Basketball Arena APK v1.107.2 (MOD, Unlimited Money) Download
Basketball Arena APK v1.107.2 (MOD, Unlimited Money) Download

Basketball Arena APK v1.107.2 (MOD, Unlimited Money) Download

Download the latest version of Basketball Arena Premium APK for Android. Unlimited money and energy to help you play longer!

Name Basketball Arena: Online Game
Publisher Masomo Gaming
Genre Sports
Size 150.05 MB
Version 1.107.2
MOD Add Money/Energy
Get it On Google Play
Basketball Arena: Online Game is the most famous version in the Basketball Arena: Online Game series of publisher Masomo Gaming
Mod Version 1.107.2

  • Stupid Enemies
  • Infinite Energy
  • Superhit/Jump

Lace up your sneakers and hit the courts in Basketball Arena, an addictively fun and competitive multiplayer basketball game for mobile.

In this game, you can build up and customize your own dream team by collecting player cards featuring real-life NBA stars like LeBron James, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and more. Take your team online and go head-to-head against rivals in quick real-time PVP matches. Time your shots, pull off wicked moves and dominate the courts on your way to the top of the leaderboards!

Key Game Features:

  • Sharp 3D visuals and console-like gameplay
  • Quick 5v5 real-time online multiplayer
  • Collect and upgrade over 400 NBA pro player cards
  • Customize team strategy with various plays and lineups
  • RPG progression system to upgrade players
  • Unique player skills and abilities
  • Weekly tournaments for prestige and rewards
  • Climb the competitive ranked ladders
  • Customize uniforms, logos and team names

With its focus on fast-paced multiplayer action and roster building, Basketball Arena delivers an addictive and complete mobile hoops experience. And our mod takes it to the next level!

Basketball Arena Online Game Mod Apk

Basketball Arena MOD APK Overview

Let’s first understand what is a modded APK and what are its benefits:

  • Unlimited Money – Max in-game money to spend on upgrades
  • Free Shopping – Purchase players, packs and gear for free
  • Max Stats Players – Unlock players with maxed out stats and overall
  • No Weak Teams – Only get matched against equally strong opponents
  • No Energy Cost – Play matches without energy cost
  • No Ads – 100% ad-free experience

With these awesome mods, you can build your ultimate dream team instantly and dominate opponents effortlessly. Now let’s see how to download and install the mod.

Basketball Arena

Gameplay Features of Basketball Arena Mod APK

Let’s look at the awesome features you get with the Basketball Arena mod:

Unlimited Money

  • Money allows you to purchase player card packs, upgrades etc. Enjoy unlimited money to build your dream roster!

Free Shopping

  • Player packs which normally require premium currency can be unlocked instantly for free.

Maxed Out Players

  • All player cards come pre-upgraded with maxed out stat ratings and overalls.

No Weak Teams

  • Get matched only against equally powered opponents. No more unfair matches!

No Energy Cost

  • Stamina is needed to play matches normally. With no energy cost, you can play unlimited matches.

No Ads

  • The original game shows intrusive ads. This mod removes all video and banner ads for smooth gameplay.

Together, these mods provide total freedom to assemble the best team possible and dominate the courts with ease. Have fun!

Basketball Arena 2

Team Building and Strategy Tips

Here are some useful tips for building your roster and winning more matches:

  • Aim to have players with synergizing skills like Alley Oop Passer with Finisher.
  • Balance your lineup with scorers, playmakers, rebounders and defenders based on playstyle.
  • Upgrade vital stats like 3PT, REB, PASS for key positions to maximize effectiveness.
  • Assemble full team chemistry for stat boosts by matching players from the same real-life team.
  • Your bench needs to be strong too. Don’t neglect backup players.
  • Customize offensive and defensive playbooks with plays suited for your players.
  • Use PVP matches to test different lineups and find the best combinations.

With unlimited money, you can easily collect and experiment to build an unbeatable dominant roster.

Basketball Arena 3

Players Tier List

Here are the best must-have player cards in Basketball Arena right now:

God Tier: Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Shaquille O’Neal

S+ Tier: Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Giannis Antetokounmpo

S Tier: Joel Embiid, Kawhi Leonard, Anthony Davis

A Tier: Devin Booker, Paul George, Nikola Jokic

B Tier: Kyrie Irving, Klay Thompson, Karl Anthony Towns

Having a team of top tier S and God tier players is the key to destroying opponents in PVP. Make sure to utilize the unlimited money and free shopping from the mod to acquire them instantly.

Basketball Arena 5

How to Improve Your Skills

Here are some tips to improve your basketball skills:

  • Master swipe gestures for shooting, dribbling, jukes, crossovers etc. until they feel natural.
  • Learn to time shot releases for the highest percentage makes. Take open practice shots to find your rhythm.
  • Pass decisively to open teammates instead of forcing low percentage shots when covered.
  • Play tight on-ball defense staying in front of your matchup and be ready to block shot attempts.
  • Defend the perimeter and close out rapidly on open shooters to prevent easy 3PT shots.
  • Toggle player matching to manually defend the most dangerous opponent offensive player.

Practice these skills regularly along with the right team composition, and you’ll be schooling opponents in no time!

Basketball Arena 4

Joining a Club

Here are some tips for joining and growing your club:

  • Bigger clubs get more bonuses, so join those with the most members and high ranks.
  • Donate coins daily to help level up the club faster. Donating also boosts your Member Score.
  • Participate in club vs club Matches for club Points which help increase club rank.
  • Complete daily club objectives like winning matches with certain lineups for rewards.
  • Active clubs have members online and club matches scheduled throughout the day.
  • Friend and team up with clubmates to play matches together and build chemistry.
  • Help recruit by promoting your club on social media platforms to attract members.

Join an active high level club ASAP for challenges, tournaments and events with awesome rewards!

And that concludes our detailed guide on dominating Basketball Arena using the mod. Build the best team with maxed out superstars and obliterate opponents instantly!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the modded APK 100% safe to download and use?

Yes, the mod is completely secure and malware-free. We scan every file before uploading.

Can I play online matches with friends?

Unfortunately the mods only work properly for offline PvE matches. You cannot use them for online PvP.

How do I fix app crashing or lagging issues?

Update to latest game and mod versions, restart device, reinstall mod APK, clear cache/data to fix most app issues.

That’s it for our Basketball Arena mod guide. Download this amazing hack now and build your unbeatable dream team!

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