Dungeon Slasher: Roguelike APK v0.710.2 (MOD, God Mode, Damage Multiplier)
Dungeon Slasher: Roguelike APK v0.710.2 (MOD, God Mode, Damage Multiplier)

Dungeon Slasher: Roguelike APK v0.710.2 (MOD, God Mode, Damage Multiplier)

Dungeon Slasher: Roguelike Premium APK allows you to have God Mode and Damage Multiplier. This, you can kill the bosses more easily.

Name Dungeon Slasher : Roguelike
Publisher 96Percent
Genre Action
Size 1.12 GB
Version 0.710.2
MOD God Mode, Damage Multiplier
Get it On Google Play
Dungeon Slasher : Roguelike is the most famous version in the Dungeon Slasher : Roguelike series of publisher 96Percent
Mod Version 0.710.2

Sharpen your blades for bloody combat deep in the dungeon! Dungeon Slasher is a stunning action roguelike RPG forged for mobile. Master real-time dodging and combo slicing through endless demonic hordes across procedurally generated levels oozing atmosphere. Unlock savage weapons, unleash devastating magic, and mutate monstrous powers on your quest for loot and glory!

This gameplay guide explores everything you need to survive and thrive in Dungeon Slasher’s brooding gothic underworld, including:

  • Surviving the deadly procedurally generated depths
  • Mastering melee combat, slashes, and dodging
  • Unlocking badass weapons and armor
  • Utilizing powerful spells and magic
  • Defeating vile bosses and abominations
  • Managing resources and metroidvania-style progression
  • Dominating with God Mode and Damage Multiplier (MOD)
  • And more blood-soaked secrets within!

Descend into the darkness, steel your nerves against cosmic horrors, and get ready to rip some demons limb from limb. Let’s delve into the exquisite carnage!

Dungeon Slasher Roguelike

Procedurally Generated Levels

At the core of any great roguelike is procedurally generated content to keep runs feeling fresh. Dungeon Slasher’s nightmare dungeons deliver with:

  • Randomly arranged rooms connected by winding passages
  • Populated with deadly traps like spikes, saw blades, crushers, and occult wards
  • Swarms of unique deadly demons in every corner
  • Secret areas hidden behind destructible walls to loot
  • Level layouts, items, and enemies all differ each run

This unpredictable and ever-changing labyrinth of dangers will test your awareness, reflexes, and adaptability. Tread cautiously and keep your sword at the ready!

Mastering Melee Combat

To carve a path deeper through the demonic forces, you’ll need skill a blade and talent for slaughter. Dungeon Slasher provides immensely satisfying real-time melee combat focused on:

  • Light and heavy weapon attacks to slash, launch, and juggle foes
  • Well-timed dodges and rolls to evade attacks by a hair’s breadth
  • Blocking and parrying enemy blows to create counter openings
  • Performing combos, charging fury, and unleashing bloody executions
  • Developing combative dance flows between dodging and attacks

Against swarms of grotesque beasts converging from the dark, striking the perfect balance of aggression and evasion becomes a beautiful lethal ballet. Flawless melee mastery means ripping demons apart while flowing like blood itself. Feel death’s poetry in motion!

Dungeon Slasher Roguelike 1

Arsenal of Gothic Weaponry

Expanding your armory with an array of grisly bladed instruments of death plays a key part in dominating Dungeon Slasher’s descent. Classic medieval armaments like longswords, daggers, axes, spears, flails and shields all offer unique movesets.

Special occult weapons provide bonus attributes and modified abilities:

  • Demonblade – Leech health with each bloody strike
  • Souldrinker – Gain mana stealing enemy souls on kills
  • Petrifier – Turns enemies to stone with special attacks
  • Immolator – Wreathed in flames, igniting enemies
  • Venomclaw – Toxic strikes that poison demons

Find and unlock these powerful relics to gain an edge in your dungeon delving. Nothing puts monsters down faster than enchanted steel!

Harnessing Devastating Magic

While martial prowess slays demons good, why depend on mere bladework when you can wield primordial forces to obliterate evil?

Dungeon Slasher grants access to deadly dark magics like:

  • Inferno – Summon hellfire pillars under grouped enemies
  • Army of Darkness – Raise skeleton warriors from dead bodies to fight for you
  • Reaper Form – Transform into a floating grim apparition, becoming invincible for a duration
  • Blood Storm – Blast nearby enemies with slashing blood droplets
  • Corpse Explosion – Make corpses detonate, damaging adjacent monsters!

Weaving these occult powers between weapon attacks adds tremendous damage potential and new tactical dimensions. Lure demons into fatal funnels of sorcery!

Dungeon Slasher Roguelike 2

Vile Monstrosities & Bosses

What good is a dungeon crawl without hulking nightmare beasts to overcome? The lower you delve, the more vicious abominations emerge, like:

  • Great Demons – Towering horned monsters spewing green bile
  • Void Entities – Levitating dark blobs with disintegration beams
  • Brood Mother – Giant arachnid breeding insect swarms
  • Fallen Cathedral – Evil architecture merges with a giant possessed statue
  • Time Reaver – Magic swordsman who distorts time around him

These intense boss fights test the limits of your combat abilities. Look for weaknesses in attack patterns, strike when opportunities appear, and utilize the full extent of your skills to topple each horror!

Dungeon Slasher Roguelike 4

Metroidvania Progression

While each run starts you weak and naked against the horrors below, Dungeon Slasher utilizes permanent upgrades and unlocks that bolster future attempts like a Metroidvania.

  • Occult Relics – Place powerful relics that re-spawn between runs providing boosts and benefits
  • Talismans – Equip charms granting attributes like lifesteal, damage reflection etc
  • Destiny Cards – Slot cards to build attribute boosting sets for passive effects
  • Guardian Blessings – Pray to demon statues for permanent buffs to chosen stats
  • Archdemon Fragments – Collect boss shards to forge incredibly powerful equipment

By accruing these permanent upgrades across runs, you eventually become an untouchable harbinger of annihilation!

Strategic Resources Management

Dungeon Slasher also balances action combat with strategic resource management. Keep an eye on:

  • Health – Use potions or blood orbs to recover if ambushed and wounded
  • Mana – Monitor mana for casting deadly spells at key moments
  • Whetstones – Repair your prized weapons to prevent breaking
  • Light – Torches and lamps prevent damage from darkness

Falling to under strategize around supplies can cut promising runs short. Scavenge wisely and be prudent when needs arise in the depths of the abyssal dungeon.

Dungeon Slasher Roguelike 3

Dominating with MODs

For truly god-like power, the Dungeon Slasher MODs grant you untouchable might to decimate all who stand against you!

God Mode renders you immortal. Enjoy the visceral combat without any real threat to your health bar. You are the Reaper incarnate!

Damage Multiplier enhances your attacks to one-shot enemies. Smite demons in a single mighty cleave! Feel the ultimate warrior dominance.

Together these create a power fantasy of carving through hordes with unmatched strength. Feel free to explore challenging areas early and experiment against deadly foes without consequences. Enjoy the satisfying visual slaughter!

Dungeon Slasher Review

In summary, Dungeon Slasher provides a phenomenally polished old-school roguelike experience refined to perfection for mobile. Addictive progression systems ensure “just one more run” as you amass permanent upgrades and slash deeper into the stellar atmosphere and level generation.

Fast, fluid melee combat delivers visual impact and great responsiveness. Occult magic and weapons offer plenty of customization and abilities to master across runs. The hordes of gruesome demons and menacing boss designs are a treat for any horror fan.

With unlimited player power via God Mode and Damage Multipliers, the MODs make already stellar combat even more glorious. Overall, Dungeon Slasher is a must-play title and sets the gold standard for mobile dungeon RPGs. Stand ready brave warrior, untold glories await in the darkness!

Dungeon Slasher Roguelike 5

Dungeon Slasher FAQs

Is the game online multiplayer?

No, currently it is singleplayer only. The developers have not announced plans for online PvP or co-op.

How frequently is new content added?

Major updates with new weapons, enemies, environments, and features release 2-3 times per year.

Is permadeath mandatory?

Permadeath mode exists for extra challenge but you can revive normally on default mode.

So enter the crypt and begin your quest for loot and demon skulls! With endless hordes of monsters to slay, you’ll never run out of wicked spines to sever in Dungeon Slasher.

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