Wrestling Empire APK v1.6.2 (MOD, Pro Unlocked)
Wrestling Empire APK v1.6.2 (MOD, Pro Unlocked)

Wrestling Empire APK v1.6.2 (MOD, Pro Unlocked)

With Wrestling Empire Premium Apk, you can live the life of a wrestler as you train, battle opponents, and put on wild wrestling shows!

Name Wrestling Empire
Publisher MDickie
Genre Sports
Size 159.14 MB
Version 1.6.2
MOD Pro Unlocked  
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Wrestling Empire is the most famous version in the Wrestling Empire series of publisher MDickie
Mod Version 1.6.2
Total installs 1,000,000+

Yo friends, ready to make a name for yourself in the world of pro wrestling? In Wrestling Empire, you can live the life of a wrestler as you train, battle opponents, and put on wild wrestling shows! With the Pro Unlocked MOD, you can rise to stardom faster.

This in-depth guide will cover Wrestling Empire’s addictive gameplay, top mods, tips, and tricks to become a legendary champ! Let’s lace up those boots and get ready to rumble!

Wrestling Empire

Wrestling Empire Gameplay – Train Hard and Put on Epic Matches!

The basics of Wrestling Empire gameplay involve creating and customizing your own wrestler before taking them through an expansive career mode.

You can make a male or female wrestler and customize everything about their appearance – head/face shape, skin color, hairstyle, facial hair, outfit etc. Go for a unique look to stand out! There are also options to give your wrestler different personalities that affect their actions.

Once your wrestler is ready, you can train them up in various ways:

  • Hit the gym to build muscles and increase stats like strength, stamina, charisma etc.
  • Practice moves by yourself to expand your arsenal of grapples and attacks. Over 350+ moves to learn!
  • Spar against other wrestlers to improve skills.
  • Take promo classes to unlock better trash talking and microphone skills for hyping matches.

Training your wrestler to get buff, learn devastating moves, and cut intense promos is key!

Of course, the most exciting part is competing in matches. You’ll start out wrestling for amateur indie promotions, but can gradually work your way up to join elite global federations and compete for world titles!

Gameplay in matches is simple, fast-paced, and focused on timing:

  • Tap buttons to pull off different strikes, grapples, throws, holds etc.
  • Tap again with precise timing to deal extra damage, reverse moves, escape pins, and unleash combos.
  • Make use of weapons, foreign objects, and the ring surroundings to pummel opponents.
  • Win matches by KO, submission, pinfall, referee stoppage, or outside the ring count out.

Put on exciting matches by stringing together combos seamlessly and building up momentum with taunts and poses to rally the crowd! Soon you’ll be headlining weekly shows and big pay-per-view events in packed arenas as fans chant your name.

But Wrestling Empire also goes beyond just competing in matches. You can interact with other wrestlers backstage, hire a manager, demand better contracts, trash talk rivals on social media, negotiate creative storylines, and make choices that affect your popularity.

With so many options on your rise to glory, every career path you take in Wrestling Empire is unique!

Wrestling Empire 1

Wrestling Empire Mods – Unlock Everything with Pro Version!

Wrestling Empire offers a free base game that lets you experience the core wrestling career mode. But there is also a Pro Version mod you can download, which unlocks the full experience:

  • All Career Modes – Male, female, celebrity, historical, fantasy
  • No Limits – Unlock every wrestler, move, outfit etc. instantly
  • Ad-Free – Removes all in-game banner ads and popups
  • Multiplayer – Online 1v1 matches against other players
  • Promoter Mode – Manage finances and rosters of your own promotion

The Pro mod removes the need to grind just to access content and customization options. You get 100% unlimited access upfront!

Some key benefits:

  • Make any dream match ups with any wrestlers and costumes
  • Build a legendary roster for your promotion without restrictions
  • Compete online against friends whenever you want
  • Manage promotional budgets, venues, staff, marketing etc. like a real owner

The Pro Unlocked mod essentially transforms Wrestling Empire into a huge wrestling sandbox!

Pro UnlockedAll modes & content unlocked instantly with no limits or grinding
Ad-FreeRemoves all in-game banner/popup ads
MultiplayerOnline 1v1 matches against other players
Promoter ModeRun your own wrestling company

These major unlocks allow you to play Wrestling Empire to its fullest and get the most enjoyment out of running your own wrestling career!

Wrestling Empire 2

Tips and Strategies to Become a Wrestling Star!

Now let’s get into some pro tips to excel in Wrestling Empire and rise to the top:

Training Tips

🌟 Always be training – Max out training sessions daily to build skills faster.

🌟 Focus on key stats first – Prioritize Power and Stamina early for match performance.

🌟 Learn versatile moves – Master grapples, strikes, flying and corner moves to open more combo options.

🌟 Spar often – Practice against tough opponents to improve timing and counters.

Wrestling Empire 3

Match Tips

🌟 Time moves well – Tap buttons again with precision for extra impact.

🌟 Play to the crowd – Taunt and pose to build momentum and unlock signature moves.

🌟 Use weapons wisely – Channel your inner hardcore legend at key moments to swing matches.

🌟 Target weak body parts – Keep attacking an arm or leg to make opponents submit.

Wrestling Empire 4

Career Tips

🌟 Choose paths wisely – Selecting companies that suit your wrestler’s skills helps progression.

🌟 Talk the talk – Hype matches with intense promos to build popularity and get better storylines.

🌟 Watch relationships – Keep allies close and leverage enemies to take advantage of interference run-ins!

🌟 Go extreme – Hardcore and deathmatch wrestling can accelerate notoriety faster.

Master these tips, and you’ll be on the road to getting a hall of fame career!

Wrestling Empire 5

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wrestling Empire free?

The base game is free and lets you access career mode with some wrestlers. The Pro Version unlocks everything unlimited.

What platforms is it available on?

Wrestling Empire can be played on Android, iOS mobiles, and Windows PC.

Does the game require internet?

You only need internet if you want to access the online 1v1 multiplayer mode against others. Offline it works fine.

Can you customize rosters and promotions?

Yes! You can edit any wrestler’s appearance, skills, attires etc. And even create your own promotions.

How many wrestlers are in the game?

100+ wrestlers across different eras to choose from initially, but you can edit and make countless more!


Whether you take the free path or unlock everything with the Pro mod, the expansive wrestling simulation gameplay will let you live out your ultimate wrestling dreams.

We covered how to create your wrestler, train them up, compete in thrilling matches, and carve your own unique path to becoming a global megastar. Combine the knowledge from this guide with good timing and strategy, and you’ll be dropping foes off turnbuckles in no time!

Just remember – with great wrestling power comes great responsibility. Don’t let fame and success get to your head too much, even virtually! Now get out there and put your mark on Wrestling Empire’s halls of history. Woooo!

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