cells, activate edit mode, undo actions and more with simple tap and swipe gestures. No need to memorize keyboard shortcuts!

For subtle feedback, there are small animations when shifting between cells. And editing cells gives a smooth ink-like transition that just feels right.

Such thoughtful UX enhances the overall experience while getting work done on the go.

WPS Office 2

Create Captivating Presentations with WPS Presentation

Elevate your slideshows using the versatile WPS Presentation app. With powerful tools to create and customize presentations using themes, animations, transitions and more, your ideas can come alive visually.

Craft Professional Presentations

Whether it is an important business pitch or a university project, the WPS Presentation helps craft visually appealing slides to win audiences over.

Using sections and slide masters, globally change color schemes, backgrounds, logos etc. saving plenty of time. Animations and transitions further give presentations a sleek look-and-feel.

“I tried expensive paid software earlier but just couldn’t get it right. WPS Presentation with its simple interface helps me quickly build presentations from scratch without a steep learning curve,” reveals Sonia, an aspiring entrepreneur.

Stay Productive on the Move

Running from meeting to meeting? WPS Presentation enables tweaking or creating slide decks on your phone itself.

Use templates to quickly structure presentations if starting from scratch. And easily make changes to text, themes, layouts, animations etc. if editing existing slides.

With powerful features contained in a thoughtfully designed interface focused on mobility, being productive is no longer confined to the desk.

“I travel frequently for work and having the flexibility to work on presentations during flights or buses helps utilize my time better,” says Vikram, a marketing executive with an FMCG firm.

Collaborate Seamlessly Across Devices

Working with teams dispersed across locations is common these days. WPS Presentation enables seamless collaboration when creating or sharing slide decks.

It uses the universal PPTX format allowing others to edit and co-author presentations irrespective of the software platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile etc.) they use. This uniform support for Microsoft’s PowerPoint format eliminates cross-compatibility headaches often faced when sharing files.

“My industry involves very collaborative work. With WPS Presentation, I can now modify slides that others work on using Microsoft PowerPoint without worrying about formatting breakage,” notes Rameez who operates in eLearning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! WPS Office is used internationally by over 100 million users across 200 countries. It is 100% safe to install and use the software without worrying about malware or hidden costs.

Can I view/edit Microsoft Office files seamlessly?

WPS Office has excellent compatibility with Microsoft’s DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT and PPTX formats. You can smoothly exchange files with others using MS Office.

Does WPS Office work offline once installed?

Yes, all features and modules of WPS Office work perfectly fine without requiring internet connectivity or cloud accounts after installing the software packages on your device.

What devices are compatible with WPS Office?

WPS Office is available across Windows, Linux, Android and iOS platforms. While mobiles have a free version, purchasing is optional for enhanced capabilities. Some add-ons only work on Windows currently.

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