Dead Cells APK v3.3.15 (MOD, Unlocked DLC, Menu, Money)
Dead Cells APK v3.3.15 (MOD, Unlocked DLC, Menu, Money)

Dead Cells APK v3.3.15 (MOD, Unlocked DLC, Menu, Money)

Dead Cells Premium APK gives you incredible advantages. You will have features such as menu, unlocked DLC and unlimited money.

Name Dead Cells
Publisher Playdigious
Genre Action
Size 1.91 GB
Version 3.3.15
MOD Unlocked DLC, Menu, Money
Get it On Google Play
Dead Cells is the most famous version in the Dead Cells series of publisher Playdigious
Mod Version 3.3.15
Total installs 1,000,000+

Brace yourself for a wildly intense and addictive action-packed adventure with Dead Cells – the phenomenal roguelike metroidvania that has taken the gaming world by storm. With its slick combat, expansive ever-changing world and mysteries to unravel, it sucks you into a frantic loop of epic runs and devastating deaths. Just one more try…

Ready to master the secrets and quirks of this dungeon crawler? Let’s dive right in!

Dead Cells

Getting Started in the Dungeon

When beginning your first run in Dead Cells, you start as a slimy, blobby pile of schmuck in the Prisoner’s Quarters. Not very heroic! But no matter – you’re equipped with rusty sword and bow to take on the sprawling dungeon before you.

Here are some key tips before heading in:

  • Move and dodge using the arrow keys and roll with spacebar
  • Attack enemies with X and activate skills with 1, 2 or 3
  • Break down doors and discover secret areas for loot
  • Timing and precision is key – be patient yet aggressive

The goal? Fight through each biome revealing shortcuts and pathways while collecting sweet, sweet cells (experience) and blueprints (abilities).

But oh baby it’s going to be tough as nails. The good news? Death in Dead Cells is merely part of the journey…

Dead Cells 1

The Ever-Changing World

One of the coolest parts of Dead Cells is that the layout is different every time you play. That means new enemies, items, bosses and dangers to overcome every run.

Procedurally Generated Levels

The dizzying sprawl of dungeon biomes like the Ramparts, Ossuary and more are formed on the fly using mad science algorithms when you launch a run. You’ll quickly learn recognizable tiles and themes, but the layouts always surprise you.

Prisoner’s QuartersMossy stone dungeons and sewersZombie grunts, bats, spiders
Promenade of the CondemnedEerie village streetsInquisitors, peasants, demons
RampartsHigh castle wallsRoyal guards, spike traps, bombers

And the further you go, the freakier it gets…

So explore fully and often! You never know whatsecrets each run will reveal.

Ever-Evolving Character

Starting out, you are but a weak, mushy sack of cells. How…inspiring? No matter! As you defeat enemies and collect cells, you unlock rad skills and outfits in between deaths.

Perhaps you deck yourself in thorny armor with a triple-stab knife and fire grenades. Or don the robes of the undead with a killer katana and mind control wand. So many options to match your playstyle!

With blueprints from defeated bosses and elites, your next run starts stronger. But the enemies and challenges scale up too, so don’t get too cocky out there.

Dead Cells 2

Combat, Sweet Combat

Now let’s get to the meaty goodness of Dead Cells – the slick, violent, oh-so-satisfying combat! Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be an unstoppable lean, mean, killing machine. Watch out baddies!

Whether up close with swords or throwing heavy damage from afar with bows, you have complete freedom to dish out punishment however you wish.

Nimble Movement

Zipping around with nimble dodges, rolls and jumps is crucial to avoiding big attacks by tough enemies and bosses. Some key defensive maneuvers:

  • Rolling right as an attack lands gives you brief invincibility
  • Use items like invisibility and speed boosts found in treasure to dash through mobs
  • Wall jumping lets you reach hidden areas and evade strikes and explosions

Get those fingers dancing on the movement keys and you’ll be gliding through the mayhem. They can’t hit what they can’t see!

Ramping Up the Violence

Starting with rusty gear, you’ll chop, smash and pummel your way to gathering the deadliest arsenal in the dungeon.

Weapon TypeAttacksEffects
Brutality (Red)Broadswords, grenades, whipsRaw damage and bleeding
Tactics (Purple)Bows, chakrams, knivesRange, traps and turrets
Survival (Green)Shields, claws, mind controlDefense, healing, summons

Find your flavor (or mix them up) and let loose the pain! Remember to keep moving and time those rolls between combos. Slash! Dodge! Bam! Once you get in the zone it’s almost like…a dance? A freaky, gory, violent dance of death! Wahoo!

Dead Cells 3

Challenges to Overcome

Of course it wouldn’t be fun if it was easy right? Dead Cells throws plenty of punishing challenges at you that take practice and patience to master.

Freaky Deaky Enemies

From lowly sewer rats to hulking stone titans guarding treasure, each enemy has attack patterns and weaknesses to exploit once you learn them. Take time observing and testing tactics to take them down efficiently.

Hint: The buddies marked with elte skulls? Save them for last.

And don’t forget to snaaaatch up that sweet loot they drop!

Raging Bosses

At the end of each lushly gothic biome waits hulking unique boss enemies that do NOT mess around. They hit hard and have multiple health bars so beating them takes skill.

Maddening Failures

Of course you’re going to die. Over and over and over. It’s maddening! But over time you’ll slowly master movement, combat, biomes and bosses bit by bit. Embrace each failure as a lesson while unlocking new gear and secrets.

Before you know it, you’ll be stylishly wrecking baddies like a pro. Chef kiss!

So steel your mind and nerves. You’ve got this!

Dead Cells 4

Tips for New Players

Feeling overwhelmed by the dizzying complexities of Dead Cells? Have no fear! Just remember these handy pro tips when starting out:

  • Unlock more flask charges ASAP for healing between battles
  • Take it slow, drawing out enemies one by one
  • Before bosses, spend cells on permanent upgrades
  • Focus your build on one color/playstyle at first
  • Practice roll timing against basic enemies first
  • Discover and use shortcuts often

Follow that advice early on and you’ll quickly be an expert explorer-fighter-looter in no time!

FAQ – Your Dead Cells Questions Answered

I keep dying so quickly! What gives??

Early on, kite enemies and only attack safely. Prioritize life and damage bonuses from scrolls too. It gets easier!

Should I clear whole levels or speed to the end?

Explore areas thoroughly at first, then blitz through known biomes to build speed and progress further.

Can I get my cells back after dying?

Nope! Spend those cells before major fights on permanent upgrades. No use getting attached to cells or gear between runs.

Is ranged or melee builds better?

Both work! Ranged offers safety while melee demands tight roll timing. Try each or combine them for fun mixes.

There you have it – everything you need to know to master mind-meltingly intense Dead Cells! Now quit reading and get to slaying! Rawwwr!

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