Drivers Jobs Online Simulator v0.138 APK (MOD, Unlimited Money, Unlocked All Cars)
Drivers Jobs Online Simulator v0.138 APK (MOD, Unlimited Money, Unlocked All Cars)

Drivers Jobs Online Simulator v0.138 APK (MOD, Unlimited Money, Unlocked All Cars)

With Drivers Jobs Online Simulator Premium Apk, you will enjoy the game to the fullest. You start the game with unlimited money and unlocked all cars.

Name Drivers Jobs Online Simulator
Publisher Dynamic Games Ltda
Genre Simulation
Size 1.31 GB
Version 0.138
MOD Unlimited Money, Unlocked All Cars
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Drivers Jobs Online Simulator is the most famous version in the Drivers Jobs Online Simulator series of publisher Dynamic Games Ltda
Mod Version 0.138
Total installs 5,000,000+

Starting from humble beginnings as a solo amateur driver barely affording pickup truck repairs, work your way up the ranks delivering people and goods across Drivers Jobs Online Simulator’s four unique cities. With intuitive controls, realistic traffic action, and strategic company fleet upgrades, this delivery sandbox offers lighthearted fun for tycoon simulation fans. Let’s get behind the wheel!

Drivers Jobs Online Simulator

Cruise Picturesque Cities Completing 100+ Job Requests

Unlike niche trucking or traffic management games, Drivers Jobs provides pleasing variety with over 100 types of driving jobs ferrying passengers or hauling goods across four diverse metropolitan areas. Master routing complex cobblestone backstreets, seaside avenues, icy mountain passes and more while:

Major Cities to Drive

  • Evergreen Hills City (Charming European Inspired Town)
  • Sandy Beach City (Sun-Soaked Coastal Paradise)
  • Innovation Valley City (Gleaming Tech Hub)
  • Frosty Peak City (Snow-Covered Winter Wonderland)

City Driving Highlights

Navigating narrow cobblestone roads snaking through charming Evergreen Hills offers quaint old European charm. Cruising down stunning sandy avenues bordering the ocean in Sandy Beach City highlights laid back seaside leisure vibes. While slippery streets crossing through blizzard whiteout mountain passes above Frosty Peak present white-knuckle hazardous driving challenges sure to keep even veteran drivers on their toes.

With dense urban downtowns, sprawling suburbs, massive industrial shipping ports, and international airports organically spread across these cities, transport possibilities stay engagingly fresh with regular surprises. Whether you’re leaf peeping down autumnal lanes, becoming a beach bum party bus driver, or gearing up to shuttle VIPs through wintery alpine climates – adventures await!

Drivers Jobs Online Simulator 1

Start Your Delivery Career Across Diverse Vehicle Types

Driving jobs cater to rideshare passengers in sedan taxi cabs all the way up to jumbo planes hauling tons of air freight. Choose starter cars suited to specializing in certain classes for maximum profits. Vehicles include:

Passenger Transport

  • Compact sedans for budget taxi rides
  • Roomy minivans holding tourist groups
  • Posh luxury limousines, SUVs and supercars
Drivers Jobs Online Simulator 5

Goods Delivery

  • Small panel vans for urgent packages
  • Massive semi-trailer trucks hauling bulk freight
  • Refrigerated reefer trucks preserving fresh foods

Before purchasing rides, taking loaner vehicles for test drives lets you experience realtime handling nuances crossing through epic mountain ranges or roaring engines accelerating across sunny beach bridges. Learn which ride’s strengths suit navigating tight European alleyways versus effortlessly gliding down three lane highways.

Drivers Jobs Online Simulator 2

Show Off Skills in Action Mini-Game Challenges

Sure simply driving passengers from point A to point B pads your wallet. But seeking greater cash rewards and employee promotions means expertly showing off precision driving talents in arcade-style mini-game challenges:

Action Mini-Game Examples

  • Slalom courses weaving between pylons at breakneck speeds
  • High flying canyon skyjump ramps testing suspension durability upon landing
  • Technical time trial races maximizing racing lines on complex tracks

Succeeding wins sweet bonuses like free car repairs, freshly trained drivers for your company or temporary boosts like 50% extra tip multipliers from satisfied clients. But fail by careening into checkpoints or catastrophic crashes often brings painfully costly tow truck and repair fees! With such tense risk-reward balancing, taking on these mini-game breaks adds hair-raising excitement when wanting a change of pace from standard passenger pickups.

Drivers Jobs Online Simulator 3

Grow a Globe-Spanning Delivery Company Empire

Starting as a humble solo driver barely affording used pickup truck fuel costs, established 5-star prestige soon lets you diversify into flashy supercar rentals, private helicopters and jumbo Boeing 747s! Building an elite vehicle fleet ready to deliver any package or person means scaling up:

Company Fleet Upgrade Areas

  • Adding personal luxury cars to impress VIP passengers
  • Hiring skilled employee drivers to automate profits 24/7
  • Purchasing massive cargo semi-trucks hauling high value freight
  • Obtaining access to airports for time-sensitive air transport contracts globally
AssetCash Benefit
Sports CarsBig tips transporting celebrities in comfort
Refrigerated Food TrucksLucrative fresh food shipping contracts
Spacious MinivansShuttle big tourist groups from airports

Maintaining company cash flow by balancing the right vehicles for in-demand jobs takes finessing. But min-maxing your diverse fleet through smart scaling methods pays back over time in this business tycoon simulator.

Drivers Jobs Online Simulator 4

Frequently Asked Questions

What progression features are there offline?

When not actively playing, handy offline progression mechanisms automatically earn smaller amounts of cash over time to slowly upgrade your company’s fleet. This makes jumping back in after a break painless.

Can I get fined for reckless driving?

Nope! This streamlined sim focuses on light roleplaying fun rather than harsh consequences for accidents. So feel free to drive recklessly consequence-free if you’d like!

How often does new DLC release add content?

With this version, you will have the opportunity to play with all the content. Having unlimited money and no locks is a great advantage.

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