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Name Pocket Love Pocket Love is the most famous version in the Pocket Love series of publisher HyperBeard
Publisher HyperBeard
Genre Simulation
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Version 2.1.1
Update November 28, 2023
MOD Unlimited Money, Daily Spin
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Pocket Love is a super fun and addictive dating sim game that lets you fall in love with a cast of quirky characters. With its anime-inspired art style and romance-filled storylines, it’s easy to get sucked into the world of Pocket Love!

In this game, you play as a character who just moved to a new high school. Here, you’ll meet several love interests who you can try to win over. Through conversations and dates, you’ll get to know the characters and shape your relationships with them. Where will these connections lead? Read on to find out more!

Pocket Love Cute Life Sim

Getting Started in Pocket Love

When you first launch Pocket Love, you’ll get to customize your character. You can pick their name, gender, skin tone, hair style, and outfit. After finalizing your look, you’ll head to class at Sakura High.

Here, you’ll meet your classmates and teachers. Pay attention during lessons and activities to boost your stats like Smarts, Looks, and Social. Having higher stats opens up more dialogue options and helps impress your crushes!

Outside of class, you can explore Sakura Town. Visit locations like the mall, park, and gym to potentially run into dateable characters. Don’t forget to check your phone too! Your love interests may call or text you asking to hang out.

As you progress, you’ll unlock outfits and hairstyles for your character. Mix and match to find cute styles!

Pocket Love Cute Life Sim 1

Getting to Know the Love Interests

Pocket Love has 6 main characters you can pursue romantic relationships with. Here’s an introduction to these love interests:


The strong and sporty jock of the group. As captain of the basketball team, Leo is pretty popular around school. He seems cool and collected, but can be surprisingly sweet once you get to know him. Leo loves to push you out of your comfort zone in a thoughtful way.


A laidback skater boy with a rebel streak. Ryder may skip class occasionally, but he’s a lot deeper than his carefree attitude suggests. There’s more to him than meets the eye. Under his chill demeanor is a thoughtful soul seeking connection.


A charming prince come to life. Ash is polite, dignified, and formal in how he speaks and acts. As student council president, he works hard and follows rules to a T. Get through his princely facade though, and you’ll find a more vulnerable side to Ash.


The bright, bubbly cheerleader. Kay is upbeat and friendly to everyone she meets. She loves bringing people together and hosting parties. However, under all that energy, Kay is hiding her own insecurities. She’ll need you to boost her confidence.


A sweet, shy guy who loves reading and gaming. Cody spends his free time at the library or glued to his laptop. He has trouble opening up, but appreciates when you make the effort to get to know him. Gain his trust, and he’ll show you his romantic, passionate side.


A sarcastic, social media loving photographer. Sam sees the world through their camera lens. They’re constantly snapping pics around school for their gossip blog. Sam’s standoffish at first, but soon warms up to show their thoughtful, protective nature.

Pocket Love Cute Life Sim 2

Making an Impression Through Dates

In Pocket Love, you’ll spend a good amount of time dating and deepening your relationships. When hanging out with your crush, make conversation choices that appeal to their unique personality. Here are some dating tips for each character:


  • Go on active dates like hiking, swimming, or playing sports. Leo loves staying fit!
  • Chat about health, nutrition, and training techniques. Show interest in his athletic hobbies.
  • Encourage him to open up about his dreams and aspirations. Get him to share his sweet, romantic side.


  • Visit chill, low-key spots like the skate park, arcade, or a hole-in-the-wall restaurant. Ryder likes laidback fun.
  • Ask him about his passions like art, photography, and music. He’ll love sharing them with you.
  • If he confides his worries in you, reassure Ryder and boost his confidence. Your support means a lot.


  • Plan classy dates such as a trip to the museum, orchestra concert, or art gallery. Ash enjoys cultural activities.
  • Discuss student council, academics, and current events. Show you can keep up with his intellectual side.
  • Get Ash to open up about his duties as student president. Help him relax and have fun just being himself.


  • Do playful, upbeat dates like going to a theme park, beach trip, or game night with friends. Kay feeds off energy!
  • Swap stories about your favorite memories and travels. She loves sentimental conversations.
  • If Kay voices insecurity, encourage her by saying how awesome and loved she is. Your positivity helps.
Pocket Love Cute Life Sim 5


  • Have quiet dates at the library, bookstore, or spending time in nature. Cody feels peaceful in calm settings.
  • Share your favorite books, games, and geeky interests. He’ll be excited to find common ground.
  • Ask thoughtful questions to get Cody reflecting on life’s mysteries and wonders. He has a philosophical side.


  • Go on photogenic dates like visiting a colorful cafe, scenic overlook, or attending a concert. Sam is all about pics!
  • Look over their latest photoshoots together. Compliment Sam’s photography skills.
  • When Sam vents frustrations online, remind them to take a step back. Your empathy helps balance their moods.
Pocket Love Cute Life Sim 3

Making Difficult Choices

As relationships develop in Pocket Love, you’ll sometimes have to make tough choices. Certain key decisions can change the course of your romance drastically. For example:

  • Prioritizing school or your love life? Skipping class for dates may make your partner happy…but will plummet your Smarts stat.
  • Going with your gut or your head? Following your heart could lead to a fairy tale ending…or heartbreak if you’re misreading signals.
  • Staying loyal or playing the field? Committing to one person is rewarding…but you also wonder what could be with other love interests.
  • Revealing a secret or keeping it? Opening up builds trust…but you risk the relationship by oversharing too soon.
  • Giving space or chasing after them? Pulling back allows reflection…but you may lose their interest if you wait too long.

Think carefully when facing these crossroads! The options you pick change the story significantly. Ultimately, try following your heart. The relationships you build in Pocket Love are lovely regardless of the path you take!

Pocket Love Cute Life Sim 4

Customizing Your Experience with Mods

To spice up Pocket Love even more, take advantage of mods! Mods (modifications) let you gain bonuses, unlock items early, and enhance aspects of the gameplay. Here are some popular mod features:

  • Unlimited money – Never wait to earn in-game currency. Spend freely on outfits, gifts, and more!
  • Daily free spins – Spin a prize wheel every 24 hours to win rare items and power-ups. Great for boosting your stats!
  • Increased date availability – Spend more time with your crush by reducing their busy schedules. Hang out with them every day!
  • Maxed out stats – Start with your Smarts, Looks, and Social at 100. Unlock the best dialogue options immediately!
  • Free outfits – Gain unlimited access to fashion items in the store. Dress to impress your dates with no costs.
  • Relationship level boosts – Increase your lover’s affection and relationship meters faster. Reach lovestruck status ASAP!

Mods like these let you circumvent grind and focus on Pocket Love’s story. Install them for a more awesome and customized experience! Just make sure to download mods from trusted sources to avoid bugs or glitches.

Pocket Love Gameplay and Story FAQs

How do I progress the story in Pocket Love?

Focus on boosting your stats through school activities and dates. Reach stat milestones to unlock new story chapters and romance options.

Is there an ending for each love interest?

Yes! All 6 dateable characters have unique endings you can achieve based on your relationship choices. Replay to see all the endings.

How do I raise my relationship level with characters?

Chat with them daily, give gifts tailored to their interests, and select romantic dialogue choices when dating. Doing activities with them raises relationship exp.

What happens if my stat or relationship levels get too low?

You may miss out on key story scenes or romantic interactions. Try raising your stats by studying in the library or giving presents.

How many chapters are in Pocket Love?

There are 7 main story chapters, plus character specific routes and endings that branch off from Chapter 5 onward.

What type of game is Pocket Love classified as?

It’s a story-based dating simulation game featuring interactive visual novel elements. Fans of anime, romance, and slice of life genres may enjoy it.

And that covers the key details on gameplay, story structure, and appropriate age rating for Pocket Love Mod Apk! It’s an addictive dating sim full of lovable characters and memorable romantic moments. Download it now and get ready to fall head over heels! Just don’t forget to eat and sleep once you start playing.

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