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Zombies vs. Farmer 2 APK v2.9.8 (MOD, Unlimited Money/Energy)

v2.9.8 by SingleStar. LLC
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Name Zombies vs. Farmer 2 Zombies vs. Farmer 2 is the most famous version in the Zombies vs. Farmer 2 series of publisher SingleStar. LLC
Publisher SingleStar. LLC
Genre Adventure
Size 76.8 MB
Version 2.9.8
Update November 27, 2023
MOD Unlimited Money/Energy
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Get ready for hilarious zombie-battling action in Zombies vs. Farmer 2! This wacky tower defense game by Playism lets you take control of a farmer fending off waves of cartoon zombies. With zany weapons, creative defenses, and the MOD APK’s unlimited money and energy, it’s a non-stop zombie-pulverizing romp!

Let’s check out how this fun cartoon TD stacks up with its combo of zombies, farmers, and chickens. Yep, chickens!

Zombies Vs. Farmer 2

Overview of Gameplay

In Zombies vs. Farmer 2, you play as a farmer trying to protect his modest plot of land from a never-ending onslaught of zombies. Gameplay is tower defense-style, where you build up defenses like gun turrets, traps, and chickens (!!) to halt incoming zombies.

Waves get progressively harder, but luckily your defenses and weaponry get more overpowered as well. The action is fast-paced, strategic, and peppered with plenty of bizarre farmer vs. zombie humor.

Some key gameplay elements:

  • Tower defense gameplay – Build defenses to destroy zombies before they reach your farm
  • Wacky weapons and traps – Mow down zombies with garden tools, chickens, and other wacky weapons
  • Hilarious ragdoll physics – Watch zombies go flying in all directions
  • Unique zombie types – Deal with speedy undead, giant brutes, explosive zombies and more
  • Fun cartoon art style – Bright, vibrant graphics that suit the crazy gameplay
  • Upgrades and unlockables – Level up to unlock new defenses and powerups
  • Multiple game modes – Classic, Challenge, Survival, and more

With its quirky premise, variety of modes, and cartoon hijinks, Zombies vs. Farmer 2 offers a hilarious TD experience that’s easy to pick up but hard to put down. Now let’s see how the MOD APK makes it even better!

Benefits of the MOD APK

The Zombies vs. Farmer 2 MOD APK provides:

  • Unlimited money – Buy and upgrade defenses freely without grinding
  • Unlimited energy – Play levels indefinitely without needing to refill energy
  • God mode – Super powerful defenses and abilities from the start
  • Enhanced damage – Your weapons pack an extra powerful punch against those zombies

These mods remove all limitations and let you go wild defending your farm with the most overpowered tools around. Say goodbye to grinding, energy timers, and worrying about costs – just indulge in pure zombie-bashing mayhem!

Game Modes

Zombies vs. Farmer 2 features a variety of game modes providing tons of replayability:

Classic Mode

The main mode, where you defend increasingly difficult waves of zombies trying to infiltrate your farm. How long can you last?

Challenge Mode

Unique challenges where you defend against zombies under special conditions or limitations. Fun for testing your skills in different ways.

Survival Mode

Just you against an endless horde of zombies for as long as you can survive. Rack up your high score as the waves progress in difficulty.

Zen Mode

A relaxing untimed mode focusing just on defense building and strategy without worrying about zombies overwhelming you.

Custom Mode

Fine tune settings like zombies stats, cash generation, and more to create your perfect custom game mode.

With so many ways to play, Zombies vs. Farmer 2 keeps you coming back for more zombie-thrashing action.

Zombies Vs. Farmer 2 1

Core Gameplay Mechanics

Let’s take a closer look at the main gameplay elements that bring the zombie-battling action together:


Zombies shamble towards your farm entrance in waves, getting faster, stronger, and more numerous as you progress. Different zombie types bring new challenges.


Build turrets, traps, chickens, and other defenses in strategic spots to take out zombies. Upgrade them over time for increased power.


Use weapons like guns, chainsaws, and garden tools for direct control over obliterating zombies who get past your defenses.

Farm Resources

Gold earned from defeating zombies lets you build and upgrade your defenses. Manage your gold wisely.


Refill energy or use the MOD APK to play indefinitely. Energy limits how many waves you can defeat in one sitting.


Wacky ragdoll physics, chickens flinging zombies, over-the-top weapons, and more create hilarious zombie-bashing chaos.

With these core mechanics combining strategically, Zombies vs. Farmer 2 strikes a perfect balance of challenging and fun.

Defensive Buildings

Let’s take a closer look at some of the defenses you can build to protect your farm from the zombie menace:

Gun Turrets

Your basic turret that shoots zombies automatically. Upgrade for more barrels, faster fire rate, and extra damage!


Lob zombies skyward with spring traps or roast them with flame traps. Traps add satisfying ragdoll physics.


Sturdy barricades block zombie paths and force them into kill zones. Some can be electrified!

Tesla Coils

Eliminate groups of zombies by deploying deadly tesla coils which zap them with electricity.

Chicken Launchers

No joke – launch weaponized chickens that peck zombies to death! Chickens are extremely deadly defenders.

Christmas Trees

For holiday flavor, deploy deadly Christmas trees decorated with orb ornaments that explode on contact.

With the right defensive mix, you can create an impenetrable wall of destruction that obliterates zombies before they ever reach your farm.

Satisfying Weapons

Your personal arsenal of weapons enables direct control over blasting zombies too tough for your defenses:


Pistols, shotguns, machine guns – shoot zombies precisely or just spray and pray!

Melee Weapons

Chainsaws, shovels, golf clubs – get up close and personal by dismembering zombies.


Lob sticks of dynamite, Molotov cocktails, grenades and more for crowd control explosive chaos.

Heavy Weapons

Mow down groups with miniguns, flamethrowers, missile launchers and other deadly heavy weaponry.


Activate temporary powerups like Madame Zomboss and Zombie Chomper for enhanced weapons and abilities.

Weapons let you jump into the action and unleash your inner zombie slayer. It’s immensely satisfying to personalize your zombie demolishing methods.

Customizing Your Defender

As you level up, you can unlock loads of customization and outfit options so your defender doesn’t just look like a plain old farmer:


Top off your look with cowboy hats, viking helmets, wizard hats, and other silly headgear befitting a zombie-battling farmer.


Dress for the zombie occasion with makeshift armor, holiday costumes, Movie knockoff outfits, and other unique looks.


Add some personal flair with eyewear, face masks, backpacks, tools and other fun accessory options.


Customize your weapons with cool skins and paint jobs like golden guns or weed trimmer chainsaws.


Adopt cute pets like drones, cats, dogs, and more who’ll help defend your farm alongside you.

With so much cosmetic variety, you can really develop your defender’s look over time and show off your style.

Zombies Vs. Farmer 2 2

Tips and Strategies

Here are some handy tips and strategies to stop zombies dead in their tracks:

  • Place traps strategically in zigzag patterns to fling zombies around like pinballs.
  • Use barricades to section off parts of the path. Zombies will bunch up behind them for easy elimination.
  • Don’t just build turrets randomly. Plan kill zones covered by interlocking fields of turret fire.
  • Upgrade key turrets fully rather than spreading upgrades thinly. Focused firepower has more impact.
  • Let traps and turrets do most of the work. Save weapons for cleanup duty on zombies who leak through.
  • Chickens are extremely powerful when clustered. Fill gaps with these angry feathered defenders.
  • Counter exploding zombies early on before they reach your defenses. They multiply damage.

With the right defensive placements and upgrade priorities, you can make your farm nigh-impenetrable. The zombies won’t know what hit them!

Final Verdict

With its stellar blend of tower defense strategy and oddball farmer vs zombie humor, Zombies vs. Farmer 2 knocks it out of the park with:

  • Strong tower defense fundamentals with a fun twist
  • Hilarious ragdoll physics and over-the-top weapons
  • Massive variety of defenses, traps, guns, and chickens(!)
  • Ton of content via modes, levels, customization and unlockables
  • Universal appeal with engaging gameplay for all ages

The MOD APK really completes the experience, allowing you to deck out your defenses without worrying about costs or energy limits. If you’re looking for a challenging, humorous TD game that avoids being too serious or grim, Zombies vs. Farmer 2 is a can’t miss title – for zombie slayers aged 1 to 101!


Does the game require internet connection?

An internet connection is only required initially to download the game. After that, you can play fully offline.

Is there PvP multiplayer?

No, currently there are no PvP modes. The game is purely focused on player vs. zombie defense.

Does progress carry over across devices?

Unfortunately no, your progress does not currently sync across devices. Each device has separate save data.

Is there an energy mechanic that limits playtime?

In the regular version yes, but the MOD APK provides unlimited energy so you can play endlessly.

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